Politics is full of lots of strange characters but I confess, Kari Lake may be the strangest bird that we’ve ever seen in the public life aviary. She just keeps going with this mad obsession of hers, like the Energizer Bunny. She won’t stop and is beyond all reason.

The latest wrinkle, as you may have heard, is that the Arizona Court of Appeals rejected Lake’s lawsuit which alleged that problems with printers and tabulation machines and long lines on Election Day in November 2022 resulted in “thousands” of Republican voters becoming “disenfranchised” and not casting their ballots.

There’s no evidence of that. There’s never been any evidence. But still Lake continues to waste the time and resources of the court system.

In its ruling the appellate court characterized Lake’s claims as “quite simply, sheer speculation.” That’s putting it kindly.  It’s utter bullshit made up out of whole cloth.

Anyway, this is where it’s going now.

Justice was done, Katie Hobbs won. I wonder how long this is going to go on? Until the next gubernatorial election? Or, until Lake announces she’s running for Senate? That could happen as well.

I’ve never seen anybody commit political hari kari like this. I watch and marvel.

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  1. Lake’s a Republican. Of course she has no shame.

    That’s self-evident.

    I’m just hoping the AZ Supreme Court tells her she’s got no case and, even if she did, it’s too late to file a case, considering the election was nearly 4 months ago. Any case should’ve been filed within 2 weeks, at the latest.

    • I don’t know the court procedure on this, if the Arizona Supreme Court is the final authority or if she’s going to try to take this to the United States Supreme Court.

      And of course I wonder if she’s going to run for Senate or just go away.

    • This is an APPEAL, which can only be filed once the lower court has ruled. She did try to “jump over” the Court of Appeals and go directly to the Arizona Supreme Court, but that attempt was rejected TWICE!

      P.S. – While her appeal is timely, her claims are just as MERITLESS as the always have been!

  2. To answer your question, Lake never EVER misses taking her specially produced by GOP scientists (who says they don’t believe in science) ant-shame pill first thing when she wakes up every morning.

    I have to confess, before first hearing about her and then learning about her here on PZ I’d never heard of her. How I wish never even knowing so much as her fucking name would have been how things went. Alas, I know who she is, how batshit insane she is. Oh how I wish she’d just STFU and go away. Where’s George Soros with a big fat check to buy her silence and exile to some island paradise when you need him?

  3. Lake is asking for an expedited review but waited almost two weeks after the CoA denial to file. She may get an expedited decision but not be happy with the result.

  4. Judges need to start sanctioning both her and her “legal team” like they’ve started doing to Trump. Hit ’em where it hurts and see how fast these BS legal challenges dry up.


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