Federal judge Reggie Walton has had a long and distinguished career. He’s earned a reputation as a serious, fair jurist and being in DC with all the shenanigans judges they encounter he’s stood tall as an example of what a judge should be. He believes in the system, in the Rule of Law.  As a judge he of course is used to being challenged, especially with defendants in a place like DC that can (and do) hire high powered lawyers. He’s borne threats too, especially in recent times as other judges who’ve heard Jan. 6 cases have. It goes with the robe. However, Trump and his allies haven’t just pushed the envelope but ripped it to shreds. Walton gave an interview citing the need to return to norms, calling for restraint to restore faith in the system. For doing so Trump ally Mike Davis has filed a formal ethics complaint against judge Walton!

An article from Newsweek explains what’s going on:

Davis, president of the conservative Article III Project, said U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia Reggie Walton violated a canon in the Code of Conduct for U.S. judges:

“A judge should not make public comment on the merits of a matter pending or impending in any court,” the complaint said in part.

The 13-page complaint was filed to Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Was it unusual for judge Walton to have done that interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins last week? Yes. However these are unusual times and Walton isn’t the judge hearing Trump’s DC criminal case. He spoke on behalf of all judges, who as a matter of course get threats which sometimes become actual violence. Trump’s increasingly pointed attacks are meant to threaten and intimidate anyone in the system be it judges, prosecutors, witnesses and jurors. A blatant I’ll send my MAGAs after you if you don’t back off type of thing.  Everyone knows what Trump is up to. EVERYONE.

Well, Federalist Society F**kwad Mike Davis who heads up their Article III Project is all butt-hurt. He and his cronies love to attack with impunity, to abuse the system because the system seldom pushes back. Now that someone has, Davis is suddenly all about the rules and “ethics” which is one f**king sick, twisted joke.

What kind of “awful” things did judge Walton say to arouse Davis and his pal’s ire?

“We do these jobs because we’re committed to the rule of law and we believe in the rule of law. The rule of law can only function effectively when we have judges who are prepared to carry out their duties without the threat of potential physical harm,” Walton said.

“You can’t let that impact on how you live your life, and how you treat litigants who are before you,” Walton said. “Even though threats may be made against you and your family, you still have an obligation to ensure that everybody who comes into your courtroom is treated fairly, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done.

“But nonetheless, it is very troubling, because it is an attack on the rule of law when judges are threatened, and particularly, when their family is threatened. And it’s something that’s wrong and should not happen.”

OMFG the horror! The f**king HORROR!  Davis just can’t understand how a sitting federal judge could go so hog wild, be so mean to Trump (and it’s clear this was about Trump’s antics) who is Davis will tell you the greatest, most benevolent and loving person who ever lived and wouldn’t DREAM of thinking a bad thought or saying anything bad about someone else!  Okay, so perhaps I’m a wee bit over the top in my characterization of Davis complaint but he does sling some serious bullshit nonetheless:

In his complaint, Davis noted a stipulation in the Code of Conduct that states judges have an obligation not to “denigrate public confidence in the judiciary’s integrity.”

Davis also argues that Trump isn’t threatening Merchan. He states that the former president merely “articulated the reason why he believes he will not receive a fair trial” under the judge.

“A reasonable person cannot read President Trump’s posts and draw the conclusion that he made any such threat,” Davis wrote. “President Trump, for example, did not dox the home addresses of the judge and his adult daughter. Nor did President Trump encourage illegal protests outside of their homes.”

Yank on my other leg Davis – it’s got bells on it. Of COURSE Trump is trying to incite violence against the judge, the prosecutors, Michael Cohen and other witnesses and their families. And scare the hell out of potential jurors. To Davis I say you are one scum sucking, Trump a-hole and ball sweat licking excuse of a person, a goddamned liar if you claim otherwise. You’re just pissed that someone with authority, with gravitas stood up and told the TRUTH on Trump and ass-wipes like you.

If The Federalist Society were to hold a getaway on some swanky cruise ship with a couple thousand of it’s top people (including six Justices) and ran into stormy seas and sank this country and this world would be a better place. If Trump happened to be on it being feted as their honoree it would be cause for worldwide celebration. These people aren’t terrorists by the usual definition but when it comes to law and more important justice they engage in a legal form of terrorist level destruction.

When they talk of “returning to our roots” they don’t mean back to when the Constitution was ratified. No, they want a return to the days of the Articles of Confederation when a handful of people could control their sections of the new nation and change the rules whenever they wanted.  That’s a longer discussion.

My point is that fee fees are hurt because someone with the credibility to do so called out Trump’s (and their) abuse of the system. And now Davis is running kicking and screaming to the Chief Judge of the DC courts with an ethics complaint.  Given his history this piece of sh*t has NO business questioning anyone else’s ethics!

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  1. The phrase: ‘phuck him’ comes to mind. Didn’t see him chime on on Thomas’ bribes and insurrectionist wife. Rejecting an argument that has no evidence requires no evidence.

  2. I live a couple of miles from where John (maximum John) Woods was assassinated in 1979 in San Antonio. trumps threats are real. this is nothing to joke about. his people have already killed. I hope secret service are tracking the whackjobs that follow trump


    These aren’t reasonable people. Hopefully this will not get any traction.

  4. So, justices should not denigrate the justice system. Hmmm. Well davis, wtf do you think the corrupted justices on the s.c., thomas and alito in particular, do denigration-wise? Surely such corruption from being bribed by current/future/past litigants has a very denigrating effect upon the ENTIRE f*cking justice system.

    I cannot believe the rank hypocrisy this fool exhibits–and I’ve seen a great deal of it from the idiots with the f.s.

    Justice Walton, please tell this dumb-a*s f*ckwad to go f*ck himself.


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