Capitol Hill Reporter Juligrace Brunke is writing that Georgia Representative/whackjob Marjorie Taylor Greene has attempted to attach amendments to the latest proposed Ukrainian Supplemental package that would require supporting House members to be “conscripted” into the Ukrainian Military and also place lasers on the southern border….


“NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced an amendment to the Ukraine aid bill that would require House members voting for it to be conscripted into the Ukrainian military on Wednesday, April 17.

The amendment to the Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024, was obtained and shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by journalist Juliegrace Brufke, and it read, “Any Member of Congress who votes in favor of this Act shall be required to conscript in the Ukrainian military.”

No mention is made of exceptions to be made for the vast majority of Congress persons who are well over the age where they could be drafted into any military…

“She (Brunke) further shared another amendment offered by the US Representative of Georgia to the HR bill, which stated, “By the funds made available by this Act, such sums as necessary shall be used for the development of space laser technology on the southwest border.”

Brufke’s post was retweeted by Greene herself, who wrote in her post, “I mean if you want to fund the war, why don’t you go fight in it. Show your support for Ukraine.”

The quoted article does not inform us as to whether the amendment was later withdrawn by MTG, but one suspects that maybe it was as Taylor Greene retweeted Brufke’s reporting herself…

Withdrawn or not, Greene’s amendment certainly stirred up a shipstorm of ridicule:

Does she even have to try?

Good idea.








Anymore bright ideas, Marge?

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  1. Well Margie “Gan-Greene-Braine” I actually DID volunteer to to Ukraine to fight! When the Corps wouldn’t let me go to OCS because they thought 26 was too old for someone to make it through Officer training at Quantico I enlisted and volunteered for infantry. Got assigned to a weapons specialty in fact – ANTI TANK/assault (that last part working with explosives, sort of combat engineer Lite). There’s a lot better and easier to use anti-tank weapons now than there was back in the 1980s when we only had LAW rockets, Dragon and TOW missiles. I submitted a lot of information to an organization recruiting former military members. It was quite the process but I wanted to go. I was (politely) turned down, I guess because of my age (mid sixties) and a partial disability that limits me to using a cane to maintain balance as I get around. That wouldn’t have affected my ability to kill Russian tanks or shoot Russian soldiers – only my ability to (literally) be able to run from a position about to be hit.

    So yeah, I was (and still am) willing to go over there and kill as many of Putin’s people as I can even if it costs me my own life. So go fuck yourself Marjie. Better yet, why don’t you head over their with YOUR assault GUN and join up with a Russian front line unit? I’d relish squaring off in a direct firefight with YOU. I rather like my odds. Tell, you what. You don’t have what it takes to serve and put your ass on the line so how about you just resign and relocate to Moscow. I’m sure RT can come up with a better pay and perks package than Congress Critters get!

    • RT may broadcast almost nonstop lies, fabrications, disinformation, etc. but their commentators do not look or sound like braying asses. Kooky Pants is a braying ass 24/7/365-pretty sure they would refuse to hire her. I mean, even those f*cks aren’t that stupid.

      • I see your point. For Fox it’s almost a requirement for women to be blonde & blue and a “babe.” MTG has an inner ugliness that projects into her outer appearance but before she was a Congress Critter might have been fairly judged as average looking if you saw her in public. Not ugly OR head turning but simply average. With few exceptions that’s never been good enough for Fox. As for RT I don’t pay enough attention to them. I’d assumed like Fox being at least blonde & blue might be something they look for. And since like Fox slinging loads of unadulterated bullshit is their stock-in-trade she’d fit right in. Of course she’d have to learn Russian (both spoken and written) and that’s almost certainly beyond HER capability. So yeah, as I think about it you’re right and it was a dumbass remark on my part!

  2. In the 60s we had Mr.Ed the talking horse…now we have this moron…the talking horse’s ass! I thought you denied believing in space lasers? People of Georgia…DO PHUCKING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TRAITOR!



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