Pass. Al. Green’s. Bill…And Impeach Trump. NOW!


As pompous of an ass as I can be on occasion, there are a few simple rules I try really hard to follow, And one of those bedrock rules is to never try to tell a political savant like Nancy Pelosi how to do her job. But being human, sometimes I give in to my weaknesses, and this is one of those times.

Speaker Pelosi, I beg you. Call the House back into session. Give them a week or so to get their shit together, but do it soon. Do it for yourself. Do it for your party. And most importantly, do it for your country.

It doesn’t have to take long. Yo’re only going to be there for one reason. To take the bill that Representative Al Green proposed from the floor a couple of weeks ago, after Robert Mueller’s testimony, off of the table, and move it to the floor of the House for debate and a vote. You remember, the one that was a stand-alone article of impeachment?

The only solace that we can take from tragedies like we have endured in this country in the last 36 hours is when something positive comes from it. An that’s how it can be this time. Al Green proposed a single article of impeachment based on President Donald J. Trump’s dereliction of duty, and his abandonment of his sworn constitutional oath by using overt racism to attempt to divide the country he was duly dispatched to lead.

The Democratic base is hungry for impeachment of this abusive, petulant man child. Hell, they’re starving for it. But there has always been a problem with impeachment. Conspiracy/”Collusion” was always too theoretical, ephemeral, and cloudy to make stick, and it relied on the dreaded word “intent.” Obstruction of justice was guaranteed to fail in the Senate, and they could even paint it as desperate sour grapes of Democrats pissed at losing an election

But not anymore. Not this time, and with this subject. If there’s one thing that damn near everybody in this country hates, it’s racism. Hell, up until Trump, even racists pretended to not be racists, to avoid the social ostracism. But today these mental mutants are marching free and proud under their banner, because their President of the United States told them, both in words as well as action, that it was fine for them to do so.

Sweet Jesus Speaker Pelosi, how many examples do you need? Charlottesville has become a centerpiece of Joe Biden’s election campaign, and the filthiest word in the GOP vocabulary. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooter targeted Jews because of their work in assisting refugees to this country, the very people Trump vilifies almost daily. The van of the Florida mail bomber was a freakin’ montage shrine to Trump, and he targeted people specifically because they were “enemies” of the President. It was reported that yesterday’s El Paso shooter used words like “infestation” and “invasion” in his sick screed to describe immigrants and refugees. And it’s not solely contained to our own country. The New Zealand shooter damn near wrote a love sonnet to Trump in his racist meanderings!

Make no mistake about it Madame Speaker. This. Is. Your. Time. And. This. Is. Your. Issue. This country will rally against racism like they will rally behind no other issue. Even allegedly sane Trump supporters wish he’d cut it out with the racist tweeting, and do his damn job. Debate the bill, and bring it to the floor for a vote. Every member of your caucus will vote to support this bill, simply because their constituents will demand it. And let the 190 or so remaining Republican members of congress still considering running again in 2020 make the choice. And then force them to put next to their name a vote on whether they condone racism and violence, or stand for the American values that they also swore an oath to uphold and protect.

Live the Nike logo Madame Speaker. Just. Do. It. If you pass this sole, powerful article of impeachment, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have no choice but to hold an impeachment trial in the Senate. And it will finally, once and for all, force the Republican Senate to make the same choice that their House brethren did. Do you stand with racism, violence, and bigotry, or do you stand for the moral and ethical principles on which this country was founded? You don’t even need a prosecutor for God’s sake. Just replay Trump’s myriad statements on public record, and display his tweets on the wall. And then let the Republicans try to justify them, or explain them away. Lordy, I’d love to see them try.

This is your moment Speaker Pelosi. Your entire political career has led you to this single, definitive moment. Even if you want to put political calculation above country, there is no political downside to this issue for the Democratic party. Even if McConnell’s cabal of sheep in the Senate chooses to acquit, the Democratic party, specifically the House, will be the ones who stood for everything this country purports to be. And if the Republicans in the Senate choose to acquit Donald Trump, then they will assume sole responsibility for exposing the fact that everything this country has claimed to stand for in the past 240+ years was nothing but an elaborate con job, and all of the brave soldiers in our country’s long history died in vain.

We already know how seriously President Donald John Trump takes his oath of office to uphold and protect the citizens of the United States of America. The only question left to answer now Madame Speaker, is how seriously do you take yours?


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  1. I think actually voting on an ARTICLE of impeachment at this point and sweeping all investigation off the table would be a debacle, so, as soul-satisfying as this would be, I have to respectfully disagree. Racism isn’t impeachable in the same way corruption, collusion and emoluments are, as much as it angers us — unless, that is, a Democrat was doing it.

    Which points to the biggest problem with this. The media won’t be behind this hasty, heat-of-the-moment move. I think Pelosi is wise to carefully lay the groundwork for public opinion because the media is NEVER behind us. They would tear this apart as rash and groundless — which, in fact, it would be.

    I get that we’re angry but we’re looking at an opportunity to start lining more people up on our side by, rather than doing this, dealing with what people are upset about NOW: gun violence. Public opinion has moved inexorably to our side on this issue, and if they are going to showboat about anything , they should go back and showboat about this, relentlessly calling Moscow Mitch our for his inaction.

    • I don’t, for the simple reason that this is the oNE issue that damn near everybody in the country can get behind, and put pressure on congress about…If not this, then Pelosi will just run out the clock on impeachment, since public sentiment is so far against it…And nothing says that all of the other investigations have to stop, they’re still well within the realm of legitimate oversight, and can keep splattering Trump with shit right up until election day…Impeaching Trump, win or lose, is the ONE thing that can and will galvanize the base and keep it energized through election day…


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