This clip is a microcosm of how the civilized world regards the trailer-trash-with-cash clan currently infesting the White House, and it is going viral. Nepotism Barbie is at the G-20 Summit. Here, she attempts to interject herself into a conversation with Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Teresa May and Christine Lagarde, head of the International Money Fund. Lagarde’s expression, in particular, is priceless. Ivanka is totally tone deaf, which is a blessing. If she had any clue of how witless and blithering she comes across, in a clatch of people of substance, genuine world leaders who have earned their place at the table, it would shatter her. As it is, the world is howling.

The Trumps are tolerated on the world stage and only just barely. It’s interesting that the French government released this clip. Emmanuel Macron has been openly contemptuous of Donald Trump since Trump dragged himself, late, to a breakfast meeting at the G-7 summit in Canada in 2017. Initially, Macron did his best to make a go of it diplomatically with Trump but even the facade of harmony has long been dropped. Last month it was reported that the friendship tree that the two had planted together had died of rot and that was seen as a metaphor for the relationship itself.

Ego is a wonderful thing, I’ll say that. Ivanka has no clue that her expansive hand gestures and girlish prattle about “male domination” are as profound and welcome in this group as a turd in the punch bowl. She has nothing of value to offer the conversation and not enough common sense to realize that fact and keep her mouth shut. Be that as it may, she and husband Jared hold top secret security clearances and function as cabinet members and diplomats, despite the fact that they are unelected, untrained and unqualified. Ivanka’s biggest achievement in life to date has been her first achievement, i.e. to win the accident-of-birth lottery and be born to wealth. I wonder what she and Jared would do without a backfield, just operating on their own merit. Ever think about that? John Kelly said that the two “play government” and that’s exactly how Ivanka comes across here. She’s like a small town community theater actress who somehow finds herself standing in a group of Royal Shakespeare Company actors — and for some unfathomable reason, believes that they’re all part of the same show. Time to ring down the curtain on this farce.

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  1. She looks like she thought it was “Bring Your Child to Work” Day. (And that dress, which looks like something from the “Juniors” section at a mid-level department store!)

    • Agree. I can’t believe how the Trump women don’t know how to dress — and this isn’t a cheap shot. This is a legitimate criticism. Clothing has a ritualistic function in life. We wear one kind of an outfit for a job interview and another for a wedding. Our clothing indicates a participation in an event and a respect for the occasion.

      Ivanka showed up at Buckingham Palace a few weeks ago, wearing what was characterized in the press as a “bathrobe.” The garment was ridiculous. Every other woman there, including her sister, Tiffany, was wearing something more suitable to the occasion. Same gaffe here. This isn’t “let’s have lunch and shop” time, which is what Ivanka is dressed for. Madame Lagarde is wearing the appropriate costume, a designer power suit and a string of pearls. This is how it’s done, whether at an office downtown or on the world stage.

      The Trumps don’t know this, incredibly, even after two and a half years. Melania actually went to greet the Queen barelegged and wearing her 5″ stilletos. You don’t dress like a Piccadilly tart to meet the Queen. And then she kept her hat on inside the palace. These issues of protocol and etiquette are available in books. Everybody else seems to have gotten the memo but Ivanka and Melania. Bimbo is as bimbo does.

  2. Can we who refuse to get on twitt get a link to the video. You’re apparently not aware that these vids aren’t available unless you’re a member. Does everything have to rely solely on twitt feeds?

    • I’m not a member, but I can watch them. Click on the timestamp and open it in a new tab, then on the start button, if it doesn’t start automagically.

    • I think your issue is that your browser needs an update. My backup computer wouldn’t play videos from Twitter until I updated it. Try that. And I only joined Twitter last year, so I know that you don’t have to have a Twitter account to watch their videos.

  3. Ursula,
    You really hit the ball out of the park on this one!
    “…how the civilized world regards the trailer-trash-with-cash clan currently infesting the White House…”

    And “Nepotism Barbie”!


