This is getting loony tunes out there even for Mike Lindell. Monsieur Le Polochon is having an invite only summit in Springfield, Missouri — otherwise, I would send Durrati there. He lives close by. It began yesterday and is ending today. Lindell anticipated that 100 million people would view this event, considering that it’s being broadcast in 85 languages worldwide. Here’s what attendance looked like yesterday. Just saying.

Yesterday is now today and here’s what attendance in the actual room looks like.

PolitiZoom would be delighted to cover this live, only we didn’t get an invite. If this is new information to you, Mike Lindell hates me. Go to 4:30 on this clip. We made it into Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue one night.

Back to today. Newsweek reports Lindell said:

“This election summit is not going to be about more evidence. We have enough evidence. Evidence has been the easy part. This summit is all about hope and the plan to secure our elections immediately.”

And here are details of what Lindell’s next move is. We guess.

And I guess Dennis Montgomery will make the drone. He’s the Hammer and Scorecard guy and he’s already soaked Lindell for $1.5 million, which he used to buy a fancy house in Florida.

Now here’s where this falls apart logically. Every building that has a polling station in it is likely to have WiFi, agreed? Ergo, how is he going to know if the voting machines are hookd up to the WiFi? Or, is that the gag? Just report that there’s WiFi in the building and voting machines in the building and the two must be hooked up?

I guess we’ll have to wait for next year’s symposium to find out.


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  1. I feel kind of bad for his MyPillow employees who realized how crazy the boss is and have tried but so far failed to find another job. Because that whole operation is on the brink of implosion. Not so much for those that have waited until say the past year. Because long before 2023 it was clear this dude was totally round the bend and spending all his money on Trump and election denialism. And that if it came to cutting production and jobs then by golly Lindell would do it. Which is just what’s happened. And, there’s only a certain number of jobs out there for displaced MyPillow employees. The ones with common sense got out long ago. But some probably have been trying, actually trying for years to get another job that wouldn’t require a big cut in pay and/or benefits & given the effect Covid had on everything that hasn’t necessarily been easy. So those who’ve been trying for a couple of years or so but haven’t gotten out and are finding it increasingly hard to do so then yeah, I feel bad for them. The rest? F**k em.

  2. The quadcopter event should be fun – what’s the betting he hasn’t got a clue aboput the regs on that? (well to be honest, he hasn’t got a clue aboput most things)

    the small unmanned aircraft does not operate over non-participants who are not under a covered structure or in a stationary covered vehicle;
    the small unmanned aircraft will pose no undue hazard to other aircraft, people, or property in the event of a loss of control of the aircraft for any reason (§ 107.19); and
    the small UAS is not operated in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another (§ 107.23).

    Then there’s the question of remote ID
    Beginning September 16, 2023 all drone pilots required to register, including those who fly for recreation, business, or public safety, must operate their drone in accordance with the rule on Remote ID.

    And then there’#s the crunch
    If you do not hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate you must tTake the UAS Initial Aeronautical Knowledge Test. Schedule the knowledge test at the Airman Certificate Testing Service (ACTS) through PSI Exams, fee required.

    disclaimer – besides loads of quals in electronics, ham radio license, I’ve been building and flying model aircraft since I was a pimply schoolboy

    ps for Ursula – from one sci-fi fan to another, maybe I should send you a copy of the book of that name – written by Keith Laumer (yep – he built them too in between writing books)

    • Would you check out my comment on costs and say if my numbers are in the ballpark? Would be nice to get an actual expert opinion.

      • Costs? Hard to say really but unless he’s running something a LOT bigger than the average four motor quadcopter, the actual cost (excluding whatever ‘RF sniffer he is fantasising about) shouldn’t even come close to a three figure ball park.

        And here’s one of the fun parts – wifi operates in the same frequency band as cell phones, garage door openers, smart fri8dges, etc – all in the 2.4 GHz part of the spectrum. Wireless communication has a headr and a footer, yes – but nothing in that identifies just what machine is transmitting – only that there IS a transmission on that frequency. As for tying that down to a voting machine, well I guess the FCC would be asking just how they got the authority to, basically, hack into a private call. There is NO way that a voting machine would need a wifi connection and, if there was any connection, it would be over hard wired cabling (2.4 GHz transmissions are ‘line of sight’ and, in a built up area, they have even less range without repeaters, aka ‘cell towers’).

        Even as it stands, a ‘voting machine’ is simply an electronic tabulator that doesn’t even need to be connected to anything apart from a power source. Wifi connections inside a polling station would far more likely come from someone browsing theorugh their e-mails (or watching online entertainment )

        I think some Brit is now laughing his way to the bank

  3. Hope? Eh? The Mr Myth Bubble hopes his summit actually materialises. He hopes it does not slide the same slippery slope into the trash can blackhole – where his flakey reputation has been for yonks. Hopefully he sees the truth, at some point, and has his own lightbulb moment. Nothing escapes a cultish blackhole; its unrelenting restraining grip, and constant pull into Don’s abyss, is just too much for Mr Myth Bubble.

  4. I would cherish that video forever, Ursula, or Urzulu, or Godzilla Faw, or whatever your name is… LOL. Comedy gold. I didn’t know how much I needed that.

  5. Not about evidence but about hope? What, he hopes eventually the crack-pot sh*t he and the rest of these loonies come up with will be taken as fact in a court of law and/or a majority of voters?

    You know, it’s not just former guy I want to be rid of forEVER. It’s these idiots and the rest of the moron squad that don’t believe what they’re selling to the magats but by god they’re going to sell it anyway. And it isn’t because I give a happy rat’s ass about the magats. These people are the bottom dwellers in the sewage lagoon.


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