“Life is a reality, you can’t always run away,” says the song lyric. In the case of George Santos, life is many realities, as many identities as he cobbled together while seeking office and in office. I don’t know if Santos is a multiple personality but he’s definitely got a lot of stories. And none of them add up.

Randy Rainbow has managed yet another wonderful send up in song, dance, and costume.

George Santos is 35. I wonder where he goes from here? Has anybody seen a job description where “expelled from Congress desirable but not required” appears? There are the college degrees he doesn’t have, so that’s no good.

I do recall that one legitimate job that Santos had was working in customer service at Comcast or Cox Communications or somewhere like that. Maybe that’s his best shot, to trouble shoot cable outages or billing problems.

I have a terrific idea. I think Santos should go contact Madison Cawthorn and see if they can’t put their heads together. I mean, between them they make a wit, right? So there must be some business that they can get into and I do recall doing a piece here many months ago where Cawthorn had relocated to Florida and bought a nice fancy house for a million bucks.

Maybe Caw Caw needs a roommate and I’m quite sure Georgie Gurl needs a roof over his head.

Wait and see. Those two will team up. You heard it here first. Just as long as neither of them ever run for public office again, they have my blessings in whatever endeavors they choose. I think the logical starting point is the drug filled orgies that they claim that their fellow congress critters used to attend. Maybe they can cobble together a movie script and Santos can don a beret and riding pants and reinvent himself as a movie director.

It has already been written, over on Raw Story, that Santos conceives of himself as reality TV material, ala Kim Kardashian. Santos might end up being Trump in reverse, first politics, then reality TV. I put nothing past any of these people.


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  1. Where does he go? Well, prison for starters. I don’t know how many years he’s facing from the counts in his indictment but it’s safe to say a stint in prison is coming. And given his history I see the judge remanding him straight into custody. No being free on appeal for THIS guy.

  2. Dear George,
    You have to.be interesting, smart, rich, obnoxious or beautiful to make it in reality TV. You are none of the above. You aren’t even a good con artist.

    Maybe a grocery store or Wal-Mart will.hire you as,a stocker or janitor. They won’t want you in a public service ion b because too many people will.recognize you and complain.

    Or you could get Jusused, take some classes in religion and become a preacher at a megachurch. The ultimate conmen.

  3. I’m sure a tell all book will be forthcoming. He’s ready to “expose” 4 Congressional ex associates saying he’ll be going to ethics committee to squeal on them. So he’ll probably be offered a deal so he can extend his relevance. It’ll be interesting to see who else he’ll talk about. So far there’s 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat, who has done nothing wrong other than having a crooked father, that he has said he’ll report on next Monday. It should be fun.


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