Twitter is aglow this evening as Donald Trump and the Slovenian Sphinx, as Melania has been called, descend the steps of Air Force One, returning from yet another taxpayer funded golf vacation. See here where Trump tries to take his wife’s hand and she coldly rebuffs him and refuses. Now, Trump supporters are saying that she took his hand later, bla bla, and we’re making too big a deal of such a trifle. Perhaps. But take a look at the body language. You tell me if there are loving vibes between these two. Because I see rejection and annoyance and I don’t think this is a Rorschach test. She could have taken his arm or let him take her hand. She didn’t.

Now if you want to see this longer clip, she does take his hand later. Maybe he reminded her what the terms and conditions of that revised pre-nup were.

They’re not the warmest couple. Let’s just leave it at that. In my life, I have seen some  relationships that I found admirable, enviable even. This is not one of them.

Here’s the original incident, if you want to stroll down memory lane with your favorite couple.


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  1. On the aircraft stairs, she’s obviously holding her purse in that hand, and holding the railing in the other, because the wind is blowing. He barely even looks at her, while he’s trying to grab her hand. (Dude, the way you do it is, you offer her your arm.)

  2. I’m no fan of Melania and “models” or other women like her who marry rich guys because they are rich. I know it’s not a correct thing to say but there’s a word for women who trade sex for money and/or expensive things and a gold-digger like Melania is just a different version as far as I’m concerned, and the men who “keep” such women are “Johns” just like any sleazebag driving down some street where they can find some gal willing to “service” them for the right price. Such men and women might be well-to-do or even rich with all the trappings of “high society” but it’s still a transactional thing – sex for money. To me it’s just a glossed up version of hookers and johns. Melania came here and like so many run of the mill “models” used that world of wannabe big time models to snag a rich husband. She knew exactly who and what she was marrying, and figured she’d just be trophy wife #3 and have a kid so he could brag that he could still get it up and produce yet another kid he wouldn’t give a shit about. Then, after she put in her 8-10 years (however long it took to become fully “vested” in her retirement plan as set forth in the pre-nup agreement) she’d be more or less free to live her life having obtained a green card and American citizenship. Then he went and won the EC, which is why she cried her eyes out on election night! She knew she’d be stuck putting up with Trump for another four years.

    Still, I can’t say I blame her for sometimes swatting his hand away. He’s admitted to what he believes he’s entitled to grab with it after all and she knows damn well he’s often had that hand on women other than her since they’ve been together. She really can’t be sure just where that hand might have been at any given time. My guess is that she’s learned to recognize a certain “shit-eating grin” on her hubby and knows he’s been up to… So it’s no surprise that sometimes she’ll swat that hand away!

    • I heard it put like this once, Denis: some hookers are paid of in cash, others with a wedding ring. That definitely applies to Melania.

        • Actually the goal was citizenship and she took advantage of the very “chain” migration her hubby rails against to help them get it. To me the interesting part is that although their application was processed and all was in order for “mysterious” reasons final approval kept being delayed. Then, out of the blue one day not only did someone at that office up in NY sign off on it her parents were whisked straight to a large citizenship swearing ceremony nearby and took their Oath of Citizenship! Kinda makes one think maybe “Melanie” was trying to sneak things past her hubby.

          Why would she do something like that? My theory is that she was well past the date where she was fully “vested” with her pre-nup and wanted the hell out of the marriage and wanted to do so at a point where it wouldn’t intrude on this year’s campaign. Basically, do it and get all the hoopla out of the way and he could ignore her like his other ex-wives and she could (fanciful thinking I know but she’s NOT the genius with multiple degrees and fluent in five languages she’s made out to be) live a quiet life of luxury and try and have a new relationship with someone she might actually be attracted to in the social melting pot of NYC. My guess is that at some point, as the news of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal got out she broached the subject, or he somehow got word of her plans and there was no way he’d allow his image to be tarnished by HER dumping HIM. Knowing she’d been working for some years to settle her parents here and get them citizenship he had leverage and one of his minions reached down into the system and blocked final approval of what would have been a fairly straightforward process and approval under our immigration laws.

          As a result, “Melanie” had someone of her own get to work and find someone with the juice to do so to sign off on her parent’s applications. Knowing how her husband works I wouldn’t be surprised if a bribe was involved, either straight cash or transition into a cushy, well paying job when that person got forced out of federal employment. Anyway, the timing is key. Waiting for a date and time when Trump himself as well as his minions at the WH would be distracted, AND of one of those big events where a couple hundred people are sworn in at once, she had her parents ready to go and the logistics worked out for them to get their approved applications and hustle their ass over to be sworn in as citizens before Trump could get word.

          Here’s my final point on the matter. You and others might say “Well, she stuck around and still makes appearances with him, even if sometimes the “hand swat” takes place.” However, as with so many things that get drowned out in the ongoing Trump shit storm it got reported that Trump’s folks at immigration have been hard at work doing DE-naturalization of American citizens – revoking their citizenship and deporting them! IANAL so the legalities on it are beyond me and I haven’t dug into it but I gather than if someone provided false information on their application and for whatever reason it wasn’t caught until after they became citizens then their citizenship can be invalidated. To be honest in some cases (not some inadvertent error in filling out paperwork but a real flag in their background) it makes sense to be able to do such a thing. However, we are talking about Trump, and his pet shark Stephen Miller so there’s no telling how they’ve stretched this way the fuck beyond what the law was intended for and actually permits.

          In other words Trump made it clear to “Melanie” she isn’t going anywhere and if she embarrasses him by dumping his ass and moving back to NYC not only will he bleed her financially by challenging her settlement in the pre-nup but for damned sure her parents will be “denaturalized” and deported – and given all that’s gone down they won’t be terribly welcome back where they came from. Hell, there are questions about HER original entry into the country and whether she got any paid modeling work without the proper Visa. That means she too could be subject to this whole denaturalization stuff. Again, we are talking about Trump and he’s that vindictive but also until he’s out of office he can order it done and I don’t think anyone including “Melanie” doubts he’d do it to get even with her.

  3. She knows it’s almost over like the rest of us. Also, like the rest of us, she wants to get to the part where she no longer has to pretend.

  4. Just before she smiled at the man at the bottom of the stairs, she had a grim look on her face for a moment that said, “Oh, that’s right. I’m supposed to smile.”


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