President Zelensky of Ukraine met with Swedish environmental activist yesterday to discuss how the effects of Russia’s continuing attacks of his country have negatively impacted its environment, and, of course, killed many of his people.

Marge Greene got wind of the meeting, probably on pro-Russian social media, and, never one to allow a terrifying right wing bugaboo – like a slight 20 year old advocate of sustaining a livable planet garnering favorable news coverage – to go unmolested, Marge trotted out her favorite Kremlin talking points to attack the both of them.

MSNBC has the details of the meeting.

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met on Thursday with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and other members of a new group looking into the environmental consequences of war. They discussed the impact of the attack on the Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power plant earlier this month as well as other issues related to the “destructive impact of Russian aggression on nature,” Zelensky said in his nightly address…

…Thunberg decried the global response to the Kakhovka dam collapse, which she described as “ecocide,” while speaking in Kyiv. The world’s reaction was insufficient Thunberg said, according to Reuters. “We have to talk louder about it, we have to raise awareness about what is going on,” she said. The collapse could “forever change ecosystems,” Ukraine has said.

Ukraine said Thursday that it is investigating more than 200 war crimes against the environment and 15 instances of ecocide. Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin said Ukraine is the first state to prosecute environmental war crimes and ecocide “on such a scale,” according to a Telegram post from the Office of the Prosecutor General.“

Needless to say, many on Twitter were outraged by MTG’s repugnant parroting of Russian propaganda:

By their actions one would think we already have…



You and me both, Bruce.

It’s like the term was coined just for her…



🙌 🙌 🙌




She’s in a league of her own.

Try as you might, Marge, drumpf will not pick you for his running mate, not while he has options that can approach a mirror without it shattering in abject horror.

But you keep on making an ass of yourself in your floundering futility, idiot.

We need the yucks.

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  1. This whole male body shaming as an explanation for this type of ignorance and hatred, is as ignorant as her posts. It isn’t true, and it promotes an idea OPPOSITE of what so many liberal thinkers claim to support. So any time she or the nazi women post we should just call it ‘little tit energy’. It’s their goddamn CHARACTER, and their goddamn IGNORANCE, and their goddamn ELITISM that is the problem. It has nothing to do with FLACCID penises, and to continue this trope makes the case that blind ignorance isn’t just in the GOP.

    • I’m still waiting for certain males on this site to stop using ‘c*nt, tw*t and p*ssy’ to insult women, which has been going on long before the recent spate of ‘small d*ck’ tropes (see the next comment from our always raging and usually obscene Spike). I get it. These GQP morons are enraging and it’s hard not to want to just punch them in the face, metaphorically if not physically, and MTG brings out that energy in spades. I feel it! However, it’s hypocritical of you to get all flinchy about the occasional references to small d*cks when we’re regularly subjected to insulting references to women’s bodies. I don’t recall seeing you address that here. Thank you.

      • Carol O I’m a male, but I hope that this shortcoming on my part can be forgiven, if I confess that I am having a very difficult time loving MTG the way Jesus says I should. Jesus you are perfect and loving MTG might even be easy for you. I was not in MTG,s life and I don’t know her like you do. But Lord can I complain to you that this lovely? Misunderstood? peach of a human being? is God Awful hard to love!!! She never gives you a chance to even like her sorry self? I mean, her mind is a sewer, her heart. a block of ice, her knowledge, dismal, her ignorance, abundant.
        , and she’s a consummate liar!!! I know I should love my enemy but God, please, where do you start?

        • Amen to all. This woman is a dangerous ranting lunatic. (Even for Georgia)
          They call her “conservative” which would be acceptable, but she’s way beyond that. She’s an extreme right-wing activist nut job. With her & Boebert & Gaetz, it’s hard to accept that this is our government at work

      • Carol, this is the one place we actually can call a spade a spade and rage. I personally am tired of the right wing nut jobs and cons. Very tired. I am also Jewish so I am sick to f**king death of Marjie, or ms. space laser if you will. I am, however, not going to apologize for calling ms. space laser a twat or ridiculing former guy’s small dick. They have no redeeming qualities so I am left with their genitalia.

