It is the last hours of winter and the dawning of the spring equinox, as we speak. There’s a new moon tomorrow and a new day is dawning for Donald Trump. Make no mistake about that. His life is going to go through some real changes.

So is Ron DeSantis’s life. DeSantis has tried to ride some insane middle ground, where he’s both a Trump ally and the successor to Trump and all that went up in smoke today.

Leading the attack is higher than a kite, animated guy Donald Trump, Jr.  I’ll tell you something, it’s better with the sound off, the wild gesticulations, the phosphorescent teeth, all of it.

We believe you, Junior. What we want you to know is that the image DeSantis projects online, paid for or not, is underwhelming. Maybe Ron should get some better handlers.

Maybe the GOP will end up with a Pence/Haley ticket. I see the two negative charges of Trump and DeSantis cancelling each other out. Or, maybe Trump can get on the GOP ticket again, indictment(sss) and all.

Or, maybe Trump will run as an Independent with Kari Lake as his number two and that will be the shitshow of all time.

Hang on tight. This rollercoaster is going to go up, down and sideways before the ride is through.


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  1. Methinks the laddy doth protest too much

    I wonder if he has realised that the New York DA is also investigating him as well (or maybe that’s why the panic)

  2. I have never heard of a stupider family than this one. The only person (besides Barron who is too young yet) who can be considered a nice person and intelligent as well is Tiffany. This might be accounted for by the fact that she was brought up by her mother on the west coast, far from her father. She had very little contact with him, fortunately for her.


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