Nothing exemplifies the spirit of Christmas quite like a a bunch of antisemites and racists announcing their intention to spread Christmas cheer by mounting a toy drive intended to benefit only the poor oppressed white community.

To that end The National Justice Party has announced it’s forth annual “White Christmas” Toy Drive for white children only:

“The fourth annual Operation White Christmas is underway! Hosted by the National Justice Party, Operation White Christmas is an online toy drive for White families in need. In the interest of racial justice and pro-White advocacy, we want to ensure that White families in need are not turned away, as they frequently are by other charitable efforts.

Too often and in too many areas of society, White people are increasingly discriminated against, attacked, vilified, and demonized, leaving many White families struggling to afford food and housing, let alone Christmas presents, and often denied assistance or sympathy based on their European heritage. In the midst of increasingly anti-White hiring practices and workplace requirements, many White parents are left under or unemployed this holiday season. Surprise medical bills, pregnancies, urgent home and car repairs, and extreme weather are still more reasons why our families may be struggling financially. It is our duty and privilege to directly assist our brothers and sisters in need.

So how does it work? We are not collecting donations ourselves; rather, we are building anonymous gift lists for these families based on their own needs and wants that will be shared in batches throughout December on the National Justice Party Telegram channel and website. We ask that anyone with the means to help out these families purchase an item for them from these gift lists so their children can enjoy a plentiful Christmas. If you know of any White families in need, send them our way by filling out a contact form on our website’s Operation White Christmas portal.”

Now, it’s not that there are not poor white kids out there whose Christmas would be made merrier with a donated gift.

In fact, back in the early sixties, when my father toiled away at his blue collar job trying to provide for seven kids, money was frequently in very short supply and one year my mother applied, and was approved for, a donated reconditioned bicycle from our metro police department for my little brother and I.

But there was no racial requirement, and the photo taken that disbursement day, which mom kept in her archive, shows a preponderance of poor tow headed white kids with a smattering of also economically disadvantaged black ones, probably roughly reflecting the demographic profile of my small midwestern burg.

But there will be none of that troubling diversity in the National Justice Party’s efforts.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has their number:

Parens mine:

“The White nationalist organization The Right Stuff (TRS) announced Wednesday the formation of a political party called the National Justice Party, which includes a cluster of known white supremacists and has a platform shaped around a conspiracy theory suggesting that whites are being deliberately eliminated in the U.S.

TRS spawned from a podcast-based website founded by Mike Peinovich, who for years went by the stage name “Mike Enoch” until antiracist activists exposed his identity in 2017. Peinovich and TRS leaders organize secretive meetups, which they call “pool parties,” for white nationalists throughout the country. The group promoted the candidacy of Donald Trump (of course they did) in 2016 through podcasts and traffic in Holocaust denial and other antisemitic conspiracy theories…

…He (Peinovich) attempted to explain, “one other problem with the GOP –” when an audience member interrupted by screaming, “Jews!” Peinovich chuckled and answered, “You beat me to it.” In addition to targeting Jews in his speech, Peinovich also expressed anger at Black people, whom white nationalists view as inferior, and also took aim at antiracist demonstrators, a favored topic of discussion on his podcasts.

Peinovich noted in the speech that the announcement of his party was deliberately held close to the three-year anniversary of the deadly Aug. 12, 2017, “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, at which he was once slated to speak. Unite the Right was canceled before it started amid widespread outbursts of violence. Virginia declared a state of emergency as a result of the violence, and James Alex Fields, a neo-Nazi who marched with the group Vanguard America, rammed his car into a group of people, murdering 32-year-old antiracist demonstrator Heather Heyer. In December 2018, Fields was convicted of first-degree murder for his actions.”

I could go on posting examples of The National Justice Party’s hate filled rhetorical efforts and videos of Peinovich excoriating Jewish folks and claiming the “White Flight” from cities in the 50s and 60s was actually a world government expulsion effort ordered by their Jewish overlords, but why dish all that crap into your consciousness?

Dispersing Christmas presents according to race is really all you need to know about this scum, so I’ll end on a lighter note:

Now that’s funny!

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  1. Talk about missing the point of Christmas! Well, I have a much better suggestion to offer those who’d like to help struggling parents provide Christmas gifts to their children.

