The premiere exemplar of the axiom Everything Trump Touches Dies is Mike Lindell. And that’s been the case for a while, but Lindell apparently doesn’t have the sense that God gave a rat. A rat will run out of a burning building once it smells the smoke the senses the heat. It will high tail it right out of harm’s way. But not Lindell. No, the more smoke, coming from all directions, and the greater the heat, the more Mike says, “Ah. We must be getting close to the real president being reinstated.”

Lindell was labeled a true believer way back when the stolen election scheme was first hatched. That is the tragic part of this saga and always has been. Everybody else, the members of Strikeforce Rudy, the crooked lawyer John Eastman, Ginni Thomas, Mark Meadows, the lot of them, they all knew that Trump lost and they were figuring out a way to ignore that and stage a coup d’etat. But not Lindell. Lindell honestly believed that Trump was the victim of a plot ranging from Italian satellites to dead Venezuelan dictators. He fell for it hook line and sinker. Since then he’s lost many millions of dollars and now Fox News has pulled the plug on advertising.

Meidas Touch has the video, so click here. Lindell goes on: “We don’t know why, we can only make a couple guesses. Maybe it was because Lou Dobbs was at it over on LindellTV. Just a few days ago he showed his great new interview with our real President Donald Trump. Or maybe it was because they don’t want my face even on their network leading up to the 2024 election. I don’t know, I don’t have the details yet. All I know is the commercials have been cancelled.”

Lindell is referring to his recent signing of former Fox host Lou Dobbs, who was fired by Fox for launching one conspiracy after another on air – conspiracies that were partially responsible for Fox paying out a $787 million judgment. Dobbs just aired his first show this week for Lindell – which was an interview of Trump.

“Anything with MyPillow or Mike Lindell cancelled on Fox News. Please help us to support us during this time of cancelation. I believe this is all about stopping me from talking about the election platforms and the elections. They’re getting rid of my voice. This is very disturbing.”

It’s tragic what has happened to Lindell. But in all fairness, he simply won’t listen to anybody. He’s got this monomania that something occurred which didn’t occur and he’s going to prove the existence of that non event. He’s opened himself up to being taken advantage of by the worst charlatans in the world. He had conspiracy theorist Dennis Montgomery of Hammer & Scorecard fame (Hammer is a supposed government-run supercomputer and Scorecard is the software used to run it) fleece him for $1.5 million and he still owes $5 million to a software developer who won a contest Lindell held, offering that sum to anybody who could prove his computer data wasn’t valid. That was easily done but now Lindell won’t pay up.

Lindell is the architect of his own adversity. There is no dispute about that. But the larger story here is not Lindell. It’s Fox News. What prompted them to make this decision? I can only speculate but my honest assessment is that Fox News wants to distance itself from the craziness of the Trump era so that it can move on to a post-Trump era.

Fox News is doing the same thing that you and I and everybody else are doing right now: they’re gaming scenarios about what’s going to happen in 2024. 1. Trump’s convicted of a felony. This could happen. 2. That conviction forces the GOP to reconsider him as a candidate, or more likely 3. Americans decide that a convicted felon running for president is a tad too far out there for them and they slaughter him at the ballot box. This is entirely plausible, if not actually the most probable outcome.

In that eventuality, the last thing Fox News needs is the crazed feather merchant (or styrofoam, in this case) dominating its airwaves. In any event, the decision has been made. Keep an eye out for any rationale as to why Fox News did this. I’d like to see how many versions there are. You recall Laura Ingraham saying it was “time to turn the page” on Trump some time back, yet it certainly hasn’t happened yet.

I hope Lindell wakes up and shakes loose from Donald Trump, but maybe he doesn’t have another recovery in him. He beat crack and I applaud him for that. But Trump is an even more insidious addiction than crack and maybe Lindell doesn’t have it in him to achieve the moment of clarity that it would take for him to realize how he’s ruining his life and that of others around him due to this Trump addiction.

If only he could take that first step and realize that he is powerless over his Trump addiction and his life has become unmanageable, Lindell could find his true calling in life, which would be to lead MAGAs to the truth and reprogram themselves, to find a life beyond Donald Trump. Now wouldn’t that be something to see? My God, what I wouldn’t give.

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