New Filing in Cohen Case: Avenatti tweets on new filing and warns that Cohen and Trump could have a “huge problem”


It’s Friday afternoon and Avenatti may have just shed some light on how the game changed. He just sent out a tweet containing a picture of a new filing submitted today by the U.S. Department of Justice in the Cohen search warrant case.  He foreshadows some very interesting news that will come to light by saying, “The second and third bullets could pose a huge problem for Mr. Cohen and ultimately Mr. Trump (especially the third bullet)!!

The second bullet speaks to Reconstructed Shredded documents and the document says that the contents of a shredding machine, seized on April 9, 2018,have been reconstructed.  These reconstructed documents are 16 pages long.

The third bullet pertains to FBI electronic extraction of data related to encrypted messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Signal.  It says the FBI has now obtained this encrypted data and it has produced 731 pages of messages, including call logs.

This is going to be good!


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