We may have just finished Thanksgiving weekend, a four-day fest of great food and gratitude, but not in Lucian Lincoln “Lin” Wood’s corner of the political universe. There, war has been declared by Wood on one and all. He had already had a major falling out with Marjorie Taylor Greene last month when they didn’t see eye to eye on the payment of a bill for legal services rendered. Greene was Wood’s client and she stiffed him for several thousand dollars, he said. That put Greene on the hook for a possible in-kind campaign contribution, which is illegal.

But that level of grift is nothing and we mean no.thing. compared to the grift that Wood is now attributing to the Stop the Steal folks. They’ve been collecting beaucoup bucks from the hopeful. There is nothing that the QAnons and the MAGAs want to see more than Donald Trump showing back up at the White House, announcing that he was never really gone and JFK, Jr. at his side, to take his place in the number two spot on the 2024 GOP ticket. These people eat, sleep and breathe this delusion and now Wood is sprinkling gasoline on their dreams and tossing a match. Insider:

Lin Wood, a lawyer and Trump ally, has accused “Stop the Steal,” a pro-Trump movement known for pushing baseless voter-fraud claims about the 2020 election, of being run by deep-state operatives.

“After doing the research and connecting the dots, I have reached the conclusion that the Stop The Steal organization is a Deep State organization to raise money for purposes other than to FIX 2020,” Wood wrote on Saturday to his 762,753 Telegram subscribers.

Wood called out Ali Alexander, a “Stop the Steal” organizer, and suggested that Alexander and Georgia Republican Vernon Jones were “Deep State operatives.” He then linked them Michael Flynn, a  Trump ally and former national security advisor, writing, “Connect the dots.”

And you know the blow he landed on Mike Flynn this weekend, releasing the audio of Flynn calling QAnon “total nonsense.” Pure blasphemy. But as always there’s more, and also as always, it gets much worse.

“I will no longer refer to Michael Flynn as General. F-Linn is only the General of the Deep State. Sad, but true. That is my opinion based of facts. You should draw your own conclusions based on FACTS, not emotions,” Wood wrote.

“WATCH OUT for anyone affiliated with Stop The Steal. Every lie will be revealed,” he added.

Wood’s accusation that “Stop the Steal” is a deep-state organization has its roots in QAnon beliefs. QAnon — a far-right conspiracy group that says former President Donald Trump is secretly fighting a “deep state” cabal of satanic pedophiles and cannibals — has fully taken root in multiple Telegram channels, where a feud centering around Wood, Flynn, and other known QAnon influencers appears to be brewing.

There you have it. Flynn is now “F-Linn” and Eff Lin is probably how Flynn feels about the matter as well.

The alliances continue to be drawn. Here’s Dan Bongino weighing in.

This all started last week on Tucker Carlson’s show, as you recall. Carlson had Kyle Rittenhouse on his Monday show for an interview.

“I’ve told everyone what a horrible person Lin Wood is,” Greene tweeted moments after the interview aired, adding that Wood’s actions were “evil” and said he “should go to jail for what he did to Kyle.”

Many others joined in such as Bongino, former White House aide Sebastian Gorka, and Pizzagate promoter Jack Posobiec, but what really sparked a wider split in the QAnon world was Wood’s criticism of Flynn, seen by many within the movement as the de facto leader of QAnon today.

When Flynn didn’t come out swinging in defense of Wood, the lawyer lashed out, making wild accusations about Flynn and his links to Israeli spying company NSO, his meeting with Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, and his use of an obscure prayer during a religious conference in September that some believed was Satanic.

Wood does not blame Rittenhouse for what has happened, but instead blames Dave Hancock, the former executive director of Wood’s Fight Back fundraising group.

Wood alleges that Hancock (who he has referred to variously as Fraudcock, Bellycock, Thiefcock, and Liarcock in recent Telegram posts) is part of an orchestrated campaign to defame him which is being perpetrated by the “mockingbird media.” He also alleges that Hancock is in a relationship with Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, and has used this relationship to influence what the teenager says.

That could be tough on young Kyle, if it was true.

While many major figures have blasted Wood, there are some who have sided with the lawyer.

These include Lindell, who thanked Wood for “all of his efforts and for reaching out to me and others to bail out Kyle Rittenhouse.” Also part of Team Wood is QAnon John, the influential organizer of the QAon-centric Patriot Roundup events that took place in Dallas and Las Vegas earlier this year.

Jordan Sather, another influential QAnon figure, however, has sided with Team Flynn, claiming Wood has promoted “numerous frauds, clickbait accounts, and highly questionable individuals” on his Telegram channel. Sather, for context, has promoted the use of bleach to treat COVID-19.

Nothing less than the survival of the QVerse is at stake here. Biblical. Positively biblical. Lin Wood sees himself as God, casting Mike Flynn out of heaven. We haven’t heard yet what Flynn thinks of Lin Wood and this holy war, but at the very least he should cast Wood as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Stay tuned.



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    • And McCarthy has no control. Greene walked out on McCarthy. Maybe she called Trump to ask if he’ll primary him, next. Wouldn’t that be a drop dead howler?

  1. Seems like Wood is going at everyone these days: Flynn, Powell, Greene, et al. He’s always been a bit nutso, but now he’s really going over the edge. Couldn’t happen to a better group.


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