    For over seventy years the United States Marine Corps Reserve has run a program to distribute toys to children in need. Regardless of color, faith or creed. If you’re unsure about the program and want an independent description of it here’s the Wikipedia entry –

    Toys For Tots has a particular meaning for me since once upon a time (seems like another life) I served in the Corps and for four decades have made it a point to donate at least one toy. (During good times I’ve done quite a bit more) So for anyone who doesn’t already have a favorite and WORTHY program that works to provide a little Christmas for the disadvantaged, and more importantly does NOT discriminate here’s a link for you:

    This whole “for whites only” makes me think about songs I make sure to listen to every Christmas, including my mom’s (a true Christmas Queen!) favorite Christmas tune by a singer she really loved. I went with her to see him perform at a fair one year in fact and though it was a lovely late summer evening at the fair he performed this. Enjoy, even if it brings some tears as it always does for me:

  2. That’s a simple spelling error there. It’s supposed to be ‘Moms For Libertines’ which explains the threeway, but was mis-spelled as ‘Moms For Liberty’ leading to the usual republican confusion and application of hypocrisy and double standards to obfuscate the error.

    Of course, with their education policies, spelling correctly and general literacy is a long way from a strong point. This problem is thus bound to recur.

  3. “Too often and in too many areas of society, White people are increasingly discriminated against…” WTF?!? Are you kidding me? Wipipo need more because, after all, what chance so wipipo have in american society? Un effing believable.

    Every A.M. when I wake up I will usually spend time (time I’ll never get back BTW) thinking things can’t get worse, people must have reached the bottom of the stupidity barrel, you know, things like that. Most mornings I’m pretty disappointed. After reading this I think I’ll just give up thinking things can’t get much worse nor people any stupider. There is no bottom to bad things happening and certainly no bottom to the barrel of stupidity con, xtian, ‘pube, wipipo drink from.

    21st century america is a disgrace. This kind of garbage ought to have been a fast-fading memory by the latter half of last century. I thought I could not be any more embarrassed to be an american after four years of trump. I was wrong.

    • No, the horror/problem is NOT wipipo being helped out during your holiday. The problem is that ONLY white people need apply for this help. Did you miss the point of the article (asking while knowing that is exactly what happened).

      • Are you this angry about other races having racially exclusive charities or only White people? (Asking while knowing, based on your last name, that it’s the latter)

  4. Sorry transkikes — I’m buying Christmas gifts for White children and there’s nothing you can do about it (except seethe, and ideally throw yourselves in front of a subway sprayed with pigs blood).

    • Jew here. Or kike as ignoramuses, you for instance, call us. Quite frankly you can spend your money, as stupid as you are I suspect it is in short supply, as you with. I can assure you no one here gives a happy rat’s ass.

  5. I see a lot of down votes, they must really be desperate to come here looking for trouble. But we all know that the truth means nothing to any of them. I actually pity the lot of them as they seem to be very mean-spirited people. I have family members that think like this and as you can guess there are things I refuse to discuss with them. I keep getting told that I have tds, but those that follow that creature are the ones who have to biggest problems.

    • I wondered about it for a minute and figured everyone’s entitled to their opinion. If a white kid gets a toy because of me that’s fine. Or a non-white kid. Or a non-Christian kid. Every kid should have that little bit of joy of having a present or two to open. An actual toy or something fun instead of pack of socks from the Dollar Store. The USMCR Toys for Tots program only cares that a kid has parents that need a little help.

      The ironic thing is that both growing up and later on in life I lived in small-town rural America, real Trump enclaves with lots of racism around. Yet there were far more WHITE people sucking up public assistance in one form or another than black folks. One of the jobs I worked to get extra money in college was as a “carry out” in a grocery store and we’d often comment on who was using food stamps and what a lot of them bought with them. (It was one of those everyone knows everyone type of towns) Let’s just say white folks who complain about “those” people, the whole “welfare queen” racist trope Reagan started need to STFU. People in glass houses and all that.

  6. There are thousands of charities which specifically exclude whites from their services. And a bunch of self hating white people spend their time being performatively outraged that just one single group is trying to help their own. Other racial groups are perfectly happy to help themselves, and don’t have any problem with others doing the same. Who told whites to hate themselves so badly? It’s pathetic.



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