Of all of the characters in the Trumpworld comic strip, I have found Mike Pence to be the least palatable. But all that’s changed since Donald Trump revealed Pence’s secret identity — Mike Pounce, stupid, sanctimonious Veep by day, intrepid pootie being by night. It’s like finding out that staid and boring Clark Kent is really The Man Of Steel.

Wow, can Mike Pounce do this?

I’ll give Pouncey-poo a saucer of milk if he can do that. Now, you’ll be happy to learn, that through my vast network of secret operatives, I have obtained photos from Mike Pounce’s family album, never before published and of course, I share them with you, fellow Zoomers, herewith.

And that’s the end, no pun initended. Pounce-mania is upon us. Come on, let’s all chip in and get Mike Pounce a plane ticket to go to Baltimore, where Donald Trump says all the rats are — at least, all the ones that aren’t in the kitchens of Trump properties. Hopefully, there will be a few as big as Mike Pounce, and in the end, there can be only one. And it won’t be Mike Pounce.

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  1. Amusing stuff. I do however wonder if Trump got a little mixed up and used “Pounce” when he meant something else. Perhaps, maybe at some point over in the UK at one of his resorts Trump overheard or took part in a discussion of acquiring “ladies of the evening” which is after all the kind of thing that would grab Trump’s attention. Unless I’m mistaken the slang word for a higher end pimp over there is “Ponce.” Given all the attention in the past week to Trump trying to prop up his properties (which are losing money) over there he’s thinking about the part of his operation he’s got supplying call girls to the clientele. And Trump’s “very fine brain” was jumbling up Pence grifting for him recently by staying at Donegal, and “Ponces” and so on & made a Freudian slip but screwed up the pronunciation.

  2. So insulting to cats. I’m sure that is some other animal which pounces who would be more appropriate for this. Don’t lizards pounce on insects?


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