Something seismic is going on in Trump world and I believe that I know what it is. There’s a sea change that MAGA needs to undergo in order for it to remain viable, because if it stays far-right and stands for sheer lunacy, it’s going to fold. And it can’t fold now, Donald Trump needs it too much.

At least, that is what you can reasonably infer after listening to Mike Flynn lie through his teeth.

Flynn used to be quite the proponent of QAnon and now he’s denouncing it. The receipts don’t lie. The photo atop this piece is Flynn doing QAnon loyalty oaths in his back yard and now this?

There’s no white knight, no savior? Hey, wait a minute now, isn’t that exactly what Donald Trump is supposed to be?

Then there’s this embarrassment. You think elephants have long memories, they are nothing compared to the internet. This particular tweet has not aged well.

How quickly the general forgets all the digital warriors. They won’t be happy when they hear that.


Michael Flynn has become a central character in the QAnon universe, where he is revered as second only to former president Donald Trump. Followers believe Flynn is working alongside Trump to unmask the deep state plot to cover up a global child sex-trafficking ring being operated by pedophiles and Hollywood elites.

Flynn, for his part, has at times openly embraced QAnon conspiracy theories, while at other times appeared to downplay the movement.

But all along, the disgraced former national security advisor has benefited financially from his connection to the cult, including speaking gigs at QAnon conferences and even selling QAnon merchandise.

In May, CNN moved to dismiss the lawsuit, seeking to recover their legal fees and saying the matter should never have come before the court. The broadcaster said in their filing that the report in question wasn’t about the plaintiffs, didn’t mention them or name them.

But Tuesday’s filing saw the Flynns double down on their claims that the CNN report damaged their reputation. The filing says their fleeting appearance in the report was enough to undermine their credibility, and worse, was equivalent to labeling them Nazis.

“Accusing the Flynns of being “QANON FOLLOWERS”, even for a few seconds, is no different than accusing them of being Nazi sympathizers. It is common knowledge that Nazis, white supremacists, and adherents of QAnon are violent extremists. That is the connection that CNN intended and did make in the minds of viewers. To imply that a person is a Nazi sympathizer or a “QANON FOLLOWER” is the same thing. It is an egregious thing to say about a businessman, like Jack Flynn, especially in light of the January 6, 2021 storming of the United States Capitol,” the lawyers wrote.

This was not a smooth move on Flynn’s part. There’s simply too much footage of him selling QAnon merchandise, mouthing QAnon platitudes. Divorcing QAnon is not going to be easy.

It would sure be interesting to know why he is forsaking the QAnon cult and particularly the same day that Trumpty Dumpty has four criminal charges against him sent to the Department of Justice by the January 6 Committee. Smells like some kind of a major pivot simmering on the back burner, doncha think?

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  1. He should receive a dishonorable discharge & be stripped of his rank, pension, title, and anything related to his military ‘service’. His name should elicit the same response as the name Benedict Arnold. He is a fucking traitor! Simple as that. If he hadn’t been pardoned by a criminal traitor president, he’d be serving time as a felon. Fact.

  2. “Trumpty Dumpty has four criminal charges against him sent to the Department of Justice by the January 6 Committee.” That’s exactly why Flynn is trying to deny affiliation with Qassinine. He’s on the hot seat too.

  3. As my mother often accuses me of doing, Ursula, you’re thinking about this deeper than any of the MAGA maggots are. In Flynn’s case, it’s simple: stay out of jail. The motives of the rest–squeeze a few more dollars, find a new fascist home and, again, stay out of jail–are just as puerile and petty. Long-term planning went out the window with the collapse of the “red mirage” this last election cycle.



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