It would indeed be a great day if we could watch the New York Trump Organization fraud trial live and in living color. We are missing a lot of action. One of Donald Trump’s expert witnesses washed out on the stand Friday morning, in spectacular fashion. It was during an interlude of testimony discussing Trump’s “trophy properties,” i.e., the ones that Don Junior has compared to the Louvre. (And Eric Trump has compared to the Mona Lisa.) Those trophy properties.

Repetitively, the argument is over the value of said properties and that’s where it all went south.

Contradiction of prior testimony is the issue here. That’s what all the shouting’s about. The AG attorney, Louis Solomon, confronted the witness with Trump’s financial statement and directed him specifically to the notes section. The witness’s response was “First time I’ve seen this.”

Laposa responded after reading the note, which supported the attorney general’s contention that the valuations were indeed based on market values.

“You wrote a report accusing the attorney general of bias” by using market values, Solomon lectured Laposa, prompting a sustained objection from the defense.

Solomon’s cross-examination of Laposa concluded after the exchange.

Bottom line, it is not a good defense witness who contradicts his own findings while on the witness stand. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a real world Perry Mason moment. Maybe Trumpty will start throwing ketchup packets at lunch since he doesn’t have bottles.

Beyond that, nobody knows why Trump’s legal team even bothered to put this guy on the stand as an expert witness when he made it clear that finances were not his area of expertise. So what was he doing there? All he did was make things worse.

It will be interesting to see how Trump spins this after the day is out, or on social media. And since his gag order has been temporarily lifted, you can expect it to be ugly.


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    • 76 million voted for a fascist pig after watching him destroy children, abandon our allies, steal hundreds of millions of dollars, and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians by lying about covid for a phucking year. The list is long. Now, he’s a convicted rapist, and a national security threat, given boxes of secrets in his bathroom and elsewhere, yet HE’S THE GOP NOMINEE. They ARE deplorable and quite stupid. So let’s hear how that’s not true. Before you make that baseless argument, go over to Daily Kos and read Thom Hartmann’s article about how Hitler rose to power and his analysis of the things Trump HAS DONE and plans to do. I could give a rat’s ass what murderous nazis like. They didn’t like getting shot in WW2, BUT their evil required average folks to go to war and SHOOT THEM DEAD. Your comment is ludicrous or insanely naive. Which is it?

  1. “nobody knows why Trump’s legal team even bothered to put this guy on the stand as an expert witness when he made it clear that finances were not his area of expertise. So what was he doing there?”
    Um, let me guess. Because they couldn’t find anybody who actually is an expert witness in this area that was willing to testify in support of such a bullshit claim, because it would ruin their professional reputation?

  2. So is what tramp has done his entire life. He’s burned every bridge he’s ever crossed, so finding credible people to stand up for him, besides his children, is quite difficult.
    Tramp has no friends, only contracts with people that benefit himself either financially or physically.
    I assume he paid this guy to show up in court for him, and I also suspect he will retract that payment because this witness actually hurt him…another bridge burned.

    • You’re being awfully generous to his children, particularly the evil spawn from his marriage to trophy wife #1 aka Ivana. Among the numerous adjectives I use to describe them credible sure as hell isn’t one I’d apply to any of them.



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