Pete Buttigieg Gets Standing Ovation On Fox, Trump Loses It


The envy is strong with this one. Apparently, Fox News is moving a little too far away from the Dark Side for Trump’s taste, because they actually invited Pete Buttigieg to do a town hall Sunday. Buttigieg was well received, standing ovation no less,  and Trump just can’t stand the out of town team scoring points on his home court. So of course he went to Twitter to sulk.

Chris Wallace probably likes Fred Trump better, too. At least Fred actually knew how to make a buck, Donald, all you know is how to lose one.

And watch what you say about who “will never be president.” Those were the exact same words applied to you, they will come back to haunt you. Trust us, we know.

But we understand how it must feel to listen to an intelligent, articulate man, who actually did attend the best schools, Harvard and Oxford, and who does know all the best words — in seven foreign languages — and you have a 200 word vocabulary in your native tongue. Moreover, Pete Buttigieg actually served his country in the military, while your daddy paid some quack in the building to write up a fraudulent medical report about your non existent bone spurs, because you’re a coward.

We get it, that Mayor Pete is a real Christian and you mocked communion, calling it, “my little wine and my little wafer” — which makes sense since you handled them with your little hands and little brain. You are a Christian in no sense of the word, merely a figurehead for corrupt tent revival televangelists, who sell snake oil and rob people blind just like you.

Yeah, we get it. We get that you saw an actual statesman instead of a shyster on Fox TV and him looking so good made you look so bad. He actually talks about issues which he understands, and can communicate with people, while you do soundbites to gin up the base. Whole different prospect.

Get used to it, Donald. This is the way it’s going to be up until election day, when you lose bigly and fade into total irrelevance and obscurity. Watch Sean Hannity play Brutus to your Caesar then. That’s in your future, while Buttigieg, or some Democrat, cleans up your horrific mess. Yep, we get that you’re freaked, because a standing ovation for a Democrat on Fox News means that you might not be running the show over there any more — and without your propaganda arm, megaphoning your bullshit, you’re just an inarticulate little carnival barker in the weeds. No more Ringling Brothers sized crowds, you’ll do well to get an audience the size of the midnight showing of “Spinal Tap.”

When you lose Fox, you lose it all, Donald, and Bernie’s successful appearance, and now Mayor Pete’s, are the foreshadowings of that event.

The Trump train is going off the rails — starting with your mind, Donald, starting with your mind. Just like Daddy.

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  1. The last time I went to a midnight showing of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, the theater was full. I see more of a ‘Spinal Tap’ ending for Dimwit Donny.
    Second bill to some puppets at a children’s park, and no-one turning up for that.

    • You know what? I’ll go ahead and change it to “Spinal Tap.” I was thinking of a specific theater in L.A., where they’ve been showing Rocky Horror for fifteen years, maybe, midnight only, and if they get 25 people in the audience, it’s a good night — except for holidays, Halloween especially. Then it’s a full house.

      Second bill to puppets would be good. Sesame Street’s puppets and then Putin’s puppets, Trump and cabal. That’ll be a good show.

    • I’m glad you liked the snark! Trump would absolutely get along better with George Wallace rather than Mike Wallace, because Mike Wallace would tell him to get f**ked. No doubt in my mind.

      And I’ve been thinking for some time that Hannity will play Brutus to Trump’s Caesar. I expect that any time. There is no honor among this pack of thieves. None.

      • Oh, no honor at all, Ursula, especially when it comes to people they consider liabilities, which is all Trump is now. The dummy doesn’t see it yet but he will. He’s going to be the last to know.

        • My mantra for some time now has been that the instant Trump’s benefit to the GOP as a figurehead is exceeded by his downside, they’ll dump him. We’re getting closer to that day — although make no mistake, they’ll do anything to get him reelected because it fits their nefarious agenda.

          • It’s worse than that, Ursula. They’ll help him get reelected because there is nowhere else to go for an alternative.

