The far MAGA Right as embodied in one particular Rep., whose blood alcohol level remains yoyoing somewhere between .10 to .30 used his deep political-legal insight to conclude that the FBI is prejudiced against a religious community in the United States and punishing it.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tx/Bourbon Street) says that the FBI is spying on “Christians” in an attempt to destroy “the church” and that the Biden administration has treated Christians worse than any president in history.

Cool story, doc.

No. Ronny doesn’t provide any context at all. If Ronny is talking about spying on Trump and the MAGA brand, it isn’t due to their religion (Trump has no religion). But it isn’t surprising that Jackson would take this tact.

MAGA leadership is busy preparing for a future with stable minority rule and the only question remaining becomes the degree of fascism required. Light fascism versus Mussolini fascism.

This transition requires a strong commitment among the minority, the type of commitment we’ve seen from Trump (illegal attempts to keep power) and from rioters on January 6th, committing violent crimes to keep power.

One cannot get large groups to really engage in violence or commit crimes in a fight without putting their religion or patriotism on the line. Trump has said, “How much are patriots supposed to take?” Now Jackson is saying that the Biden administration and FBI are trying to destroy the Christian church.

Dunno. I went to church Sunday. Things seem fairly normal. The damage can’t be too bad.

Anyway, Ronny sees things differently, if he isn’t blind drunk :

There is no conceivable way that the FBI singled out any group on which to spy because it was Christian. Given that the FBI is almost surely made up primarily of buttoned-down, traditional, old-school powers in this country and is likely a majority Christian group itself, it seems unlikely it would set about to spy on itself.

Ronny, of course, knows this… maybe. His behavior truly has spiraled out of control and one might fairly question whether Jackson truly controls his faculties.

But Jesus Christ enjoying one Bud-Light, is Ronny ever out there?
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  1. Yeehaw. One of Texas’s finest. Not. Homegrown or imported. Geesh. Got chip hill (imported) rep – R, west of i35; Dan Patrick, lt gov-R, md; Pete sessions, rep-R, was Irving area but now free of swearing oath to tv/east of i35; crap having brain fart on attorney general, R-supposedly under securities fraud investigation, officer of Court that runs away from a server of legal papers, and chief actor for a western film potentially (eye thing, looks the part) and ….

  2. Their line is that the FBI was spying on the RCs.
    I understand that they asked parishes to report trouble or problematic people issuing threats.

  3. doc ronny also thought former guy was healthy and likely to live much longer than he actually will. The man is not bright.


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