Good thing drumpf’s lawyers got lawyers.

Looks like they’re gonna need them.


“During an interview on MSNBC early Sunday morning, New Yorker Executive Editor David Rohde said his sources claim the DOJ investigators plan to put a pair of Donald Trump’s lawyers before a grand jury and give them the choice of turning on the former president or risk perjuring themselves.

According to the editor, investigators are focusing on attorney and former OAN host Christina Bobb and attorney Evan Corcoran, both of whom they hope to put on the spot over their part in obstructing the DOJ from getting back sensitive documents the former president was keeping at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

As the Washington Post reported, the evidence laid out by the DOJ suggests they could “build a legal case that Trump attorneys Evan Corcoran and Christina Bobb obstructed the government’s investigation, allegedly telling FBI agents and prosecutors that they had handed over all classified documents when in fact many remained in Trump’s possession.”

It never cease to amaze me that attorneys, of all people, are so susceptible to drumpf’s BS.

I realize that lawyers have political leanings, but one would think, even discounting that fact, professional people trained to weigh fact and evidence, as well as being practiced in the art of reading other people, can be so often bamboozled by a proven grifter and four-flusher, and so often come away from their interactions with him discarded, disgraced and often with their fees outstanding.

Bobb and Corcoran had to know the import of the pilfered documents in question, and the penalties that they would incur by presenting less than factual accounts of their whereabouts to the federal government. And still they signed off on the fiction that Trump had returned them all – based only on his say so.


Now they will have some hard choices to make:

“These prosecutors are very good at this, the FBI is very good at it. and they’re going to try to flip witnesses,” he continued. “The key thing that you are talking about is the jeopardy that his lawyers in the Mar-a-Lago case face. I think they’re gonna put them before the grand jury, Corcoran and Bobb, and get them to answer questions under oath.”

“They will either implicate Donald Trump, saying ‘Donald Trump told me all the classified documents have been turned over’ when they had not,” he continued. “And if they lie, they have implicated themselves in a crime.”

And not just any crime, a crime involving the theft and attempt to retain highly sensitive National Security secrets even as the government sought desperately to recover them.

Bet they didn’t cover that in law school.

You can watch the interview below. Rohde’s remarks begin at the 3:30 mark…

(Don’t be discourage by the appearance of the video link… it is there.

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  1. I CAN’T WAIT! Professional or not, people are people and some are so ‘star struck’ by the ‘celebrity’ and their proximity to it they are blinded by it. Then, there are those who, regardless of their professional certifications, lack the ‘better judgement’ required to keep them off the hot seat and out of those predicaments.


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