          • They don’t seem able to perceive this. And alas, the media helps them stay in their bubble, with articles such as the one this morning in the NY Fucking Times once again — surprise! surprise! — ferreting out white male “working class” Trump voters in the Rust Belt (Youngstown) and interviewing them about why they STILL support Trump even though he’s wrecked their lives. I wrote and offered to walk a reporter through in inner city neighborhood in Cleveland where I canvassed in 2016 so they can ask THOSE voters what is on their mind. Oh, silly me. They were mostly black women, so they don’t matter, not like those sainted white blue-collar men.

          • I read the exact same article today, Anastasia. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about writing on it — and I still may, if I can get the right angle on it. My take on it when I read it was, “If we are this stupid, maybe we deserve to become a third world country, a banana republic.”

            I questioned not only the veracity of the piece, but I questioned the motivation of making that kind of an assessment. Is the purpose of such a statement that, no matter what, even if Trump does shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, we’re stuck with him? I’m glad you wrote them and spoke up, good for you. I was simply dumbfounded, and moved on to other things before I got too depressed.

            It hasn’t been a good day for me to begin with. I spoke with a malpractice attorney about my medical issues, and I’m sure you’re somewhat familiar with my story — anyhow, the malpractice lawyer doesn’t want to take the case because it is complex and the work up would be time consuming, expensive, etc. So, this quack who screwed up my health, and in screwing up my health screwed up my career, peace of mind etc., just gets away with it. He just walks. And so when I read the Times article, same thing, no matter what, Trump gets to stay in power, bla bla. It was too much for me today.

            This is going to sound metaphysical — or maybe out and out nuts to you — but I wonder if there’s a court of higher jurisdiction where these bastards are held accountable, God, in other words? Or, they just walk?

            Not a great day.

          • Sorry to hear this. I know a lot of people get depressed when it seems like the worst of the worst get away with everything and the rest of us get screwed. My best friend is always wailing “He (Trump) is getting away with it.” And yeah, it sometimes seems like it. I try to be optimistic, but I get so angry when a media outlet like the NY Fucking Times, which is supposed to be such a bastion of journalistic integrity, seems intent on helping him “get away with it.”

      • Ursula,
        Tell me that grotesque photo of orange/origin judas isn’t photoshopped, please! It would put a big smile on my face!!

        • i wish I could tell you. What I know is that Trump hates the photos that are taken at such an angle as to expose his double chins, lack of a chin, whatever TF this is. The only photo he hated worse, was the one taken when he went up the steps of Air Force One and the wind was blasting that day, and his baldness was exposed. That was an even more horrific image than this.

  2. I agree with mae, Ursula … and I can see it now, Trump out for another rant at our expense … Concinnity , my take is he sets up a circus tent, because no city will let him in into town proper, signs posted all over it, “COME SEE ME the best President EVER”,.

    A farmer from a nearby farm, is driving by, hears what sounds like Trump’s searing voice on the PA, decides to check out the crowd, steps into tent … only one other person besides Trump there … the sound man running MIC tests …

    The farmer yells, “serves you right dumb A**”, turns and leaves laughing hysterically … 🙂

    • It is very pleasant to envision his downfall. He won’t be president forever, no matter what he thinks. It will end, in some form or fashion.

      • Getting rid of him will be sweet, but don’t forget the cleanup. Seeing him go will be the kind of relief that comes after a huge fire is put out — and then everybody finds out there’s all kinds of collateral damage, with the pipes busted, and the basement caved in, the sidewalk torn up — it just goes on and on. And realistically, that’s what we will have to clean up in Trump’s wake. Government is not being handled in a usual and customary fashion in this mis-administration.

        • Your thoughts on a post-Trump world are mine, Ursula. I think of Keith Richards’ thought upon hearing the death of Brian Jones: “Finally.” There was no joy in that thought, just the knowledge that the inevitable had come to pass. The cleanup will be W all over again with more damage to fix.

          • The post-Trump clean up is unfortunately going to be many times the post Dubya cleanup. Especially with respect to our allies and foreign trade. I don’t know if we can ever regain our place in the world again. The markets we’ve lost may be just that, the markets we’ve lost and there’s no going back.

          • The downgrading of our place in the world was etched in stone after his first year in office. The only big business I see keeping America afloat is the entertainment industry and even that will likely get serious rivals next decade.

