Look out Rudy! There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s about damn time!


I have been waiting for this moment for over a year now, and it’s finally here. For more than a year, first Trump, and then his personal howler monkey, Rudy Giuliani, have been flinging shit balls all over the place, seeing what if anything will stick to Robert Mueller and the investigation. But now, finally, the zookeeper has stepped into the cage, with a fire hose no less, and the party is finally over.

You know, you can honestly say that Michael Cohen is not the brightest light on the string, but his filament isn’t completely burned out either. If there was one constant thorn in Cohen’s side, it was Michael Avenatti. From the day he took over as Stormy Daniels’ attorney in the non-disclosure settlement dispute with Cohen, Avenatti made Cohen’s life a living hell. And he did it in the most Trumpian way possible, in the public square, with the media. Like Trump did with Mueller, Avenatti backed Cohen into the corner, and started hammering him with a machine gun barrage of shit. But because Michael Cohen is no Bob Mueller, he started letting his guard down, and got pasted.

So, when Cohen finally got his Johnson caught in a vice grip, and he could start to feel the ill Trump wind blowing in his direction, he did the only intelligent thing he could think of. He got himself his own version of Michael Avenatti, a dude named Lanny Davis, to get into the media ring on his behalf. The results were immediate, and more and more fun than watching Trump sign the $25 million check in the Trump U case.

After several weeks in seclusion, deprived of his psychological medications, Trump finally let his legal Charlie Manson, Rudy G back out in public to hit the Sunday shows again. And Rudy said, I honestly don’t know what. There is serious debate in whether Giuliani was trying to send a coded message to Michael Cohen about exactly what version of truth Trump wanted him to tell if he knew what was good for him, or whether Giuliani was playing the “Mr Innocent” bluff card when he said that as long as Cohen told the truth, Trump would be fine. The true meaning turned out to be irrelevant, since Lanny Davis immediately went to Hair Furor’s favorite medium, Twitter, to riposte:

Wow! Talk about a good old fashioned clip across the chops! That must have sent Trump and Giuliani back to a neutral corner to change their nappies. Waz goin’ on here anyway? Robert Mueller never says diddly squat, and Rod Rosenstein is as silent as the tomb, since when did Li’l coffee boy Michael Cohen suddenly grow a pair?

Like Michael Avenatti, Lannie Davis is a legal wordsmith, and has been at this gig a long, long time. Both are well capable of putting intelligent points and inferences together, but crafting their words in such a way as to convey a personal jab at their opponent. Notice how Davis sarcastically questioned Trump and Giuliani’s rather tenuous relationship with the truth, and then ended the tweet with the right uppercut “#thetruthmatters”? Davis is teasing them with unknown, but dark secrets that Cohen may possess. And remember, Rudy Giuliani is the guy who fatuously admitted on national television that Trump “funneled the money through Cohen’s law firm” to get it to Stormy Daniels, admitting consciousness of deception on Trump’s part. What could go wrong here with the Team Trump response to a tweet like that?

From a public media perspective, Lanny Davis is Der Gropinfuror’s worst nightmare. Lanny Davis goes alllll the way back with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and he blames Trump personally for stealing the White House from Hillary. Michael Avenatti was surgically precise in the way he kept expanding the public focus from the smaller issue of Daniels’ NDA suit against Cohen and Trump into the wider arena of the Trump-Russia probe, and broke several new details about questionable funding into Cohen’s shell LLC. Look for Lanny Davis to strategically do the same thing, to slyly shift the media focus from Cohen’s personal legal troubles to tantalizing clues about Cohen’s knowledge of the inner workings of the Trump campaign, and his own dealings with Russia on Trump’s behalf.

Those British protesters nailed it perfectly last week when they explained that you can’t shame Trump, because he has no morals, so the only way to get to him is through his voracious ego, hence the “Trump baby” blimp. Davis is smart enough to know that he doesn’t have to actually present facts, hell, he doesn’t even have to know the facts, he just has to keep poking Trump with the sharp end of the inference of facts to provoke an outraged response from the Pampers President. And we all know what His Lowness is like when he tweets in furious outrage. He makes self-incriminating boo-boos.

So, grab a six-pack, fire up the microwave popcorn, and settle back to watch the spectacle, Lanny Davis is just warming up. And if this goes the way I think it will, it’s going to be like watching “The Truman Show,” only in this production, the audience is going to see that it’s not Truman’s life that is a lie, it’s Truman who has been lying for his entire life. What a rip off. Trump should have just shut up and paid Cohen’s legal bills if he knew what was good for him.

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