There’s an apocryphal story about Donald Trump going to visit his eldest son in college. The way Junior was dressed and/or something he said annoyed Senior and so Senior hauled off and belted him and knocked him to the ground. A few different versions of that story have made the rounds and I use the word “apocryphal” because even if it’s not precisely true, even if it’s a compilation of a number of episodes, the kind of relationship pater and fils have demonstrated is not a close one. Purportedly Eric and Junior “joke” about how Ivanka is Daddy’s favorite, never one of them.

Maybe Junior was never Daddy’s favorite but after tonight, when Liz Cheney read the texts he sent to Mark Meadows on January 6, he’s going to be toast. Junior dared to criticize his father to his chief of staff and now his father knows it? And he found out about it hearing Liz Cheney say it on TV? Oh, momma. The coffee pots and TVs are sailing through the air at Mar-a-Lago tonight. Washington Post:

The texts, as relayed by Cheney, are below. The Washington Post has asked Cheney’s office when each of the texts were sent; that information wasn’t available as of publication.

Trump Jr. to Meadows: “He’s got to condemn this … ASAP. The Capitol Police tweet is not enough.”

There’s the president’s own son, apparently recognizing his father’s shortcomings in quelling the violence. (The “Capitol Police tweet” refers to a tweet Trump sent at 2:38 p.m. saying: “Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!” Trump would tweet at 3:13 p.m., “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful,” and add a video at 4:17 p.m. urging people to go home — but telling them they were “special” and suggesting they were legitimately inflamed.)

This video of Trump’s was reportedly one of three or four that he made. I would give anything to see Trump’s first attempts. Story has it that Trump couldn’t record an effective video the first few times because he really wasn’t that upset with his supporters. Those earlier versions of his video are supposedly available in the National Archives and they would certainly be instructive to watch.

Meadows to Trump Jr.: “I’m pushing it hard. I agree.”

“I’m pushing it hard” is not what you say when your message is being heard and Trump is on the case. This certainly seems to reinforce what’s already been evident: that Trump didn’t want to call off his supporters.

Trump Jr. to Meadows: “We need an Oval address. He has to lead now. It has gone too far and gotten out of hand.”

In case it wasn’t clear how bad Trump Jr. thought the response from his father was.

My prediction is that Trump is going to come unglued when he hears what Junior texted to Meadows. The mere thought that Junior or any of his children would dare to question his judgement is not something he will handle well. Remember now, Trump already came unglued when he read what Meadows had written in his book about how weak and frail Trump was when he contracted COVID-19. He was particularly incensed that Meadows had revealed that Trump had COVID the night he showed up to debate Joe Biden, a night when people were “on the honor system.”

Trump lashed out at Meadows’ book the next day, calling it “fake news.” What’s he going to say to or about his own son? Scream YOU’RE DISOWNED!? Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me.



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  1. Daddy isn’t his only problem. His squeeze Kimberly “Gargoyle” is no doubt hunting for him with a big knife as I write this, intending to cut off his “junk!” I’m thinking rolling over on his family and entering the Witness Protection Program is starting to look pretty good to him.

  2. The only thing in this story I do not believe is former guy disciplining his son-physically disciplining Jr. That would require effort and former guy puts no effort into anything not giving him a tangible in return. If an effort does not immediately provide mango man with results he doesn’t do it. Besides, former guy had very little to do with raising his children when they were children let alone when they came of age.

    The only swing former guy takes is at a golf ball.

    • I’m with ya Spike — Trump Senior wouldn’t know how to throw a punch, let alone connect with it. Much as I love the thought of anyone decking Junior, it’s more likely to be scary ol’ Ms Goldfoil.

    • Well, my grandpa liked to sit and play cards. Was well known for it. Grandma called and told him to tell youngest to come home for supper. Interrupted his game. Seen errant son down the street and went down to deliver message. Told young whipper snapper get his ass home for dinner. Dumbass decided to mouth off to dad in front of his hoodlum chums. Not sure exactly what he said but was along lines of he didn’t have to listen to dad. Well dad looked at him and just out of nowhere hauled off and punched youngster knocking him flat on the ground. Dad turned around with out saying a word and walked back to his pinochle game.

  3. Don Jr told a story that he received a monogrammed sweater from his father one Christmas. The sad part was he recognized it as the one he had given to his father previously as a gift. I can’t decide if it makes me feel sad, mad, or glad.

  4. Defensive text or no text, we also can see Junior and the gargoyle celebrating in the tent during the capitol invasion. They all need to go down and SOON!


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