          • The entertainment industry has been losing stature for years as well. Remember that clown, Grey Davis, here in California? He vetoed a bill that would have given tax breaks to people doing film work in California — long story short, the film work ended up going to Canada and California ended up losing who knows how much money? Point being, even entertainment has been on the downhill slope for some time.

          • Wasn’t cost part of that though? It was so much cheaper to film in Canada, and many states were virtually giving away the farm. I know the elimination of the film tax credit is under consideration here in Idiohio, and while film groups are begging us to lobby to keep it, our House Democratic minority leader posted an article about the proposed Georgia boycott and suggested maybe it was a waste of time until we repealed the so-called “Heartbeat” bill.

          • You would have had to look at the bill, back in the day, and my recollection of the details is gone. But what I vividly remember is, at the time, it was so obvious that the bill was a good bill. It was speculated that Grey Davis was being paid off and maybe he was. Obviously, I would have no way to know.

          • You forgot how it also went to Georgia, Ursula, what with Marvel Studios doing a lot of their films just two to three hours south of me.

        • It could not get any worse than it is ..I would be glad to take that chance .. he and his family have stolen enough , from the tax payers .. and no one does anything about it . He is a thief .. and so are his so called children . That apple stayed right on the tree with there .Corrupt Father ,

          • No, Nancy, please never EVER make the mistake of thinking things could not be worse. Remember the bad times under W, which we thought was as bad as it could get? Seen what’s happening in Venezuela right now? Bad as it is, we still have much to be thankful for, not least of which is a fighting chance.

          • Did you ever think you would live to see the day when a sitting president had 20 open investigations going into his corrupt business affairs and those of his family and associates? If you wrote this as fiction, nobody would believe it.

          • I never thought we would see the day when a sitting president spent his time thinking up playground insults to lob at opponents.

        • Not just his damage, but McConnell’s, which is why we HAVE to win the Senate. It’s also why I think we need to elect someone with deep experience on the federal level, especially the workings of the Senate, so they understand the procedures and protocol and the players and what their soft spots are. This is one of the reasons the four woman senators are at the top of my list. (I think Booker would fill the bill too, but I believe Bernie is too much of a lone wolf and listening to and understand other points of view isn’t his strength.)

          • Bernie’s the wrong guy for the job alright, Anastasia, and it’s doubtful Dems would ever let him into it.

          • I backed Bernie in the primaries last time around, because that voice needed to be heard, but I am supporting Biden for the exact reasons Anastasia P just articulated.

          • I would be fine with Biden as the candidate as well, for two reasons: He does know the workings of Washington, the Senate, all of which will be necessary in order to clean up the sewer Trump will leave behind, and two, Biden is a known figure. I believe he can help the nation heal. And yes, I’ve heard that he’s too old, all that. We don’t have a perfect candidate, won’t get one, so we better pick a good one and move ahead. And any Democrat is lightyears beyond Trump.

          • I’m still hanging on to EW. I’d love a EW/Harris ticket. I always support the candidate and all down ballot Dems. If Biden gets it, I want EW for vice president; in case he does not make 4 years. I think most of the Dems running can beat trump’s ass. We do need to be diligent on the honesty of the election and demand recounts. We are not going to get any help from this administration to protect our votes.

      • Truly, Cmae, the central Republican delusion is that they were able to live forever. It’s only now, after wasting the first two decades of this century with their prejudices, that they realize their mistake…far too late for it to help them.

        • Steve Bannon said, “We’ll rule for 50 years,” after Trump was elected. That was quoted in the Hollywood Reporter.

          • Nothing happened to Steve Bannon, he’s still around and still has his millions. He’s now running a campaign against the Pope. Bottom feeders don’t jump so are seldom seen unless they’re caught.

          • It’s still a far cry from being Trump’s brain. He’s basically become David Duke, a marginalized political figure who preys on the gullible. And how do we know he’s not involved with Trump’s crimes?

          • He’s still around, but he’s not as high profile. He was a fixture in the news during his tenure in the campaign and then the administration.

