Rob Reiner weighs in on the latest Trump stupid


Rob Reiner should be commended for his activism.  He, unlike other people who have been mentioned all to often lately in the media, is using his celebrity influence to endorse social justice issues and calling out what needs to be said about Trump.

Here’s his latest tweet.

And then he retweeted this.

Of course, for all of the pessimists out there, he (or anyone else) will not change the minds of the Trump supporters.  No amount of exposure to the truth will change that.  But, as the tweet from Investigate Russia says, “the best way to fight propaganda and disinformation is to call it out early and often.”

For those of us who haven’t completely given up and decided to hide in our basements, rocking back and forth with our eyes tightly shut, and who think there’s even a chance that people like Rob Reiner and others can illuminate the bullshit and possibly influence people who are not already completely brainwashed, I hope he, and everyone else who is tirelessly pointing out that Trump is a truly terrible person, will never EVER stop.


To lighten the mood, and without any further overuse of italics and bold lettering, here’s a classic tweet from Reiner from April.

Thanks Rob.  You restore my faith that good people, even good people who are also celebrities, do exist.

Don’t stop!!

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