  2. Just when you think she cannot come up with anything stupider than she has brayed lately, Kooky Pants says “hold my beer”. Sweet tap-dancing jeebus the twat is a blithering idiot.

    What really struck me was this apparent peace loving thing in her tweet-since when have any ‘pubes been anti-war? Kooky better hope the military-industrial complex wasn’t paying attention to her latest idiocy unless she wants to be primaried by someone backed by them.

  3. “Nothing says class quite like calling a Jewish person a Nazi.”…. except Stephen Miller. Born in Santa Monica, CA from a liberal Jewish family and if anyone of Jewish origin exemplifies “Nazism”, I propose it is him.

    • Yes Steven Millar that seedy little ring rot festering right under Donald’s left cheek, just the right spot for carrion like him. You know the kind of thing I mean? Like tape worms and other parasites that feed off of human misery. He’s not pond scum, he’s the stuff that eats pond scum, what more can we say about Steven Millar?

      • He’s in the mould of the Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst (the Jewish police in the Warsaw Ghetto who selected the victims for Treblinka)

  4. Carol…unless you grew up with a penis hanging between your legs…you have no clue how long it’s been going on.

  5. Carol, I didn’t make that comment to argue with you. I’m just pointing out how unquestioned that trope is. Women have had a feminist movement since the 70s that has called this sick patriarch driven culture into question, as it should have. It also has its blind sides, and the ‘system’ has not been kind to many men who don’t join in. I’ve heard this trope out of many women’s mouths over the years, even women who have ‘alternative’ lifestyles. Fact. If I haven’t defended your concerns, it’s only because you and the feminist movement seem capable of doing so. I’m defending those boys out there who feel misjudged to the core of their personhood by a culture that is shallow and wrong. Neither they or I have been put on this earth to fill a woman’s vagina or any other ‘hole’ in her heart, mind, self esteem or soul. If that bothers you…so be it. Just don’t fool yourself to think you REALLY have any idea of what boys go through to grow up in this world. You don’t.

    • Scott, I responded to Carol’s post incorrectly. Here I was thinking that the jest of this story was the impact of Russia’s war on the world environment. How could I have guessed that someone would glean a different message from this article one of penis envy on the part of……? There you see I have said it, I think I have said it in a way that is effective in conveying my meaning without offending anyone, especially female readers who I haven’t treated to four letter expletives, just because the first amendment says I can. All you will succeed in doing is making women not want any part of the traffic on this site. I don’t blame them, ignorance is ignorance wherever you find it. You’re right about that part, but here’s another part that you have forgotten, we on the left are notorious for eating our own. You have just demonstrated that Carol is not the enemy, she’s on our side. Part of the reason for this I will bet, is that she finds the left less offensive than the right as indeed do I. Why then should the few of us that comment on this site go out of our way to offend each other? Eating our own as I said before. Leave Carol alone she’s an ally but piss her off??? This little crew isn’t going to topple Trumps Empire so there’s room for lots more here, and the site will be poorer because people like Carol, women people, don’t feel welcome and at home here But this I will tell you. If Carol ever writes that because of the “less guarded” conversation here on this site, she is outa here, you can bet I’ll be right behind her, and you and spike can have the place all to yourselves.