          • He is also trying his damnedest to encourage white supremacy around Europe. He is also still in touch with trump and his sycophant, little stevie miller.

          • Bannon was entertaining. Some of the best snark I ever wrote was about Bannon. Remember when he said, “It’s time to go to the mattresses?” Or, when he and Kushner got into it? He called Kushner a “globalist cuck” and Ivanka “a nothing?” Or, the best of all, he patted Reince Priebus on the leg, in public, and Priebus got pissed and swatted his hand away? I could go on.

    • Sounds like a heavenly scene to me.

      One thing is certain. He will vanish in obscurity at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. He is just a passing phase, a carnival act. Even Nixon, after he was exiled, did a come back because he did know something about foreign policy, and had some credibility in that area. Nixon had some substance there. Trump has no substance. He is as substantial as his hairdo, which has all the substance of cotton candy soaked in piss — and that’s what it looks like, too.

        • I will be elated when New York State presses charges against Trump when he’s out of office. What a post-game show THAT is gonna be!

        • Which is precisely why he is going to do anything he can to stay in office. He scares me…a lot. He’s only safe while he is a sitting president.

          • He is not scary, he is an Adderall-Addled Assclown who can’t wipe his own ass, the scary part is the GOP who pulls his ‘strings’ Mitch the bitch has his hand so far up Trump’s ass his he wipes snot off his nose. Without washing them.
            I would say that was a bit much, but … no, fuck them.

          • Do they, though, Wolf? Trump has proven to be a lot less pliable than, say, W when it comes to making him do exactly what they want. Every misstep in implementing their agenda can be traced back to Trump’s appalling lack of self-control and bottomless ego in constant need of a fix. If he’d just kept his mouth shut at a few critical points, he’d not see the walls falling on him. Instead, his need to simultaneously get away with it AND boast about how he gets away with it keeps undermining the whole operation.

          • Trump is incompetent and lazy, and his administration is a clusterfuck and a clown show. IF his lack of self-control and bottomless ego in constant need of a fix was not so out of control, how much worse would/could it be? They (GOP) seem to spend more time in ‘damage control’ cleaning up, white-washing, coverups, etc. than doing more of their scumfucking the American public. Our celebrity mobster is a narcissistic sociopath who could not keep his mouth shut to save his own life.

  3. A bit from Psalms 23 comes to mind for Mayor Pete: “Thou preparest a table in the presence of mine enemies.” Interesting how Fox News suddenly wants to host Dem candidates, isn’t it? A cynical man–like, say, me–might think that they’re laying the groundwork for a post-Trump world by being so “reasonable”. It doesn’t bode well for Mr. Tangerine Man.

    Oh, and that first photo at the top is the most hideous one of Trump I’ve seen yet, no neck or chin.

      • He definitely reminds me of some kind of sea monster, he always shoots his venom out through those guppy lips of a sneer that can bring on severe sessions of nausea and TV survival problems … I’m a bit worried, though, because of his limited attention span and zero knowledge, the mustache bozo might just mention, “now we have our forces in position, it’s a go on IRAN”, god help us ALL !!

        His obvious war mongering and statements about IRAN over the years should put him out on the curb for trash pickup … 😉

        • Warmongering actually is a lot more complicated than the last go-around. It’s that way because of the sea monster you were talking. To wit, not only does Trump have an attention span of 0.1 nanoseconds, not only does he have such a low IQ as to make fellow sea monster Godzilla look like a member of Mensa, but he’s deathly afraid of commitment.

          Think about it…the only military stuff he’s done is one-and-done actions like that botched raid in Yemen and the MOAB he dropped in Afghanistan. Past that, it’s all been saber rattling to make people come to the table. And NO ONE tells him what to do and eventually he feels like every one of his advisers does just that. So it’s hardly as cut and dry as it was with W.

    • And no Democrat should be party to this and allow themselves to be a patsy. When I am feeling kindly, I chalk it up to Pete’s naivety. As for Bernie, I seldom feel kindly, but I just assume it’s because he thinks his platform is so compelling everyone would fall in line behind him if they heard it.

