We live in a post truth, anti-science, conspiracy theory laden world which is frequently beyond parody. That said, there are moments which tax the credulity of even the most jaded amongst us. This is one of those times. This is shock value. This is tacky. This is Trump.

The tweet above is accurate. You can’t satirize this. I watched it three times because I couldn’t believe it. But this, ladies and gentleman, is the lowest common denominator in this country encapsulated right here. Look no further. The MAGAs love them some bread and circus and they can’t get enough of the tacky orange guy. He just can’t get too tacky for them.

My only question at this point is where are the velvet paintings, ala Elvis? Better yet, velvet paintings ala Elvis with big eyes? And in 3D?

And here they are, getting up out of their seats when the Orange One tells them how the election is rigged for the umpteenth kazillionth time.

Let’s see where this goes. It’s the same script and the same performance at every rally now. It has to change soon, because the Arizona audit is running out of gas and Lindell’s cyber symposium next month in Sioux Falls is thought to be the final curtain.

Over 100 minutes of this, the length of a feature movie, and not one new idea.



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  1. I wonder what the turnout is at these things. My guess is, the same people, over and over. I can’t imagine any new followers of the tRump tribe.

    • If you just listen to his babble shit storm, your slightly bent mind since thousands of Trump lies and false claims over his miss-used powers for his sorry-ass term, the images in your disturbed vision, will show all the time-worn, hand signals and rubber faced, gut wrenching, puke inducing, non-factual attacks on virtually anyone that was not kissing his rings or something else … even disabled people were attacked …

      He needs to shut up and STFD … he will need to save energy to remain standing as the courts start listing all the charges against him and the reason for his new orange jumpsuit and the pretty new bracelets …

      • I wish I could believe that Darrel. He’s so oily I fear he will slide right out of any consequences for any of his behavior in his entire life. I try not to be a fatalist but this blob has some kind of grip on evil and his fans can’t seem to get enough.

        • Me too, I fear the same. The only way he won’t slide out is if he’s indicted and has to stand trial. He needs to be heard lying under oath. And his trial(s) need to be televised, just like the McCarthy hearings were.


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