This will likely be the shortest article I will ever post, but when I heard it, I had to share it with you. Here we go.

By now you likely know that MAGAt’s Machine Gun Marjie and Bratty Matty Gaetz are in open revolt with House Speaker Mike Johnson. MTG has gone so far as to threaten the turn the Speakers dais into a revolving door. And apparently Johnson is feeling his oats, because he’s telling them to bring it on.

Nobody tells Marjie the Master Strategist to get stuffed! And to show how serious she is about making Mike Johnson’s life a  living hell, she has just formed a new Fast Action Response team to take anti Johnson steps right from the floor when he gets out of control.

Yeah, nosh*t. Johnson had better watch his ass, now that MTG has unleashed the FART on gum. Only in MagaLand.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Make sure that cretin checks her weapons at the door Mikey or you may meet your maker sooner than later. Stupidity + messianic dreams+ a glock is a formula for a John Wilkes Boothe event, not that you’ll be missed.



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