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Anniss. I woke up very early, 4:30 a.m., and couldn’t go back to sleep because my teeth were hurting from recent dental work. Then I saw this and it hurt to laugh! It is stunning to me, once again, how the Trumps just don’t get it, how to dress appropriately for an occasion. They’re uncivilized savages. Remember a few weeks back when Melania presented herself to the Queen barelegged and in 5″ stilettos? You don’t dress like a Piccadilly tart to greet the Queen. The rest of the world knows this. Only the Trumps are without a clue. They are trailer-trash-with-cash. You can’t buy class (although etiquette books are available, I wonder why they can’t read one.)

      And Nepotism Barbie takes her place in the Barbie pantheon alongside Hurricane Barbie (Melania) and my current favorite, Sewer Rat Barbie (Kellyanne)

      • “(although etiquette books are available, I wonder why they can’t read one.)”

        Well, first you have to know how to read.

  4. I also saw the pic of her in with all the leaders, and her father standing next to her, looking sideways (and down) like he was trying to see her boobs. (She was wearing that high-collared dress. I suspect she doesn’t like her father that much.)

          • Most of the students at my high school – the one whose reunions I go to, not the one I actually graduated from – weren’t that dim. The other high school, in a much higher income area, had kids like that. I remember some of the girls wouldn’t run around the track because it would mess up their hair (which they were fixing every time they had even five minutes available, *including* at the end of gym class).

      • Everyone else is looking at the Trumps like “dear God, I wish you’d disappear!” I’m sure most of us remember those 80s action movies about taking the President hostage unless demands are made. Anyone ever did that with Mr. Tangerine Man, the first question would be “how much for you to keep him?”

        • Exactly. I don’t think too many people would find it objectionable to leave Trump in Russia with Putin. Leave Air Force One, too, it’s a cheap price to pay. Let the pilot hitchhike home, but leave Trump and the plane and the world will be a better place.

          • The flight crew doesn’t have a choice – they can bring the plane home. After which it gets a thorough cleaning and an exorcism.

  5. If people with power don’t engage someone in this situation, it probably means they think the person they’re ignoring has no power to help them further their agenda.

    The question is…are they ignoring her because they think she has no power, or because they think her father has no real power? Hmm.

    • She has no power.
      She’s not a diplomat, or an expert in economics or anything else except marketing her brand – and that’s not what the G20 or the G8 are for.
      She didn’t belong there. Family members are not expected to be at the diplomatic events, if they’re present at all. (Spouses aren’t unusual. But they *aren’t* front and center.)

      • Does anybody know what she and Jared are even doing there? Besides joining Mike Pompeo in laughing at Trump’s tasteless jokes to Putin?

  6. That’s just embarrassing. Another place she had no business being. What’s wrong with these people, that they think they can just barge in with the real leaders. Clueless half-wit.

    • I honestly think that Ivanka believes that she is a peer of these people. That lack of humility, not to mention basic common sense, boggles my mind, but look at it this way: none of the Trumps know how anything legitimately works. They know what works for them, artifice and money. Anything beyond that, they’re totally unaware of. I don’t think that they know that they’re a bizarre fluke.

      • Worst of all, welcome to the face of actual, practicing diplomacy from the world’s pre-eminent super-power in the 21st century.

        How long before any semblance of trust can be regained from erstwhile allies when these morons are dispatched?

        • I couldn’t hear much of the tape, but I believe Teresa May was speaking French. I heard her say “alors” if I’m not mistaken. Which would make sense, since she was talking to three native French speakers. Despite that, along blunders Ivanka, having to throw in her two cents. Most of us would take somebody speaking a foreign language as a cue for privacy, or delicacy at the very least — not Ivanka. Of course they would want to hear her insights and commentary. What could Teresa May possibly be saying that could be more important?

      • I remember reading what she said about having a lemonade stand as a kid, because apparently she thought is was a usual thing to do. And put it on a cul-de-sac in their very expensive neighborhood, where of course there’s no traffic that would bother to stop. (Even in my neighborhood, where there were dozens of kids and summers were seriously hot, we didn’t try that.)

