Getting roasted by comedians, especially late night talk show hosts is something every President has to deal with. It goes with the territory. Even popular, admired Presidents have been raked over the comedic coals at times. Some endure it with good grace, and some don’t. I don’t have to tell you which side of that Trump falls on. If at one time he was eager to be a guest on the late night shows, those days are long gone. He IS after all a fire hose of material for which he can be criticized, or worse for Trump mocked. And Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue last night was the most brutal takedown yet.

When I saw the headline to this Huffington Post article this morning I thought “this could be worth a few minutes” when I chose to click on it. Little did I know. The headline about torching Trump with a prison sentence for the ages seemed a bit hyperbolic but I figured “what the hell, check it out” and boy am I glad I did.  The actual article is quite brief. Took less than a minute to read but it reported on Trump’s complaint about being in court.

It notes on the one hand Trump complains yet on the other boasts that it’s good for his campaign. (Or fundraising I guess) Still, once again he whine to reporters about being stuck in court (a “freezing” courtroom mind you!) while Biden is free to roam the campaign trail. Yet, as the article notes he couldn’t resist taking a shot at Biden and that’s where he REALLY set himself up, talking about how Joe Biden is lame, inarticulate etc.  Like other’s Kimmel couldn’t resist responding:

“He can’t campaign, nobody knows what he’s doing. He can’t put two sentences together,” Trump said.

“Well you can,” Kimmel shot back. “You’re about to put two prison sentences together, and maybe even three, possibly four.”

Between Romney’s burn yesterday, then Stormy Daniels’, and even Biden’s with the crack about what’s in that bible Trump sells and supposedly reads the hits kept coming yesterday for Trump. Now this to cap off the day? And we know full well that Trump does in fact pay attention to what the late night hosts say about him. Hell, he tweets or rather “Truths” and sometimes talks about (complains and tries to insult back) what they say.

However, that’s not the only epic burn Kimmel visited on Trump in this latest takedown. Kimmel leads off referring to Trump as “Don CaPorn” and makes fun of his dwindling popularity (which you know is a sensitive topic for Trump) and skewers him with “Donald Trump may be full of gas, but it appears his supporters seem to be running out.” The line was casually delivered but the stuff about Trump’s quite audible farting in court (thankfully television doesn’t transmit smell!) is already in people’s minds and Trump is enraged over the reporting on it. You don’t think THAT reference set Trump off this morning?

Kimmel then went on to mock Trump over crowd size (as in lack thereof) outside the courthouse complete with video of the street debunking Trump’s lies. Kimmel was on a real roll. At one point well into the routing Kimmel made fun of Trump autographing a MAGA hat and made a quip about huffing his pen but then called our attention to the background. There was a small, fake plastic Oscar statue and Kimmel’s producer did a blow-up of the image of it sitting there. Kimmel seemed to rather enjoy poking fun at Trump over it, saying maybe Trump’s so mad about the Oscars because he wants one himself. (You know he does.!)

It’s over fourteen minutes long but do yourself a favor if you need to smile as we all do these days. This is for me the best rapid fire takedown of Trump yet. I’m thinking only the late, great George Carlin would have come up with something better last night. And this trial is only in its first week! What’s to come from comedians including and especially the late night hosts will drive Trump, who is so sensitive to his image batshit insane. For now, at least enjoy this:

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  1. The ending of the Kimmel monologue, about real librarians, was wonderful! Telling all the crazed anti-bookers to “Shhhh..ut the f@ck up!!” 👏👏

    • The burns Mitt Romney and Stormy Daniels laid on Trump were devastating and I recall thinking yesterday evening every late night comic had to be kicking themselves for not having thought of either of them first. I think Kimmel made up for it, don’t you?

  2. Fox News has totally not care about being fair and balanced. Everything they are stating whether it be about Trump or Biden’s speech is full of lies and gaslighting.

  3. Wait! There’s no more Yellow Pages? OMG! No Sears catalog. No Monkey Wards catalog. And, now, no Yellow Pages??? WHAT will they wipe their asses with in the South NOW?

  4. This is awesome. Trump is so fighting above his weight class here.
    You know he watches these monologues every night and thinks he has witty comebacks, meanwhile Kimmel and his writers are like “bring it on!”



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