After it became clear last night that her preferred candidate would, for the second time in a week, barely convince only half of Republican voters to cast their lot with him in a statewide contest, MAGA die hard Marjorie Taylor Greene was interviewed by her boyfriend on the Trump friendly Right Side Broadcasting Network and accused New Hampshire Republicans of rigging the primary against her dear Dotard.

Earlier in the day drumpf had confidently (or, if you prefer, delusionally) stated that he didn’t need Nikki Haley voters to win in the general election and her supporters responded by denying the idiot the blowout win he and his cultists had predicted.

So, naturally, MTG had to respond by cranking up the Big Lie machine.

Twitter followers of ACYN wondered what she was lubricating it with:



Ya think?

Maybe if you catch her early enough in the day.



💯 💯 💯



He does, doesn’t he.



It seems clear to this reporter that nearly half of the Republican voters in both Iowa and New Hampshire are not ready to climb onboard that Trump Train.

I suppose both the dotard and MTG will have to cope with that fact anyway they can.

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  1. Republicans have developed the habit (thanks to Trump/Putin) of always claiming elections are rigged when things don’t go their way. In this case she is unhappy that the NH elections show that such a large percent of their party will vote for anyone but Trump. The truth hurts, doen’t it, MTG!

    And, by the way, the FBI needs to knuckle down on that pipe bomber case. Hey, I know that Gym supposedly gave her an alibi, but we all knows he lies. And we remember Liz Cheny’s rebuke to him, that, “You DID this!”

  2. She doesn’t have enough boobs to be Barbie, nor is she attractive enough (if you look.up horsefaced in the dictionary, her picture is under it.). She is also in district so red it looks like Chianti, so unless,someone seriously primaries her, she won’t lose her job.

    She reminds me of the Niece From.Hell, similar bone structure and if her voice got any louder +also like Niece)she could sing opera sans Mic and still be heard in the building next door. About as stupid, only obnoxious and convinced she,is,saved too.
    She makes me gag.


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