The fellow you’re about to hear is something. He is the personification of rage, encapsulated in a single human body. It’s almost exhausting to listen to him. Just seeing the muscles on his face contort will raise a normal person’s blood pressure. When Hillary Clinton spoke of “the deplorables” she may have had a fellow like this in mind. Although I think he’s way beyond deplorable. I think he’s despondent, dismayed, and above all else, discombobulated. The world has been out to get him his entire natural born life and it wasn’t until he found QAnon and Trump that he found purpose.

The rage is frightening. This is straight out of George Orwell’s Two-Minute Hate. Do you recall that from the book or movie(s)?

You see much of a difference between the two? The purpose of the Two-Minute Hate and of Donald Trump’s rallies are the same as well. It’s to provide an outlet for cult followers to express their existential angst at The Other, the enemy that Trump aka Big Brother has told them is responsible for all the evil in the world. You know the names: Hillary, Soros, Obama, Biden, the Deep State, so on and so forth.

Listen to the lion speak in this next clip.

Here’s what happened in 2015: Trump came along and he was obviously an idiot. BUT — he was the only politician they’d ever heard that they could understand. So they believed that they now understood politics. Which they do not, because Trump doesn’t. But that’s the part that they can’t get. They’re sure he’s right, they want him to be right and they need him to be right. Because finally, they’ve got somebody that they can put in power who thinks like they do.

Except that he doesn’t. Oh yes, the racist, misogynist stuff, of course. That’s a no brainer. But Trump as the actual friend of the working man? Just go ask the working men and women that he’s stiffed in all his businesses. They’ll tell you far better than any pundit ever could.

Trump stiffs everybody and Trump has taken them to the cleaners. That was the purpose of the stolen election lie, to raise millions in an eyeblink so that Trump could be “reinstated.” There is no such thing but that doesn’t matter. Out came the debit and credit cards and Ma and Pa MAGA is the broker for it.

As Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to con people than to convince them that they’ve been conned.” He ought to know, he was friends with P.T. Barnum. Barnum was not a cynic, he was a sage. He deeply understood human nature.

Likewise, Trump knows a good con when he sees one. So far politics is his best con yet. And it’s one he’s got to keep going. Trump is at the sunken costs portion of the breakdown of every gambler whose addiction finally got the best of him. Trump needs to win back the White House and take over the DOJ and dismiss his cases. He can’t dismiss the state ones but he’ll figure something out when he becomes king.

The only flaw in this plan is that somehow Trump has to win back voters that he’s managed to alienate. And he hasn’t a clue how to do that.

So will MAGA and QAnon rage when Trump loses again? According to this guy, yes. But then again, he might read a regular newspaper occasionally and know how the J6 “hostages” are doing and think better of it.

America is one dysfunctional family right now.

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  1. “America is one dysfunctional family right now.”

    I disagree. It’s just a regular family with a crazy uncle, and finally now, around the family gathering dinner table, the family is pushing back against idiot Uncle Donald and telling him he has no clue.

  2. The racism, misogyny, bigotry, etc., the hatred-that was the key. Not that trump was someone like them, an idiot/rube/uneducated (although he is in spades)…but that he hated like they do. Our country had been making strides, ok small steps, toward being inclusive to the marginalized groups of Americans who have been shut out of much that makes our nation what it is. People of color. women, religious minorities, LGBTQ+ folks, foreigners who were newly made citizens….we were starting to consider all Americans as part of the nation. There were however groups of people who did not like to see everyone coexisting. Did not want to see across-the-board equality. By and large these were white xtian cons and predominantly male. For whatever reason they thought gains made by others made their gains less (these are not bright people). trump said the things they said amongst themselves or to themselves. Things we do not say unless we want to be thought of as ignoramuses. It is that simple.

    Do we need to worry about another temper tantrum by these idiots when trump loses? Maybe. I’m hoping however that the various federal/state/local law enforcement agencies corral these fools before they can pull another j-6. trump will not have the kind of access to d.c. that he had in January 2021. Will he be able to pull off another attempt at insurrection without all the media attention he had speaking to a crowd in d.c.? I kind of doubt it. I expect we’ll see somethings along the line of the truckers’ protest and silly shit like that. More to the point I’m hoping that when he loses again, the msm will finally realize he is not worthy of news coverage. News coverage of a loser losing two times in a row really is enough time wasted on the loser.

  3. He raged “I get my facts”…whoa boy. Stop right there asshole. You DON’T give a rat’s ass about FACTS. Otherwise you wouldn’t to a PROVEN conspiracy site that HATES FACTS. So stick that fake Bible hawked by the serial liar and stick it up your ass.
    Ok everyone…do you see why there is no rational way to turn these moronic cult members around? What do you think he’d do with a gun in his hand seeing a gay pride march coming his way? Better wake up America and stop this with the vote or else it may, ONCE AGAIN, require armed resistance. There’s a fact for you based on what tyranny has required to stop it previously. VOTE!


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