Appearing on Nicole Wallace’s MSNBC afternooon show today, former FBI Agent Frank Figliuzzi gave a sneak preview of what Trump’s pocket Judge Aileen Cannon may have in store for us as a sequel to her Labor Day horror film, The Day She Let the Orangeutan Loose called The Day She Made FBI Agents Disappear.

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“Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi said that one of the ways that Cannon and Trump’s lawyer could impact the investigation and make life difficult for the DOJ is by having a score of FBI agents or Justice Department officials removed from the investigation because they’ve already seen the documents.

The question becomes, as Figliuzzi explained, can’t the DOJ move forward and just not use anything they seized?

“So, here’s my concern, 25 years with the FBI, on how I know the FBI and DOJ operate with regard to being very reticent about doing anything at this point that’s going to screw up a case or incur the wrath of a judge who already isn’t really favorably inclined to be objective,” he began.”By that, I mean, if a judge has said, ‘I don’t want you using these documents that you seized,’ you could play a game. You could say, ‘Yeah, okay, great, we’re going to continue to do investigations, talk to witnesses and sources, but we’re just going to rely on stuff outside of what we seized during the search.’ The problem is, the Trump team is going to then say, ‘You interviewed that person Tuesday. Prove that that interview was not based on something you seized during the search.'”

Here is the video:

Now, I’m no lawyer, and I welcome the thoughts of those who are, or even other like me who just have an opinion.

The DOJ should do everything they can to lessen Cannon’s impact on this case.

How can someone who had no prior judicial experience before 2020 exercise such power over our future?

I believe there is no dealing with Judge Cannon, she is too deep in the clutches of the Federalist Society and der Gropinfuhrer.

Seems to me they need to take the materials Trump returned earlier this year to a Grand Jury in D.C., where the crime was committed in the first place.

If the fruits of the Florida search warrant are valid as evidence in another jurisdiction, they should take that evidence also to the jurisdiction that has been harmed by the theft, which would be D.C. again.

This woman is going to do all that she can to delay the arrival of any consequence for drumpf.

Norm says it all here…

The Nation’s capital should deal with the crime committed against us, the people.

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  1. Since the classified docs don’t belong to the former guy, and never did, they shouldn’t be returned to him at all. If he wants stolen property back, too f’ing bad.
    File charges of possession of stolen property in DC, and make them show up and defend his actions.

  2. I have a feeling that should this dumb c*nt throw agents off of the former guy’s stolen documents case, she will either be impeached or taken off the bench in another manner. She’s already tipped her hand by ruling in the “special master” case in such a nonsensical and biased manner everyone is wondering just how much former guy paid her–including some ‘pubes. She’s made herself into a laughingstock but even more so, sowed more seeds of distrust in the judicial system. She has proven herself unequal to the task of sitting on a federal bench. She is a nitwit.

  3. The special master ruling, with it’s “bending over backwards” to accomodate her employer is a preview of subsequent rulings which will be equally specious and further compromise the investigation.


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