Jeff Sessions Just Declared A Holy War On LGBT, Seeks To Tear Down Wall Between Church And State


As a comedian once said, “What a revolting development this is.” Jeff Sessions probably would have gone down in history as a rampant racist before yesterday, when he declared open season on LGBT and women at his ludicrously named Religious Liberty Summit, which was anything but. Freedom of religion was only a ruse for Sessions to have a platform to make clear that he’s hellbent on using the Department of Justice as a mechanism of discrimination, all in the name of Geesuss. Daily Beast:

Today, at the “Religious Affairs Summit” held at the Department of Justice, he was not really talking about “religious freedom” or “religious liberty,” or any of the other soft-sounding codewords he and his ilk use. Sessions was talking about how the government will support you as a Christian if you choose to discriminate against someone based on your religious beliefs.

If you are opposed to marriage equality or just dislike or disapprove of LGBT people generally, the Trump administration just gave you the green light to go ahead and refuse to serve them in your businesses, or help them with their medical care. If an LGBT person wants or needs to use your service, no problem—tell them to shove off. The attorney general is right behind you.

Sessions wasn’t so ludicrous as to use the term witch hunt, but that was his basic meaning. In full Trumpian victimization mode, Sessions spun his narrative of Kristian persecution, not of faux Christian bigotry, which is actually the case.

“Let’s be frank,” Sessions said. “A dangerous movement undetected by many is challenging and eroding our great tradition of religious freedom. There can be no doubt, it’s no little matter, it must be confronted intellectually and politically and be defeated. This past election gives us a rare opportunity to arrest these trends and to confront them.

“We’ve gotten to the point where courts have held that morality cannot be a basis for law, where ministers are fearful to affirm holy writ from the pulpit, and where one group can actively target religious groups by labeling them hate groups,” he added. “This president and Department of Justice are determined to protect and advance our heritage of freedom of religion.”

The evangelicals cherry pick through the Bible and find what they want and spin it to their purposes. If you’re a remarrying divorcee, which the Bible frowns upon, no problem anybody will bake you a cake. If however, you’re gay, forget about it.

Trump may want to build a wall, Sessions wants to tear down the existing one between church and state.

Needless to say, Sessions unrivaled hypocrisy is not going unnoticed.

The white supremacists are afraid of losing “their” nation and Jeff Sessions, at his bully pulpit, is assuring them that we’re going back to the Dark Ages. This is not going to end well.

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