You know, when you’re born rich and spoiled, grow up rich and spoiled, and have the kind of looks that Hollywood producers hire for college comedies to show what total *ssholes rich frat pledges are, you get an ego. And tonight in her interview with Rachel Maddow, Cassidy Hutchinson took a machete to that Macy’s Day Thanksgiving ego of Matt Gaetz.

As you’ve read by now, one of the things that Hutchinson has in her book due out tomorrow is that at the ellipse with multiple other male staff members, Rudy Giuliani first tried to grope her, then tried to run his hand up the inside of her thigh. She obviously found it gross, and was uber pissed that nobody came to her aid, in fact two of the others leered at her.

But that wasn’t the only unwanted contact, although it didn’t rise to that level. She related former House Speaker John Boehner of all people, leaning over and tugging lightly at the ends of her hair, and whispering in her ear to lose the ponytail. Trump himself once told her to add blond highlights to her hair, and call Hope Hicks to get the name of her stylist. But the star of the show was Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz.

There was a group weekend at Camp David. She ended bumping into Gaetz outside of Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s door. She asked him if she could help him, and at some point he ran the tip of his finger down her chin and told her, You’re a national treasure, you know what? At which point McCarthy opened the door and asked Gaetz what was up. Gaetz explained that he had gotten lost trying to find his cottage. Cassidy told him to just follow the circular drive, the cottages are clearly marked and he couldn’t get lost. Gaetz asked Hutchinson to go with him and show him the way, at which point McCarthy reportedly rolled his eyes and said, Come on Matt! Get a life, will ya? Valentino Gaetz ain’t, apparently.

Apparently Gaetz got advance word of the new allegation, because earlier today he tried a pre-emptive strike. He posted a statement saying;

 ‘I don’t remember either of these events and based on Cassidy’s prior false statements, I doubt they occurred. I did date Cassidy for a few weeks when we were both single years ago. We parted amicably and remained friends thereafter even during President Trump’s post[-]presidency,’”

These are the kind of moments that give live interviewers cold chills. Gaetz had just released the statement, so Cassidy Hutchinson had no way of knowing it. Rachel read the statement, and asked for Cassidy’s response. Then the fireworks started. She gave him credit for getting it right that they got there at about the same time. But she went on to say that ” He doesn’t exactly have the best track record in personal relationships, especially when it comes to how he thinks they should be defined.” And then she dropped the hammer of his frat ass;

“I will say on behalf of myself I never dated Matt Gaetz. I have much higher standards in men,” she said. “And Matt, frankly, is a very unserious politician. We see that today with the ruckus he is causing on Capitol Hill with the spending negotiations. And I’m not, I don’t really have much else to say to somebody that is more concerned about a sound bite than actually passing legislation.”

BOOM! Being Irish, I’ve never been body slammed that badly, but Loverboy had it coming. It’s like he never saw her testimony, and didn’t know her reputation for being a straight shooter. And now he’s rubbing burn cream on his sore ass. What a moron.

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  1. So Gaetz who has a well-documented thing for almost/barely legal teens suddenly found himself attracted to a twenty-something college grad with some brains? And dated her? Sure, just like Trump was worth ten billion bucks! NO EFFING WAY!!!! Look, she was and I gather remains a conservative so that’s a huge strike against her but she’s attractive just the same. Unlike Sarah Sanders she doesn’t have an inner ugliness that manifests in her outward appearance. If I was forty years younger (in her age range) and didn’t know she was a conservative I’d find her attractive enough to want to strike up a conversation to see if it led to a date. But when Gaetz claims he dated her “for a few weeks” (code to his frat-boy minded pals and MAGA guys “long enough to get laid”) and SHE says she has higher standards than the Matt Gaetz’s of the world I believe Ms. Hutchinson. Without question.

    • Yeah, sure denis, his range is a focused one 17-18. You wish. Im sure that douchebag would be agreeable to any woman regardless of his age. But toxic masculinity has been around for thousands of years, and you gunna stick with it, so their are many, many of us here to call dipshits like you OUT. Just sayin’

