Kari Lake took to the fascist friendly airwaves of NewsMax Television today to repeat the Diapered Don’s 2016 lie that President Barack Obama was responsible for the creation of Isis but added a new twist – that Israel funded the operation.

It is my opinion that El Douche himself gave her her marching orders and sent her to NewMax and she is doing his bidding because, even though she is howling, flea-infested barking moondog crazy when it comes to the subject of her electoral failure in 2020, I don’t think she would make this accusation on her own. After all, it is common knowledge that she backed Obama in 2008 as well as 2016 and slandering him like this does less than nothing to further her quest for political office.

But why dredge up and air out this tripe today… why drag Israel into the unhinged conspiracy?

Again, just my opinion, but I think Trump’s meltdown in the Manhattan courtroom today has him frothing at the mouth and spoiling for revenge, and he is as eager as ever to have revenge against the one man who, more than any other, took a pin to his outsized ego when he laughed at him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2012.

But why Israel?

Could it be that he is trying to take advantage of the rising tide of antisemitism to unleash his nutcase followers to enact vengeance against those American Jewish voters that he has demanded get in line and support him, which we all know the vast majority of them will never do?

Whatever his motives – the following is just completely nuts:


Quite right, but I suspect this crazy talk is meant to incite violence.

Can’t happen soon enough.

💯 💯 💯


I’m not so sure.


Trump put he up to it.

So Obama was collaborating with an unhinged radical.

But who?

I am not sure what this ploy is all about, but I have a queasy feeling that much evil will result from it.

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  1. Clearly trump fails at every business venture he attempts, which is why domestic banks won’t touch him. If he has managed to service all his loans it is probably because they have been counter-signed and supported by a third party. It’s a huge anomaly and my greatest hope is that the source will be revealed in one of his trials.

  2. Still no bottom found to the barrel of stupidity that is the modern day g.o.p. Used to be we could say “that doesn’t make good sense”. Nowadays we’re saying “hell, that doesn’t even make bad sense”. Magat morons…but I repeat myself.


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