First of all, kudos to the Daily Beast. They have a huge readership and they did not choose to share the video that I’m going to share with you here. They only reported on it. They didn’t fall for OAN’s and Forgatio Blow’s obvious ploy, which was to get a lot of eyeballs on this travesty.

I chose to put it here for a couple of reasons: Unless this piece you’re reading goes viral and I seriously doubt it, (we haven’t had a piece go “viral” since May of 2020) whatever views it gets on this platform will be negligible. But the second and more important reason is that I want you to see the “news” channel, namely OAN, show its true colors. It’s right-wing entertainment/propaganda time. They are no more doing the news over there than we are performing brain surgery over here, the difference being we don’t pose as a neurosurgery clinic, and they do pose as a news channel.

Here’s the Daily Beast’s description:

That cringe-inducing pro-Trump rap video starring multiple One America News hosts has left staffers at the little-watched cable outlet deeply embarrassed, multiple sources told Confider. MAGA rapper Forgiato Blow teamed up with the far-right conspiracy-laden channel’s top star Dan Ball for the “Real America” video, which featured Ball railing against Donald Trump’s latest indictment and stiffly dancing like an uncle at a wedding. Throughout the video, Blow interacts with other OAN personalities, including the channel’s 82-year-old owner, and runs through the newsroom while staff dramatically tear apart folders reading “Trump Indictment #4.”

The video is guaranteed secondhand embarrassment for any viewers not fully living a MAGA alt-reality. And OAN employees seemed to realize that, as two people familiar with the matter told Confider that some staffers walked out prior to filming because they didn’t want to be a part of it. One OAN employee added that staffers generally did not know about the video shoot until the last minute and just went along with it.

Much of the finger-pointing was aimed directly at Ball: “I need to leave OAN ASAP! I am sick and tired of Dan Ball’s antics, and so are so many others,” one current OAN anchor wrote to Confider. Other current and former staffers told Confider they are “officially taking OAN off my resume after watching this” or that they “can’t stop laughing” at the “bizarre” video. Ball wrote in a statement: “We’d like to thank all the American Patriots out there who downloaded the song ‘Real America’! Within the first 24 hours of the songs release we reached #11 on the Top 100 ITunes billboard charts in the Rap/Hip-Hop genre, all thanks to you! God Bless you.”

Without further ado, here’s what they’re talking about. I don’t know if you drop acid, but save it for later. The effect is already there.

Dan Ball isn’t a journalist, he just plays one on TV. He’s got an acting job. OAN isn’t a news outlet, it just pretends to be one on TV. I don’t blame anybody who is serious about journalism or TV news to run screaming, if in fact they work there. Although the technical people are still professionals. They’re lighting and shooting this nonsense. They’re not responsible for the content. But I wouldn’t want to be a copy writer or an editor or anything over there and be lumped in with this.

Walter Cronkite is turning in his grave. And I pray to God that Dan Rather has a comment about this. Maybe I’ll drop him a line.

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  1. Voters got rights. You’re goddamn right.
    We went to the booth, we voted thru the night.
    You wear stupid hats. You act like fools.
    You sat in the tat parlor, we sat in school.
    You talk big talk…you like to brag,
    But you’re a punk, your life’s a drag.
    You act real tough, you look real rough,
    Come on back when your boy’s had enough.
    Jack knows the deal. We hear the piggy squeal.
    That traitor you anoint, he’ll be in the joint.
    So save your grass, drink yourself a glass,
    Next thing you know, it will be your ass.

    • This has the rhyme and meter of a rap (which I also don’t care much for). One could easily drop these words into the music bed provided by the idiot in the video, which you probably realize Scott. Would be fun to play around with. I’ve been a musician and songwriter for 50+ years and if the newest technology weren’t so challenging I’d take a crack at it. In any case, Ursula is quite right – get it protected then see where it goes.

    • You have talent, my man. Seriously. You should do more of these ditties. 2024 is right around the corner and some Democrat who is a musician and a rapper can do something with this.

      Let me see if you’ve blown the copyright by putting it on the internet first.

      Don’t put any more of these of the internet. Send them to me first, I’ll copyright them, and then we’ll put them on the site.

      For right now this is what you can do, seriously:

      1. Put a hard copy of this in the U.S. mail addressed to yourself.
      2. When it comes, put it in the drawer.
      3. The date stamp will be evidence of when you created and copyrighted this piece of poetry.

      DO IT TODAY! Write me at [email protected] to let me know you did it.

      And start writing more. You have a gift.

      • Will do Ursula. thanks for the advice. It took me about 10 minutes…I wonder what I’m capable of if I applied myself. ha. would love to hear a rap/hip hop reply other than in my head. Appreciate the interest. Maybe then we can find someone who can reach that audience. Tired of the other side co-opting every damn thing.

  2. I’ve never liked/enjoyed this kind of music to begin with. Yes, since the definition of music as I was taught in my first Music Theory (I minored in music) class is “organized sound & silence” so it technically qualifies but it rates way the f**k down there with disco in my book. Let’s just say this pathetic ditty doesn’t do anything to elevate this particular art form. And what’s the deal with that blonde gal at the desk? Talk about a Stepford Wife look – or that of some poor soul who’s drink got spiked. Well, I realize there’s lots of people into this stuff but for me this is just a piece of junk featuring a “rapper” who, like a couple of whitebread white dudes thinking being a “tough black guy” is the thing to be and makes them look “cool” only look pathetic. I’m the first to admit “cool” and me aren’t acquainted. I know how stupid I’d have looked at times trying to be so. Like when I was much thinner and better looking and someone suggested being tall and with a shiny bald head I get an earing. Trust me when I tell you I knew how stupid I’d have looked. These dudes? They DON’T know how stupid they look!

    • I don’t like rap music especially, although I think Scott’s piece upthread are some killer lyrics. But Forgaitio Blow can go blow, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Well, I stick by the definition I was taught in music theory. For example, a single drum that sounds at the same pitch regardless of how hard or soft it’s struck is a one-note instrument. Yet can produce what we’d all recognize as music IF it is played in the manner of organized sound and silence. Other instruments capable of playing every note up and down the scale can, even if only one note is played in a composition also produce music. Melody and harmony are not required for a composition to be recgognized as music.

  3. Sorry Ursula, I could not listen to that crap after 30 seconds. If I had been a staffer at that place I might have considered blowing my head off because the stink of that shame will never come off. You’d think someone would have viewed it before putting on the show.

    what f*cking idiots.


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