Alabama Republican Senator Tommy “English language challenged” Tuberville appeared on Kaitlan Collin’s CNN show tonight to advocate for his block of all military appointments until the Republicans get a total veto on reproductive rights in this country, or until their faces turn blue, and also to make sure put upon white nationalists are welcomed in our fully integrated military.

Problem is, although “white nationalist” rolls off his tongue as though he was taught the term at his mama’s knee, he does not own up to know what it means.

Kaitlan, however is totally aware:

Merriam Webster-

“One of a group of militant white people who espouse white supremacy (see WHITE SUPREMACY sense 1) and advocate enforced racial segregation.

Not a lot of room for interpretation there.

Tuberville coached college football, and, hilariously enough, seems to think that in someway shields him from being called a racist.

As if.

I don’t know if Tuberville played the game himself, but if he did he was undoubtedly similarly equipped as Lyndon Johnson once described Gerald Ford as being… “he played football too long without his helmet.”

Brian Stelter has the Tweet:

Only if he is not a total ignoramus.


💯 💯 💯 As should most of the rest of his party.




But that’s how Tommy sees it.


Tuberville knows full well what a White Nationalist is.

He is a disgrace.

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  1. If you put a dictionary in front of coach Tub-a-Lard he’d run away screaming “COOTIES! Don’t open it or we’ll all be covered in COOTIES!”

  2. Stupidity is their new defense. To paraphrase the Who…meet the new racist…same as the old racist. We won’t get fooled again!

  3. Those military officials got what they voted for so the a-holes can live with it. Maybe if we do not put these military appointments through, it will show we don’t really need them. After that we need to ask: who and what else can we do without. Granted, the moron from AL isn’t doing this to decrease the military budget but we still need to look at this as a possible start of shrinking that effing budget until IT can be drowned in a bathtub.

    Look for the silver lining whenever you can folks.

    • Actually it’s likely they did NOT vote for Trump. I started reading The Navy Times decades ago when I went into the Marines. I still take a peek now and then although not as often as I’ve gotten older. Every fall they take a survey, which for years was less than a true scientific poll but nevertheless instructive. More recently instead of the old method of just allowing anyone who wanted to to weigh in when they published the survey, they started doing things rather more like a true poll although that sample was weighted towards career types – which would include those high level people who’s promotions Tuberville is holding up.

      There’s a long history of the Officer Corps and career Officers in particular reflexively supporting (and strongly) Republican Presidents and not nearly so much Democratic ones including someone like Carter who had his dad not died suddenly and with the family business in trouble would have been a career Naval Officer. In fact, he was slated to become XO of one of a new class of nuclear subs (he was part of Rickover’s staff for time as the nuclear Navy was being created. In practical terms he was a bona fide nuclear engineer) and there’s a better than even chance that absent a screwup he had better than even odds of getting an Admiral’s flag. Anyway, those annual surveys (such as they were for so long) reinforced the notion that Officers voted Republicans, while enlisted types were less solid and might even at times vote Democratic.

      It was therefore interesting that out of the gate Trump’s support in the Officer ranks was weak, to the point of barely even while among enlisteds it was strong. And Trump’s support among Officers and career types continued to erode while enlisteds still had him over fifty percent. By 2020 Trump was underwater. By double digits in fact. So no, the bulk of those getting screwed over aren’t getting what they voted for.


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