You can find commenters on Twitter or political blogs that are more qualified to sit in the House of Representatives than Marjorie Taylor Greene. Seriously. And that is scary. That is also where the talk-show-host-as-politician metamorphosis in our culture has taken us. It was foreseeable. You may recall the movie, “To Die For” where the Nicole Kidman character said, “You’re nobody in America unless you’re on television.” That was meant as satire at the time, but it is the way we function nowadays and our government can’t take too many more of these loony outsiders who got elected with a gimmick and a TV campaign.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has already become notorious in the House for wasting precious time with useless and unnecessary motions to recess. Now she’s gone beyond procedural silliness and into the substantive. She wants to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. Sigh. Fauci’s been working in the field for 50 years and he’s served under seven presidents now and this clown is disparaging him.

Separate but related. In all events, this is not how it works. The craziness over the vaccine “passports” ignores a basic reality: kids can’t even go to school without proving they’ve been vaccinated. And people can’t be served in bars or drive automobiles unless they show proof that they’re a certain age, or have complied with a basic government requirement like a test at the DMV.

This is sheer idiocy and a holdover from the Trump era, but that is obviously what Greene thinks is going to make her in politics. How I hope and pray she goes down to resounding defeat in 2022. Maybe that will send a message.


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  1. Unless there’s a Republican capable of and willing to go through the wood chipper to take her out in the primary we are stuck with her. And that’s a problem because anyone who declares their intention to take her on in the primary will have the full weight of MAGA/Q Nation and conservative media (social media as well as OAN and even most of Fox) coming down on them. I’m afraid no one has the fortitude to endure all that. They, their family and even their friends will get skewered and of course if there’s no actual, real dirt or skeletons in the closet then those things will be made up. We are after all talking about people who still believe a pizza parlor built on a slab foundation on top of solid earth had Clinton created and funded child sex and baby eating going on in a basement!

    No, the GOP types who are still heartless and cruel but also sane and practical will bury their collective heads in troughs of sand in their storm shelters and hope as they did with Trump for a self-implosion that wi never happen. Because they’ve got that huge chunk of 25-30 million voters (with a disproportianate # in GanGreene’s district) who WANT the implosion stuff and will only vote if there’s enough of that kind of thing going on. Maybe the GOP powers that be are hoping she’ll go so bat-shit cray that she commits a major felony and winds up in prison before 2022.

    • Isn’t it a pity that GOPers only seem to try to out-crazy their opponents and then go on to prove they really ARE that extra level of crazy after winning rather than make a 180 and prove the crazy was just an act? I’m not sure if that observation is more of an indictment against the politicians or the voters who put them in office.

  2. I have known many Republicans in my 77 years and none were like these voters.
    These Republicans are super low information (Stupid?) voters who don’t even know what the 2nd amendment says. Because they don’t know how to read or don’t want to know what it really says.
    It begins: “A well-regulated militia…” so the founding fathers intended guns to be regulated.
    WWII was won using the M1 rifle and it held 8 cartridges not 30 like many modern weapons.
    Why not limit the M15, etc to 8 cartridges?

    • The further out we get from the actual penning, the sooner the time will come when the Constitution will need to be translated into modern English, like Beowulf. In its time, one meaning of “regulated” was “well-supplied,” and this is likely the meaning intended. At the time, there was no standing army nor any intention ode creating one. If you were called to fight you were expected to bring your own weapon. The 2nd Amendment became obsolete a long time ago. There is nothing sacred about it, any more than the Prohibition amendment repealed only three amendments later.

      WWII: Don’t forget the role of fighter planes and bombers. It has been argued that the Constitution did not envision modern weapons. This is true but also somewhat specious. There is no reason to think that the writers of the constitution believed there would be no improvements to muskets.


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