Color me gobsmacked. Raw Story is reporting that Kayleigh McEnany went out of her way to shoot down rumors about Hunter Biden having been the culprit that left the baggie of cocaine in the White House. But I think I have divined the reason.

President Joe Biden’s son, who has candidly discussed his past crack cocaine addition, was not at the White House when the drug was found Sunday, but he had been there Friday and then joined other family members there on the Fourth of July, but McEnany cited her own experience there to knock down the rumors, reported Newsweek.

“There is no way. It is inconceivable to think cocaine can sit [at the White House] for a 72-hour period,” McEnany said. “So I would rule him out at this point.”

This is going in direct contravention of what Donald Trump said, which is printed right below. That is why I can’t believe my eyes here. Unless this is McEnany’s revenge for the Milquetoast crack and she’s openly defying Trump. Wow.

“Does anybody really believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is for the use of anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden,” Trump posted on his Truth Social platform on Wednesday.

The cocaine was reportedly found in a public area where visitors enter the West Wing.

“It couldn’t have been there for days and days,” McEnany said on Fox & Friends. “It had to have been there for — I would say — minutes before someone took notice.”

I would love to know her motivation for saying this. It makes perfect sense and I’m sure it’s true. But why would McEnany risk the blowback that is certain to result from this? It’s got to be because she has split with Trump.


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  1. Having dealt with hundreds of addicts, and having direct experience with the snow from south of the border, there is a vast difference between powdered snow and crack. Crack produces such a powerful and immediate high, addicts spend fortunes, which most don’t have, and their health chasing it, as it recedes into the past, never to be the same again. Heroin, if you’re fortunate enough to survive using it the first time, given the user’s lack of tolerance, the unknown purity, and now with fentanyl on the street, does the same, which is why I never tried either. Since crack was cheaper, it ravaged many inner city neighborhoods. The powered stuff can be found in every boardroom in America, since it’s expensive, and a hard charging, ambitious professional, working way too many hours to make partner, needs something stronger than our national drug…coffee. Science has shown about 13% of any population have tendencies toward addiction to something. Let’s not forget food, sex, tv, exercise, travel, power, money, cigarettes and etoh. The list is long. Powered snow is more like cigarettes and etoh. It takes more than casual use to become dependent. True addiction is really defined by developing a physical dependence which requires medical supervision to manage withdrawal. Heroin,(and the Sacklers oxycontin), and etoh are the main culprits in America. Nicotine is addictive, and heavy coffee drinkers will experience some physical withdrawal symptoms, but the risk isn’t quitting but continuing. Cannabis was demonized, contrary to the facts, because of economics, and threatening the business interests of Hearst, Mellon, and Dupont in the 30s. It was then turned into a political weapon by Nixon to lock up black Civil rights activists and war protesters. That lie has criminalized tens of millions, creating unnecessary strain on our criminal justice system, our economy, and families dealing with unjustified incarceration, while legalizing the true killers, i.e., etoh, cigarettes, and pharmaceutical opiates. Propaganda has done its damage. All of us pay the price since lies codified into law have unintended consequences, which has contributed to a culture full of shallow thinkers and self righteous christo-fascists. The cost continues. It ends in self destruction, if we don’t learn the facts, tell the truth, and demand integrity from those elected, and I use that word loosely. Destroying people so a few can profit from the industries killing us is mass suicide. As St. Francis was reported to say, an unjust law is no law at all. Time to smarten up. Stop locking up black kids for smoking pot, and start locking up the REAL killers who profit off of these destructive industries. Either that, or bend over and kiss your own arse goodbye. Kiss your children and grandchildren while you’re at it. Here in the triangle a grown man shot and killed a 4 year old, and a 15 year old is in ICU in critical condition. Exactly WHO ARE THE MURDEROUS CRIMINALS RESPONSIBLE? The GOP who have put 400 million guns on the steets and have locked out hope to tens of millions of citizens. Any of these folks in jail? NOPE. They’re at their summer vacation homes drinking etoh, smoking tobacco products, and snorting powder. And we wonder how we got here. I don’t.