      • I personally find myself thinking of the late Harvey Milk and the debates he opted to have with his opposition in 1970s Orange County, California, which was as hostile as territory got for him. Sometimes you show your enemy who you are by going right into his lair. I give Mayor Pete the credit for his boldness. I refuse to give the same to Bernie. Petty of me, yes, but that’s how I feel.

  4. Hoo boy, Ms. Faw, that’s taking it to where that ITCCOTOO (Idiot Traffic Cone Currently Occupying the Oval Office) lives! Keep up the good work, babe.

    • I really do believe that Hannity will backstab Trump when all is said and done. Hannity gets $36Mil a year from Fox. You think he’s going to give that up and stay loyal to Trump? Oh, puhleeze.

  5. Brilliant article…read this three times…finally someone who supports our country is running for office…articulate and smart!!! Looks like he leaves TRUMP in the dust! Someone must get rid of this asshole…he is a danger to our country and constitution!?

    • Mayor Pete is my guy for the primaries. Much like his model Obama, he has an indefinable something that makes you pay attention.

    • I’m thrilled you like it, Linda! It was just a tweet and then I decided to put it in snarky context and I’m glad I did.

    • Um…. “finally”? You think the other 20 Democrats don’t support our country, and aren’t “smart and articulate”? Because they do and they are, and all of them leave Trump in the dust.

  6. I’m with Warren on the Fox issue. They provide just enough news and “bipartisan” Town Halls to legitimize the hate arm of the Fox propaganda machine…which means that three hours a year we get town halls, from noon to three pm we get some mildly slanted actual news, then every night during prime time we get a streak of black, inky, oleaginous hatred and bigotry.

    Democrats can reach Fox viewers elsewhere; they don’t need to go on Fox and help legitimize it in order to do so. We should not be boosting their ratings or giving them ammunition to tell advertisers that they’re “okay.”

    Appearing on Fox will be a strong strike against any Dem candidate for my vote. Let them hear that loud and clear – if I go to the ballot box and have a solid choice between two candidates where one allied themselves with Fox and one did not, this is a strong enough issue for me to call it a deciding factor. And I’m not going to watch a Dem Fox event, even a bootleg recast on another platform.

    Bernie and Buttigieg have earned strikes. I find their appearances embarrassing and shameful. I get what they’re trying to do, and I don’t fault them for that. But the alliance they had to make to do it, that I don’t accept.

    • You make a good point, and definitely, being suspicious of Fox News and its motives is like being suspicious of a rattler: well grounded.

      Now, my take on it may sound infantile, and I’m okay if that’s what you decide. My take is that if he (either Buttigieg or Bernie) pisses off Trump by going on Fox and helps Trump make an ass out of himself publicly, yet one more time, it works to our advantage and I’m all for it.

      That being said, I absolutely see Warren’s viewpoint, and yours, and don’t disagree at all. These are not easy shots to call. American politics has never been this dysfunctional, or even close.

      • I would agree with everything, except that I’d rather change the metaphor from Fox being like a rattler pondering biting you, to it being more like stepping in a pile of poop is going to give you E. coli.

    • I agree totally. Warren is extremely savvy and, I think, understands what is real going on here and the fact that the liabilities outweigh any long-shot potential benefits. I don’t know that I would call these appearances “shameful,” but I feel they are tone-deaf and counterproductive, although I have more compelling reasons to say I would never vote for Bernie in the primary OR general. For me to to so, he’s got to first fire anyone in his campaign who has openly said they didn’t support our nominee in 2016. Until he does this, he has no right to demand our vote against Trump, since he enables people who didn’t think that mattered last time.

      • Shameful was not very good word choice. I like “tone deaf and counterproductive” a lot more.

        I would love to see Sanders truly buckle down and help build a diverse, tolerant, productive party. But he’s been divisive since before I was born, and whether or not a zebra can change their stripes I don’t really expect him to do so. He really, really dislikes people who disagree with him or stand in his way, and if he loses to someone who falls into this category I think his attitude will be very similar to 2016…which I wouldn’t categorize as either totally good or totally bad, but rather as sort of cranky, obstinacy, and curmudgeonly.