  6. Harold…so me calling out body shaming boys and men based on a lie and ignorance offends you!? If calling out the hypocrisy of the whole idea that it’s righteous to defend women’s body shaming or shaming someone over their skin color, BUT it’s somehow wrong to call out what has been a part of our culture the 70 years I’ve been alive, then leave. I’ve reread these texts and Carol attacked me calling me a hypocrite. Part of the dark side of the feminist movement was the message ALL men are responsible for what this culture has become, and ALL men are etc. etc. etc. Since Trump has come on the scene I’ve heard it from both sexes that it’s his small penis that’s the driving force. It’s bull. I merely pointed out Carol has NO idea what happens when a boy’s personhood is reduced to his flaccid penis. It’s dumb, scientifically wrong, and does untold damage. Women are shamed, howeve, there is NO part of their anatomy that sums up their sexuality that can’t be changed if they decide to do so. Boys do NOT have that option. It’s everywhere in mass media. I watch Free Speech TV’ Stephanie Miller’s show. She’s a proud lesbian and her co hosts are gay. They joke using that trope often. This from people adamant in defending THEIR community, yet they have no problem joining in with this trope. Guess in your enlightened discrimination you are worried she might get offended and leave, but don’t have a problem with me being offended. I guess I’m supposed to BE A MAN and take it silently. I call out hypocrisy where I see it, and it’s not me being the ‘hypocrite’. There are hypocrites here. I won’t mention names since you have spoken. Oh, and when pics of that beautiful mural in the Sistine chapel are posted reinforcing this ignorance…expect a response. By the way, should we run our posts by YOU to police our responses to be sure they address what YOU feel is appropriate? Get a grip. Spike sure catches a lot of crap. Sure his language is salty, and occasionally crosses the language line, but he’s justified in calling out the evil. I guess this site has its share of snowflakes. We’re in a goddamn fight for our lives. I’ll take a person of passion any day over sanctimonious snowflakes. I guess the Maga crowd isn’t the only group dealing with misguided sensitivity. The next horror Clarence Thomas lays on us, we’ll just call it ‘little ni**er energy’ since that seems to fit your idea of what’s ok. Nothing like equality.

  7. By the way Harold…when you start your response by apologizing for the “shortcoming” of being a man…you have proven my point friend. Seems your self esteem AS A MAN has taken a few hits. Women are not below us but they sure as hell are not above us either. Some here seem to believe they are.

    • Methinks you doeth protest too much, taking the small dick thing personally. Listening to you literally mansplaining about how hard things are for boys and men is like listening to whites complaining about reverse discrimination. Look, life is hard for EVERYBODY, and for some, more so than others. Is it hard growing up male? I’m sure it is, although you guys mostly run things. But I’m even more sure it’s harder growing up female based on all the crap we’re supposed to be or not be, do or not do, how we’re supposed to look, dress, act, to be a lady, not a whore and the line between is often fuzzy. It wasn’t that long ago we had no rights, were basically property of our fathers or husbands and under their control. I do know how it feels to be judged based on the size of my breasts or the shape of my ass (too big, not big enough?). And when we do start developing, we are pestered, teased, stalked by predatory males who suffer from testosterone poisoning of the brain. And now we find ourselves being thrust back into a dark age ruled by the patriarchy that only values us for our uterus and what we can produce from it, on demand, per their rules. So I don’t know if the size of your dick makes you feel like a commodity, but that’s how it feels to be judged by and reduced to my uterus, breasts and ass. I would argue that if Spike’s language were just salty, that would be a vast improvement. He’s a rageaholic who leads with anger, then follows up with insults and often, filth. He’s unapologetic about his use of the anti-female words and as he says above, plans to continue using them. The level of discourse on this site has lowered and coarsened since you two came on board and many of the folks that used to post here have disappeared or seldom post anymore. I’ve been considering dropping PZ for awhile, and not just because of issues like this. I find the gossipy nature of many of the pieces, the cheap shots and insults beneath us. Are we learning anything? Advancing our cause by sitting and picking at ‘them’ and each other? Is what is going on here going to help us GOTV and win elections? Or is it just griping and name calling, and yes, I’ve done my share of that here. But I want more. More balanced views and information. There are a lot of places I can go for that and not have to read vile content. Just FYI.

  8. So starting your post by trying to body shame me PROVES you aren’t as ‘enlightened’ as you think you are. You called me a hypocrite? Look in the mirror.


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