This is wonderful news. If we keep seeing news like this, we might even see sanity restored in America and wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? You remember Sherri Tenpenny, the Ohio medical doctor who said that COVID caused the body to become magnetic, not to mention involved in quantum entanglement with the universe, and boy, does that play hell with your credit scores? Whut? Come let’s walk down memory lane. This woman was a real doozy and now she’s had her wings clipped.

That was just a warm up. Do you remember this one, about vaccine-inducted AIDS?

This is what happens when greed trumps ethics. Tenpenny was looking for a buck. She was looking to fleece the rubes and she did. Now she doesn’t have a license to practice medicine anymore and that is a blessing for one and all.

This is my favorite, the theory that the vaccine is “child sacrifice.”

Do you love it, “very very very very late-term abortion” by killing five-year-olds? Again, rejoice with me, this woman doesn’t have a medical license anymore. That is a good thing.

This is what Hippocrates had in mind when he wrote the oath that started out, “First, do no harm.” Lies like this can kill.

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  1. Of course, the people dumb enough to take horse dewormer to treat COV, will probably still give her money and take her “medical” advice.
    I don’t think she will miss her day job after enjoying the spotlight.
    I call this the “Palin Effect”.

      • Actually, it is incredibly easy for doctors who lose their license to practice medicine in one state to move to another state and obtain that state’s medical license. Having worked with folks who investigated doctors and other licensed medical professionals I was more than a little shocked at A) what was reported to the medical board and did NOT cause revocations of licenses and B) the fact that people who did lose their licenses in other states had no problem getting one in MT (and I’m talking about rapists, child molesters, people whose incompetence killed people, etc.). I suspect MT is not alone in this-medical licensing boards are made up of mostly other doctors and those doctors don’t want to turn on their own; and yes, that is what I was told by the investigators. I’ve seen investigative reports that’d turn your stomach and those people STILL HAVE THEIR LICENSES.

        I’m not saying it’s impossible to lose a medical license but it isn’t hard to get one elsewhere.

        • Medical providers per se don’t want to turn on their own, but they also don’t want to be tarred by the incompetents and criminals among their own, so have a vested interested to get the offenders booted out. Not saying it’s a perfect system (probably less so in some states than others), but docs are pretty protective about their positions and status and would prefer to avoid having bad actors taint their profession, not to mention the financial penalties that could be awarded if they overlooked someone who went on to re-offend.

          • MT is one of the “less so” states. Be thankful you don’t live here. The boards are protected from financial penalties (i.e. lawsuits) under state law. I suspect the reason for that is all occupational and professional licensing boards in the state also have a couple of layperson members. Of course they are also governmental agencies that establish the Administrative Rules, as ordered by the legislature/governor, and that further protects them. You can sue the legislature for violating constitutional rights but the boards are considered kind of removed from that, underlings if you will.

            If you’re going to go after anyone in one of these things, best to go after the doctor in question. In MT at least, you get absolutely nowhere trying to go after the medical board.

            And like I said, you would be shocked at what doctors from other states have done and yet still are able to get licensed in MT.


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