Kushner Accepted “2 Small Gifts” From Putin During 2016 Meeting at Trump Tower



The Senate Intelligence Committee released new 2500 pages of transcripts pertaining to interviews of Jared Kushner and the transcripts contain some damning information. Jared Kushner accepted “two small gifts from Putin” during that meeting. There cannot possibly be any argument that the Trump Campaign did not know that the premise of the meeting regarding “adoption,” was ridiculous. The meeting was about the “quid” of the “quid pro quo” – the “what do you have to offer us?”

We have not heard what gifts Kushner received. Surely he had been asked by one of the Senators. We can only presume that the man who said he “did not remember” over 500 times during the interview, said he did not remember what it is that Kushner might have received as “small gifts.”

We also might bear in mind that Kushner is $1.2 billion in debt on just one of his properties (though he certainly has significant assets, not THAT much in assets) and that Putin is the wealthiest man in the world if every penny could be counted, and thus what either man might be considered “small” could be quite relative.

We must also remember that Kushner reported 0 contacts with Russians during his opening application for a security pass. Perhaps it is because he had so many contacts, and contacts about clearly illegal acts, that he so clearly lied. While we are recalling aspects about this meeting, we might want to pay attention to the fact that the White House released three separate explanations for the meeting, all three of which being contradictory, making two of the statements outright lies. When the White House outright lies about something that will near surely be found out later, it can be taken as a given that the White House lied to cover what it knew to be serious stuff.

The media team announcing the just-released news also noted that even the transcripts made obvious that Kushner became increasingly angry during the questioning, as if it were unfair that he be made to answer questions.

Perhaps the second biggest lie Kushner told: That his father only learned of the meeting from the news reports. His entire senior staff attended thee meeting, but they held the boss in the dark, completely. Family kept the candidate in the dark, never whispered a thing.

That lie is so obvious one wants to vomit.

More later.

*Sen. Dick Durbin just noted that the information garnered at the meeting “takes the Mueller investigation to another level.

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