      • Well dude, those who know me know that as I’ve advanced through life and especially my post divorce years (three decades now) my preference has always been for women close to my own age, even as I approached senior citizen age. Let’s face it, no matter how enjoyable sex might be with someone sooner or later you’ve got to just talk and enjoy other stuff together & since I’ve been attracted to smart, capable women since I was young having someone who had lived through the same times I have makes it a lot easier to relate to each other. It’s not that I don’t appreciate beautiful women of any post teen age but like I said, there’s more to a woman than her looks. Good company that allows for true intellectual and emotional intimacy is what’s important. If that’s there then the wickedly delightful pleasures of a relationship take care of themselves, and are that much enhanced. Some teeny bobby or college gal that communicates by text instead of talking, who doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about much less “get” growing up during the turmoil of the 1960s with civil rights struggles going on and a hugely unpopular war (not to mention a Presidential assassination and the looks on adults faces during the Cuban missile crisis – yep, “getting the Cold War matters) yet seeing us send Americans to the moon and bring them back safely, to the turmoil of Watergate (particularly relevant now), OPEC and oil embargos, the Iran Hostage Crisis, how we were uplifted by the “Miracle On Ice”… Do you see what I’m saying. A compainion who hasn’t lived through those same things simply isn’t someone relatable. So yeah, even if a woman is no longer “hot” or a “babe” it doesn’t much matter when it comes to companionship.

        If you think you’ve “called me out” you are sadly mistaken.

  2. I watched both her testimony and Rachel’s interview. She’s not only attractive, which I’m sure got unwanted attention from these aholes who think money and power makes their sorry arses sexy, but she comes across as very mature. Although I can’t stomach Reagan, whom she mentioned, and the history of this corrupt party, the fact she had the courage to disclose what she has is highly commendable. She didn’t grow up with money, and was a working class kid like myself. When she came out she was behind on her rent, which in DC and surrounding areas, has to be exorbitant. She, like Milley, and others will go down in history as brave patriots. That I do respect. Obviously, she’s a person of high character, something the little drunk pedophile born into wealth and power knows nothing about. I hope she goes to the top of the best seller list and never worries about money again. After all, she has put herself in the line of fire from this murderous cult and that took guts. Matt will cross the line with the wrong daddy’s girl, and end up buried up to his neck in the Everglades with fire ants having a go. Oops! My fantasy. My bad.

  3. “higher standards in men”? Maybe, I certainly have no idea. She missed an opportunity however to underscore how many years she is above Pedo Gaetz’s dates. He’s not going to get the jab at his inability to do his job in congress but a stab at his pedo credentials, that would nail his frat ass.

  4. I watched The Rachel/Cassidy interview and was amazed at the Gaetz quotes! Like every one of these Republicans, the lies just spew. There is no way to turn off the faucet. Gaetz could have given no response (best), his statement that he doesn’t recall these instances (still OK), or even the snide remarks about “we know” she’s a liar so these didn’t happen (nasty but par for his course). But he just. couldn’t. leave. it. there.! His Republicanism needed to lie…BIG!! “We dated!” I’m desirable! She saw me, she wanted me, all women do!! 🤮 Just pathetic!

  5. These phuckers are Goebbels progeny. He masterminded propaganda by controlling the press, setting up rallies of actors, partisans, and even canned applause to brainwash Germans and the world. He briefly converted a camp into what looked like a Jewish club med, promising the jews safety if they cooperated in making a movie to show the world how good they had it. They gave the children candy to look happy. Of course, after it was over, it went back to hell. 35,000 jews died in that camp and 3x that many were sent to the death camps.
    “A movie is equivalent to winning a battle.” Goebbels
    Is it any wonder why these nazi phuckers keep lying on TV to propagandize the American republic? He convinced the Germans to fight to the death. 100,000 civilians died in Berlin when the Red army came. 6,000 committed suicide, believing the horrors Goebbels had convinced them of that the soviets would do to them. One day after the evil coward Hitler killed himself, Goebbels killed himself AND HIS SIX CHILDREN.
    Hey America…are you going to be fooled again??????? If so, YOU DESERVE HELL ON EARTH! AGAIN!!!

  6. On Lawrence O Donnell’s show, Ms Hutchinson revealed she went to her father for advice when she was compelled to testify to the committee. He turned on her, telling her not to testify, and that all the lawyers going after Trump were corrupt…a phucking Maga asshole. As a legal father of 31y/o and 28y/o daughters, and the surrogate father to two more young women, I was pi$$ed. I would take a bullet for my girls, although I’m not the biological father of any. To have a daughter who has shown the courage and character she has, and for him to shun his own daughter, is something I can’t fathom and it enrages me. These phuckers have successfully brainwashed so many people. She later noted he didn’t raise her. CLEARLY. To any Trump supporter who visits here…Phuck You!!!!!


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