I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat   Will Rogers

Oh, how old will would love the irony and schadenfreude of today if he were still alive. He looked at the Democratic party of his day the same way I looked at my beloved Cubbies when I was growing up, The loveable losers. It would have helped if someone had told them that if you tie your freakin’ cleats before you leave the dugout, you won’t trip over the laces!

As I have repeatedly written, both the Democrats as well as the GOP went through their moment of clarity. For the GOP, that came in November of 2012, when Obama clobbered Mitt Romney, and the GOP found themselves lying in an alley snuggling an empty bottle of Muscatel. For the Democrats that moment of clarity took place in November of 2016, when the next morning the Democrats went to work with their collar button missing, their ties at half mast, their hair disheveled as they tried to remember what the hell happened after the networks called the race for Traitor Tot.

And there the comparison ends. And I mean Alice through the Looking Glass ends. With the Democrats, it was the base that took things into their own hands. The younger, more progressive Turks of the party self mobilized to not only promote quality candidates, but to grassroots fundraise and fundraise too. After the 40 seat blowout in the House in 2018 the Democratic old guard saw the handwriting on the wall, and started integrating the promising ones into leadership. For the Democrats the transition is almost complete, and it was almost flawless.

In January of 2013 the GOP authorized a 2-12 Autopsy Report to find out what went wrong, and to promote solutions. It was brutal. The report showed the aging demographics of their base, and the extreme religious and racial views of that base. The report recommended that the GOP begin to gently disencumber itself from the racist and Evangelical wingnuts, moderate their messaging to become more friendly to minorities, alternate lifestyles, and most importantly, younger voters. The report estimated that it would take two presidential election cycles to complete the process and become nationally relevant again.

The RNC balked. Let me make this crystal clear, their decision had absolutely nothing to do with Trump. His dumb fat ass wasn’t even on their radar. Their logic was that 2016 would be an open seat contest for the presidency. The goal was to find just one more old guard conservative to rally around and take the White House, and use those 4-8 years to make the transition. And instead they ended up with El Pendejo Presidente.

So much for the history lesson, now the sh*t gets real. A simple question. What is the purpose of a national political organization? I think you’ll find that it’s a bit more complex and involved than you think;

  • The RNC and DNC are responsible for recruiting quality candidates to run for office. This includes siphoning funds raised by the party to local state and county organs to help them recruit local state candidates
  • The national party is responsible for fundraising in order to help support the state and county operations to support local and state legislative candidates
  • It raises funds in order to provide candidates, usually incumbents in tough races with extra support, such as a ground operation to knock on doors or send texts or phone bank
  • It fundraises in order to provide support for the RCCC and the RSCC to promote national candidates in tough races
  • And most importantly, it fundraises to generate or purchase world class analytics and software for candidates to use to give them an edge in their races

Quite a load, huh? But since January of 2017, the RNC has resembled nothing more than a Brontosaurus placing one leg after the other into the La Brea tar pit, and wondering why they can’t back out again. Once Traitor Tot took office in 2017, his first official act as the uncontested leader of the GOP was to hold a purge of GOP state parties in critical swing states. In places like MN, AZ, MI, WI, PA, and NV of their RNC loyal state chairs, and replace them with toadying acolytes. If that roster looks familiar, it should. Not one of them has a pot to piss in, and several are seriously considering bankruptcy to try to reorganize. Yep, just like Da Boss.

And now comes the last phase of this Mel Brooks political farce. The Tubby Buddha is now embarking on the final act of his takeover of the TNC. He is about to engineer a takeover by removing loyal lap poodle Ronna Romney McDaniel and her co-chair, and replacing them with a North Carolina MAGAt and his idiot daughter-in-law Lara as the Co-chair of the RNC. And before they even hold the election with the RNC board members, the larval MAGAt Lara is making no bones about it.

The principal job of the RNC is to get President Donald Trump reelected in 2024. And that includes giving him all the resources he needs to get the job done. MAGA-English translation, We’ll f*cking pay his legal bills so he can continue to run without an orange jumpsuit.

Take a minute here. Scroll back up and just glance at all of the things that a viable national political organization is supposed to do. It’s a load! And it takes years, or even decades of experience to run a national organization. It’s not something that a baggy pants comic can just delegate his trophy wife daughter-in-law to do. But that’s not what His Lowness is installing her to do anyway.

I showed you bullet points as to what a normally functionable national political party does. But what will the RNC under the tutelage of Lara Crap do?

