I’m sure you all remember Pete Strzok, the former FBI National Security specialist who participated in the investigation into TFG’s contacts with the Russian Intelligence community during the 2016 fiasco and earned drumpf’s eternal enmity by sniggering along with his gal pal’s texts about what a big doofus the Orangeutan was and is.

And you also know, if you read Ursula Faw’s article on drumpf requesting his favorite judge’s help in getting a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) re-established in his Roach Motel, that he is actively scheming to get all his seized classified documents back in hand where he can no doubt continue to compromise and profit from them.

But that would be a crime you say.

Like it was when he asked Georgia’s Secretary of State to find him a few thousand votes that fell off the trunk, or it would be if the ask is not merely…


You go, Pete…



Or sell them to the House of Saud.



Ain’t it tho?




Honestly, the nerve of this jerk. First he steals them, mishandles and compromises them, and now he wants the back.

And Cannon just may try to grant his wish…

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  1. The silly bi!ch in FL might try to grant the mango moron’s wish but I suspect Jack Smith would be in front of that appellate court in a heartbeat. I also suspect that would be the end not only of her handling this trial, but of her career as a judge. I would think the appellate justices are already sick of this little idiot and a stunt like this would push them over the edge. Not sure what they could do beside taking the case away from her. Recommend she be removed from the bench?

  2. Has anyone checked to see if Strzok’s twitter account is still up? Musk seeing his a$$hole buddy Trump mocked so brilliantly had to have had him bellowing in rage. Maybe some around him wrestled him into a straighjacket and put a gag in his mouth to give him time to calm down and listen to some reason. Elon’s baby is already losing money hand over fist and banning well known critics of Trump that skewer the manga MAGA Messiah will make things worse.


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