    • I assume that etoh is booze, right? I must be getting old, I’m not up on the current slang.

      I remember a lot of cocaine in offices back in the 80’s. God, it was plentiful and it was easy to score. Expensive, but at least it was available, at least in law offices. That may sound paradoxical, but I was there and I swear it’s true. And in the early 80’s, when I was still working in Grade-Z movies, I remember a production manager offering me $300 a week and half a gram of coke. I shared this with an actor friend in New York and he said, “God I love the labor laws in California.”

      I guess it’s my lifestyle or something, but I haven’t seen coke in probably 20 years, about the time that crack came on the scene. I never did crack, had no interest in it. It’s interesting to hear that the old powdered stuff is available. I always did think (when I heard about crack) that if you were going to do coke, stick with the basics.

  2. Don’t believe you can OD on marijuana but there’s a whole generation that’s suffered from our injustice of locking people up for using it. Fortunately Arizona where I live has made it legal to use recreationally and medically. But it needs to be done Federally also.

    • It absolutely needs to be done federally. I live in Nevada and occasionally take cannabis gummies. I found out — thank God, in time — that I had to stop talking all cannabis products a month before I had my yearly drug test at the doctor’s office. I have to have a drug screening to validate that I’m only taking the light weight pain killers (Tylenol 3 w/codeine) and not heroin, etc. It blew my mind, because again, I’m not doing anything illegal. BUT the DEA demands this and I could have lost my much-needed prescription if I didn’t check the contract and see FEDERALLY in large letters. We live in an insane world.

  3. Sorry Ursula. It’s an abbreviation for ethyl alcohol, ethanol…the clear liquid used in cleaning products, antiseptics and booze. It’s used in medical settings to save time. Too bad our culture hasn’t respected the danger of using it frequently, since it leads to addiction over time. Nicholas Cage did a great acting job in Leaving Las Vegas in showing what happens. The scene where he needed a drink to stop the shakes in the bank, went out and drank, and came in looking sober was accurate. A severe alcoholic can die if they try to detox without medication to help. It is involved in a lot of indirect death due to car accidents, domestic violence,(I endured my Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde dad), and suicide. It also has driven up the cost of medical care due to the medical conditions it causes over time. Next to opiates, where millions less consume them, it is the most dangerous drug in America.
    Sharla, in over 30,000 years of known use, there has never been a case of cannabis overdose…it does not cause physical addiction. Psychological? Sure, in some cases. But if that is the benchmark, then outlaw food, which kills more people due to the medical conditions obesity causes.

    • You’re saying people are drinking cleaning products? Seriously? I totally believe you. Again, my alcohol intake is an occasional beer or maybe a glass of wine or a margarita. But we’re talking occasional. I’ve got a bottle of Tequila on the bar that’s been sitting there for three years, still not empty.

      Cleaning fluid? Jesus. Do you cut it with a mixer or how do you drink it?

      • Ethyl alcohol is the ‘drinkable’ variant – it’s basically poitín (yclept ‘moonshine’ in your neck of the woods).
        Cleaning fluid is, basically, cut with another alcohol (over here it’s methyl alcohol and known as ‘methylated spirits’). ‘Rubbing alcohol’ is isopropyl alcohol
        Both meths and rubbing alcohol are poisonous

  4. I remember seeing this around 45 years ago:

    Man made booze.
    G-d made grass.
    Who do you trust?

    An interesting response in the legal marijuana debate….

  5. So former guy thinks President Biden is tooting away in the oval? I’m not a doctor but isn’t cocaine a wee bit dangerous for folks as old as trump and President Biden? I don’t think President Biden is THAT damned healthy where he can snort a line. Not at his age.

    • McEnany is right that it would have been seen within minutes, an hour on the outside. One of the things that WH security is constantly on the search for in high-traffic areas is white powder indicative of anthrax or some poison.

      If it were in a bedroom, I’d figure it was a stash left over from the Trump era. What the Rabid Orangutan is so mad about is that he probably thought it was his.


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