        • While Buttigieg’s shortcomings can be chalked up to inexperience and youth, Sanders’ shortcomings are harder to excuse. He’s the ultimate “establishment” insider in this race, having been in government longer than anyone other than Biden. Yet too often he still acts like petulant child sulking because everyone isn’t paying attention to him and telling him how brilliant his ideas are.

        • Actually, Rory, I’ve less flattering things to call that attitude of Bernie’s: petty, stupid and entitled. More and more, I ask myself how different he actually is from Trump in outlook.

  7. “It’s a trap”. Elizabeth Warren has pointed out that making Fox look “Fair and Balanced” will help Fox make money and more effective propaganda. It looks like they loaded the audience with fakes to achieve that purpose. I don’t buy it.

    • Point taken. My sense of the overall direction things are going, is that Fox is prepping itself for the eventuality of Trump being off the political scene — as he will be some day. He’s not going to be a respected member of the president’s club — that was made clear the day all the other prezes were invited to Barbara Bush’s funeral except Trump. Murdoch was in business way before Trump and he will be in business way after. I believe you will see more of this “fair and balanced” regardless of what the Democrats do, because Murdoch is going to play his hand as strategically as possible.

      • I also think there will be a lot of blowback for tRump enablers for all the evil they’ve done and promoted, Faux being one of the main ones. They’ve finally realized tRump won’t last forever and the cover they’ve had so far will be gone. They’re just trying to CYA.

        • Of course, Carol. THAT was inevitable from the moment he got in office. I think what surprised them–and, to be fair, it certainly surprised me–was the speed everything about Trump has unraveled. What happened with the ACA should have been the warning sign that made them pause.

    • I would have to agree it’s a setup, I don’t think Murdoch is losing enough money to get off the Adderall-Addled Assclown train just yet.

      • My understanding is that it’s not Murdoch but his sons driving the Fox train these days. It’ll likely be a gradual weaning, enough to soak the rubes for money while trying to branch out.

    • Good play on words. I’m envisioning an SNL sketch “Brought to you by ConDons — the only condom in the world guaranteed to malfunction each and every time, because look who it’s named after,” or something to that effect.

  8. First of all, I believe Buttigieg is showing his — misjudgment? pious pompousness? — by going on Fox “News.” There are zero primary voters to be won there and not many more persuadable general election voters.Mayor Pete is too transparently desperate to make history without a compelling reason.

    But that’s just typical self-important Buttigieg and he’s not the one I’m disgusted with this afternoon. I have open on my computer desktop an email purportedly from the “President of the United States.” I wish I believed a sulky eight-year-old had hijacked his email. It’s his “Official Worst Democratic Candidate Straw Poll,” and at the bottom are photos of four Democratic contenders labeled “Sleepy Joe,” “Spartacus Booker,” “Crazy Bernie” and “Pocahontas.”

    This is the PRESIDENT, ladies and gentlemen. No, seriously, this juvenile name-caller is in the White House. I would never have imagined it would come to this. Remember how much we despised George Bush? I know, it’s hard to remember now. He let Dick Cheney do terrible things but he did not call his opponents stupid names.

    I just had to go look at that email again to convince myself it was real. “Loses it”? He lost it a long time ago, if by “it” you mean intelligence, sanity, decency and humanity.

    • I have not and will never call Donald John Trump President for a variety of reasons. Yes, he has the power of office. Yes, he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But his time feels more like an interregnum than anything else.

      And I will NEVER forget nor forgive W and his crew for paving the way for this would-be Mussolini. The worst thing that crew ever did in this respect was take all the competent higher leadership with them when they left, leaving the vacuum that Trump filled.

  9. I stumbled upon the Fox News Town Hall with Mayor Pete, and I’m so glad I did! He really impressed the audience, and even Chris Wallace seemed to enjoy the interview. Every time I see Mayor Pete, I like him more and more. He’s articulate, a good sense of humor, and he explains his plans clearly and succinctly. We have so many darned great Dem candidates this year, that it’s difficult to pick one. That’s a good problem for us to have!!


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