Take a look at this video. A Beijing Hospital is overwhelmed with people, some wearing masks, as either another flu or virus is laying people low. It’s only a matter of time before this hits landfall. We are inoculated against COVID-19, at least the vast majority of us are. Could this be a new strain?

And there has been a bad flu here in Las Vegas. Our own Murfster and his wife Teri were sick with it for a few weeks. We have seen this show before. COVID-19 was a bit of a shadowy thing at first, with vague reporting coming out of China. Then we found out it was a serious virus. Then Fox News got going with the conspiracy aspect of it all and that fell apart in mid-March of 2020 when reality could no longer be denied.

I spend a great deal of time at home blogging, but the past few weeks I’ve had a cold/flu something that won’t seem to go away. But it’s nothing like the symptoms that other people report. This is some serious stuff.

Not looking to be an alarmist. Merely sharing a social media post from a credible source and the reaction from social media.

At least we have Joe Biden in the White House, God forbid there’s a new virus in the world. He didn’t gut the pandemic response team when he took office, like Trump did. Apparently Trump thought that epidemiologists were a dime a dozen like waitresses at Mar-a-Lago. But now we have the resources and the expertise to deal with a pandemic crisis, should one arise and let’s hope it doesn’t.

So cross your fingers and your toes. I’m not crazy about going back to masks and elbow bumping, but if that’s what it is, that’s what it is.

We will be monitoring developments as they occur.


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  1. I think we can count on exactly that. But the Covid going around the US is a new strain also… it keeps changing & trying to out run the vaccine.

  2. Chinese health authorities are saying some of these infections are caused by a bacterium, mycoplasma pneumoniae, which can be treated with common antibiotics like doxycycline. This bug can hang on for a week or two and produces a cough, sore throat, muscle aches and sometimes pneumonia. It tends to preferentially affect kids because they haven’t developed immunity. The interesting thing is that a similar bug is infecting dogs right now in North America and for them it can be serious. Very good idea to use a mask and take the same precautions as for COVID.

  3. Corona virus has a very distinct look, thus its name. By all accounts I’ve seen/heard so far this is not corona. China is overpopulated in a very bad way so any and all viruses are going to spread quickly and over large parts of the population-that’s what happens when you have too many people living in close proximity to each other…like in china. Any virus, flu or otherwise, will spread quickly and over much/most/all of china in a pico. Of course we’re a global hopping species, and send other species all over the globe as well, so keeping any spreadable illness within the borders of any country is impossible. This why it is critical that vaccinations become mandatory for everyone (except for those who for health reasons cannot be vaccinated)–we cannot stop the spread of things like flu and other viruses otherwise.

    Given how vaccination-averse U.S. citizens are and have become, any virus is going to spread widely and quickly in our country and because of this we truly are screwed. What is going on in china might not be corona but other viruses, maybe worse ones (and there are plenty of those), will come a-calling. We can’t close that door but vaccinations make the visitor less dangerous….if one gets vaccinated that is. Even seasonal flu will have a bad effect in our country if people aren’t getting their flu shots as I’m sure many aren’t.

    Of course not knowing WTF this virus is makes talk of vaccinations rather silly I guess.


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