Sometimes it seems like the morass of a human being known as Donald Trump may never disappear. Each day, we are bombarded with more and more information about his legal problems that never go away but instead loom larger with each passing moment. Really, this never seems to stop.

The non-stop volcanic eruption of ever-worsening news about this man is, as at least one poll notes, having its effect on us. According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll released earlier Friday, fifty-six percent of Americans support the criminal charges being brought against the former president, Mediaite reports.

It’s really kind of amazing the amount of problems Trump has brought upon himself. He’s under indictment in four jurisdictions, where he faces a plethora of charges, many of which center around his attempts to overturn the 2020 election and retain classified documents that he has no business keeping hold of. He’s in so much trouble, in fact, that he’s racked up 91 counts, to which he’s pleading not guilty.

And the weird thing here is, despite all the legal problems, he is still the frontrunner to win the 2024 Republican nomination and stands a good chance of facing President Joe Biden once again. But while Trump may still be popular with his GOP base, the American stomach has begun to sour on him. The poll shows that a majority of Americans support the charges against the ex-president.

The ABC News/Ipsos poll kept the questions rather broad. It didn’t specifically ask respondents about individual charges and instead asked this:

“trump has been indicted on federal and state charges that he conspired to illegally overturn the results of the 2020 presidential and that he illegally retained classified documents after leaving office. Do you support or oppose these criminal charges having been brought against trump?”

The survey, conducted among 2,228 adults in English and Spanish between January 4 and January 8 found that fifty-six percent said they support the charges, while 41 percent said they “strongly” support them. Another 39 percent said they oppose the charges, with 24 percent saying they “strongly” oppose them.

So it’s no wonder that, in this rather Orwellian scenario that we now seem to live in, people are tiring of Trump’s visage appearing almost everywhere like Big Brother. Always appearing angry, always appearing orange. Trump is always orange and on the rare occasion when he shows up without makeup, he’s ghostly white. So many of us are tired of the drama that the earth beneath his feet isn’t as stable as it once was.

Perhaps this is why another question on the poll asked respondents’ opinions on the decisions made by officials in Colorado and Maine to remove the former president from the ballot for having engaged in “insurrection.” The 14th Amendment makes it very clear that those who engage in insurrection are prohibited from holding federal office. Of those questioned, 49 percent said they supported Trump’s removal while 46 percent said they opposed this. Trump is currently appealing his removal.

In other parts of the survey, 21 percent said that if Trump is convicted, they will have a “lower opinion” of him. Another 5 percent said they would think more highly of Trump.

Well, hey, as the song goes “Ain’t that America?” Obviously that “5 percent” are those whose houses are festooned with Trump signs and MAGA hats. Maybe they have little pink houses.

The ABC News/Ipsos poll has a margin of error of +/-2.5 percentage points.

Trump is a one-man disaster area. He’s ground zero, and he did this all by himself. More and more Americans need to understand this. I don’t know if we’ll get there, since obviously, far too many Republicans think too highly of him, but it’s a good hope.

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  1. He’s like a pre colonoscopy colon cleanse…the shit NEVER STOPS! I would be delighted if the only time I ever hear his name again is to announce his obituary.

  2. I guess the percentage that oppose him being strung up by his balls would eat a gallon of vanilla ice cream with 91 spoonfuls of dog shit stirred in, all the while raving about the flavor.

  3. “Well, hey, as the song goes “Ain’t that America?” Obviously that “5 percent” are those whose houses are festooned with Trump signs and MAGA hats. Maybe they have little pink houses.”

    Megan, this is really, um, what’s the word I’m looking for?



    Oh, yeah. OFFENSIVE.

    John Mellencamp (the singer of that song to which you’re alluding with “Ain’t That America” and the “pink houses” reference) is an ardent Democrat. He performed “Pink Houses” at the 2009 Obama inaugural ceremonies and, although he endorsed Mike Bloomberg in 2020, he’s remained committed to progressive causes. By linking his song to MAGA–no matter how flippant you were trying to be or you thought “Americana = MAGA”–you’ve done a great disservice to one of America’s best musicians.

    • I have always liked John Mellencamp but my sentiment still stands. I fully understand that he has done “Farm Aid” with Willie Nelson but somehow I doubt he’s offended by this and is probably completely unaware that anyone has written this.

  4. Do remember that the polls showed Hillary winning g by a landslide because moderates lied to pollsters, then went in and hit the touchscreen for Trump. That could be happening now.


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