Any time My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is in the news, it’s safe to assume he’s having more money problems, he’s defending his idol, Donald Trump, making absurd claims about said idol winning the 2020 election or making equally absurd claims that he’s being persecuted by “cancel culture.” Or even getting himself in trouble with Dominion Voting Systems.

So what this really means is that Lindell may be one of Donald Trump’s more gullible supporters (and believe me, Trump has many). But at least one of Lindell’s supporters showed up at Trump’s speech in Hialeah, Florida, and proved himself to be even more gullible when he was cleverly tricked into being by Jason Selvig, who is one-half of the comedy duo “The Good Liars.” Selvig and his partner Davram Stiefler have spent years pulling politically motivated stunts and lampooning both sides of the room, according to Mediaite.

This time around, Selvig, who was also on hand for Trump’s speech, decided to interview one fan, who had a conspiracy theory that was so weird it made most other conspiracy theories seem normal by comparison.

And of course, it involves Lindell. According to this nutter, Lindell is actually JFK Jr. It’s difficult to shock Selvig, who’s seen just about everything by now, but this dude managed it fairly easily.

The fan started out by saying “Who is Mike Lindell? Who is, is John John still alive?”

“So you think mike lindell is john f. kennedy jr.

“Yes I do,” was the Trump fans’ answer.

Selvig pressed him for evidence, asking if he had a picture to prove it. So the man showed two side-by-side photos of Lindell and Kennedy on his phone and Selvig asked him “so what’s the evidence here?”

“Well, the evidence is, we’re going to find out that people had to play certain roles to get the truth out to people.”

Selvig couldn’t help but ask “So why would John F. Kennedy Jr. fake his own death and then assume the identity of a pillow salesman?”

“Well, you have to ask yourself, what was he running for” the man responded. “He was running for a seat in New York. Who won that seat? was it hillary Clinton?”

Selvig, clearly still stunned by this bizarre theory said “So? So John F. Kennedy Jr. is actually Mike Lindell?”

“We’ll find out,” the man responded.

I’m guessing we won’t find out. I know conspiracy theories stretch the furthest borders of the imagination but I have no idea why these people believe JFK Jr. is still alive. He clearly died in 1999 in a plane crash along with his wife and her sister.

Here’s the nutty interview below.

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    • There is no weed on the planet that f*cks up a mind that much. I am reminded of the fools using PCP in the seventies/early eighties thinking they could jump off buildings and fly. This is a similar delusion. The only difference is the PCP user sounds slightly less stupid.

    • More like a bad trip on LSD, followed by a shot load of coke or meth. Or maybe late onset schizophrenia, because what he is spouting is word salad.

  1. John John was running for political office at the time of his death? That’s odd. Usually such an idea would have made it into his Wiki page but there is NO mention of any kind of political aspirations on Kennedy’s part. He had participated in rallies for his cousin Patrick’s campaigns in Rhode Island and his uncle Ted’s Senate campaign in Massachusetts but there’s no evidence that he ever intended a political career for himself. He was already a magazine editor and the only seat that Hillary Clinton got was the SENATE seat (there’s no record that Kennedy ever put any serious thought into running for the House, much less the Senate) and his death came in the summer of 1999, about the time he should’ve already made some kind of announcement to run.

  2. All I had to do was to look at the idiot’s t-shirt to know where his “thinking” was. Lincoln never said “the best way to predict the future is to create it” or anything like it. That’s a debunked internet phrase for people who think making up bullshit is justified ’cause Abe said so!


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