        • That anecdote sums it all up. No real world practicality to the situation, as any normal kid could have told her, but she could play business owner — and is still doing so to this day.

  7. I wonder, with less seen of wife-at-home, who probably tires of fake photo op trips and HAVING to grip his slimy hands as a come-along, Ivanka is the eye candy he needs to feel good or something …

    She makes a package with dumb-ass Kushner, so I suppose they leave the kids at the vet’s office … or maybe WE pay large sums of money to keep them safe while Mom and Dad are country-hopping at our expense for doing NOTHING …

    Trump has been batting zero’s this weekend, nobody wants him around, so he stops over for another photo op in North Korea … out of respect for OUR Country and the teams charged with dealing diplomatically with North Korea, [which always does whatever the hell it wants, including torturing to death anyone the little fart wants], OUR REAL Presidents have NOT given NK personal gains by kissing up to the little fart for about 3000 photos by his own propaganda team … then, waltzing across the line and back across, another private meeting?

    WTF did Trump ask, say or promise to that weasel? Well, all he wanted was another photo op, and it pisses me off that he did that, he does it all the time and his obvious and actually stated reverence and the fawning follows him with those butchers that don’t really give a cow pie about him, just use him as another stupid photo op for themselves …

    He can’t leave the WH soon enough …. he should be charged for using all those flowery words about these despots … let’s kick him in his narcissism …

    • Looking at Trump and Kim was illuminating. Kim looking flat out bored. He wasn’t looking at Trump, even when they shook hands. Kim’s mind was elsewhere. Putin played along with Trump a few days ago, but Kim doesn’t see any point in even putting up a facade, apparently.

      • All those photos as Kim’s photo team danced around the two could be for some of those big banners Kim orders to be placed up showing,

        “The USA recognizes the superior leader of NK, made special trip to thank Kim for his leadership … even crossed into our great land to make it happen …”,. With Trump’s continued flowery kiss-up statements about Kim and Putin, now this outrageous photo op makes it believable to the whole world ….

        Trump has no sense at all … and IS truly a clear and present DANGER to us all … [looks like words that should be chanted at any public lie fest he starts when the mic’s show up]

  8. Just so embarrassing , PJ is right , that dress looks like she’s at a Birthday Party, Her and Jared act like two school kids they are both so unqualified.

    • Jarvanka has less life experience than the average worker in America, if you stop to think about. The average worker has to get a job, show up to it everyday, pay bills, be responsible — all Jarvanka has ever had to do is have Daddy pay off the school so s/he can pass classes, have Daddy buy the factory for the manufacturing of the clothing line, so on and so forth. No real world experience. But, despite that, they’ve got the security clearances and are involved in world affairs. I would laugh if I wasn’t busy crying.

      • And you know what’s really disgusting? Jared has the hubris to defend their position. He told Axios that the Trump administration has allowed people “without preconceived notions” to work in government. Yeah, that’s a great idea. People who know nothing of government get to go in and play at government (as John Kelly put it) and Jared says that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, there are real consequences to what Jarvanka plays at. Selling nuclear reactors to the Saudis could have some very bad consequences, indeed.

        • Jared was put in charge of a lot of jobs that he clearly isn’t capable of handling.
          I keep wondering if any of the colleges that apparently issued diplomas to these idjits are ashamed of that fact, and would like to take the diplomas back.

          • Jared has a law degree from NYU. My law degree is from a little law school far far less prestigious. But I passed my classes honestly. I didn’t have anybody pay my way into the school, or pass me through classes when I was there. Jared doesn’t come across as somebody with a legal education. Law school sharpens the mind, and unless he was a rutabaga before law school, he doesn’t seem all that sharp to me.

          • One of my nieces has a law degree – she’s still paying the loans. And will be for decades. She passed her bar exam on the first try, too. (She said that you have to be really organized to get through law school.)

          • You have to keep up with the work. There’s no way that you goof off and catch up the last two weeks of the semester. That’s suicide, to even attempt it.


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