  • Try to find a legal way for the RNC to funnel RNC raised funds over to traitor Tot in order to pay his ballooning legal fees
  • Use every RNC resource to pressure national deep pocket donors to contribute heavily to the RNC so that they can continue to funnel ever larger sums of cool green to continue to funnel it into Trump’s legal defense fund
  • F*ck everything else

Now, compare those two bullet point sets together. See what I mean? The day that Trump officially takes over the RNC, it is no longer a functioning national political party. A functioning political party is committed to Electing Republicans up and down the ballot! And the new iteration of the RNC will exist for no other reason than to pay Trump’s legal fees and try to get him reelected.

I am going to go out on a limb here, and make a prediction. And I think you know I don’t make predictions lightly, and my overall record ain’t bad. Here’s the prediction. The Democrats are going to blow out the GOP in November.

And not just Traitor Tot getting his fat, pasty ass kicked. I mean up and down the ballot. For the simple reason that for the next nine months the RNC is not going to do a single goddamn thing that it’s supposed to do to get Republicans elected to office. Instead they’re going to be totally obsessed with fundraising to pay Trump’s legal bills.

There will be nothing left over for state parties, many of which are now in severs financial straits due to Trump’s purge. There will be no financial help for struggling candidates, not only in federal races, but also for in state legislative races. Everything will be going to Trump.

And even after Trump faces his final, irrevocable defeat, and gets fitted for an orange jumpsuit, it still won’t be over. Because there will no longer be a functional GOP. Even after the GOP gets crushed in November, the sole operating purpose of the RNC will be to continue to funnel national funds into Trump’s defense coffers. The sitting GOP members of the US congress, as well as any remaining GOP state legislators and office holders no longer matter to the GOP. It will be the Republican National Committee For The Trump Defense Fund. None of the myriad of other GOP incumbents and candidates will matter. It’s all about Trump.

Which is incredibly dangerous. Because the American political system is constitutionally set up to have two opposite parties in constant friction. And if November turns out the way I think it will, there will no longer be two functional political parties in constant friction. The Democrats will have a durable ruling majority simply because the GOP is incapable of competing.

Which is, believe it or not, not good news. Because it was Stalin who once said, Even fascism would be acceptable if it were administered by angels. Communism allows that it is administered by fallible men. A lasting Democratic majority without effective GOP resistance could lead to a swing farther to the left than the majority of voters favor.

But the long and short of it is that if Trump completes his takeover of the RNC, there will no longer be a functional two party system in the United States. And that’s not good. Unfortunately, I don’t see any salvation for the GOP, they’re now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trump Organization. If I’m right, then we have an actual constitutional crisis that is going to last long after the November election.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Having one party in the country being Democrats is far better than the alternative.

    The Democratic Party is full of people that debate facts and make logical, reasoned decisions rather than take ideological positions based on superstition. They’d make a far better job of running the country than the nay-sayers and obstructionists of the other side.

      • I think that there’s more than enough past evidence that Democrats have no trouble coming up with alternative positions on any topic. Dems discussing things amongst themselves would give any topic a more than fair hearing. Certainly a more productive discussion than anything carried out with the one-eyed liars on the republican side.

        • It has been party where the term “herding cats” applies. I suspect it would splinter because of the different factions within the party. This could, probably would, get rid of our one/two party system and usher in a multi-party system. I for one would welcome this.

          • I’d welcome it too. Multi-party systems are in place in most democracies, which are often governed by coalitions, thereby involving a wide swath of the political landscape in that governance. Coalitions require/demand communication, co-operation and compromise, none of which are in the lexicon of the Republican party.
            The USA would be a far better place and a far better democracy.

  2. Hitler, Putin, etc., only allowed one party. They’re right there, except its the democrats who want two parties. Trump only allows parties at his senior citizen banquets playing songs from decades ago. The anti-christ needs no stinking two parties.

  3. “A lasting Democratic majority without effective GOP resistance could lead to a swing farther to the left than the majority of voters favor.”

    I strongly favor a “swing … to the left”. Let’s try that for a couple of decades to see how it works. Gee, we might even get an economy based on improving the quality of life and standard of living for Americans instead of for the 1%!

  4. Hmmm, let’s see, there’s the Bernie-AOC progressives, the Biden centrists, a Romney-Chaney minority RW party, and New York’s Rent Is Too Damn High party could become a national force…..


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