The fact that Lauren Boebert can even float a proposition this preposterous is beyond belief. Common sense dictates that the last block of voters, and I mean dead screaming last block of voters, that the Democratic party would ever want to alienate, let alone disenfranchise, is women. To do so would be suicide.

So whether it’s sheer stupidity on Boebert’s part to talk about something so absurd, or wish casting, who knows?

Listen to Crusader Boebert, Voting Rights Barbie, tell you all about it.

What is she doing, playing keno? What is this, demagoguery while on coffee break, what? And who are the two people in the shot falling asleep, and the guy staring at his phone? Nothing like being engaged with the audience.

And lookey here. Speaking of taking away a woman’s right to vote, look at who wants to do exactly that and it ain’t Uncle Joe.

Erickson is a right-wing evangelical. He would love to repeal the 19th Amendment. Patriarchy is part of theocracy and that is what they’re all jonesing for, please, please, a Christo-fascist government.

So in true Republican fashion, Boebert is projecting onto a Democrat that which her own party is doing. Just another day, ending in a “y.” Nothing new to see here. Move along.

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  1. Hey, we should all remember that Boebert’s predecessor in wingnut nonsense, Ann Coulter, actually suggested that women should NOT be allowed to vote.


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