Even a bass wouldn’t get in trouble if it just kept it’s big mouth shut!

You know, the more the inner circle of the Trump criminal cabal unravels, the more I’m struck by one old adage. Birds of a feather flock together. And if that’s still the case, then Trump’s inner circle of advisors were a flock of loons.

But the more I look at the unraveling of that inner circle, the more convinced I become that it must be something congenital, or something common in the water that they all drank. Because not a single one of these Froot Loops can keep their big fucking mouths shut!

Two Shirts steve Bannon was convicted today on 2 counts of contempt of congress. Why? Not so much because he defied the congressional subpoena, but because he couldn’t keep his big fucking mouth shut! It was on January 5th, after talking to Trump that Bannon said on his idiotic podcast, Mark my words, tomorrow all hell is going to break loose. All hell is going to break loose. It won’t go down how you think it will, so just show up and strap in.

And that’s what the J6 committee latched on to. Hell, Bannon wasn’t even a part of the Trump administration at that point. So how did he have intimate information as to the havoc that would break out the next day? And Bannon not only blew them off, he bragged about it on his podcast and far right media.

Next on deck is former Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro. This walking Port-O-San couldn’t not only resist going on The Beat with Ari Melber on MSNBC 3 times to incriminate himself, he even wrote a sleazy book taking credit for masterminding the Green Bay Sweep to overthrow the election results. And like Two Shirts, Navarro not only defied the committee, he publicly bragged about it.

Now let’s move on to former Trump Chief of Staff, and all purpose idiot Mark Meadows. He was presented with a subpoena from the committee for documents and testimony. While Meadows may have been smart enough to keep his mouth shut, he was stupid enough to turn over more than 9000 pages of documents and text messages, many of which put him in deep kimchi. Whereupon Meadows clammed up and stopped cooperating.

Look, let me make one thing clear. All of these quibbledicks based their defiance on one simple thing, Executive Privilege. But there are two problems with this. First, executive privilege lies with the current President, not his predecessor. And second, executive privilege is not a get-out- of-jail-free card.

Here’s how it works. You can’t just defy a subpoena on a claim of executive privilege. You actually have to show up, sit down, and be sworn in. Then you must answer any questions for which the privilege would not qualify, and then claim the privilege for questions where you8 believe the privilege protects your answer. And then you leave it up to your lawyers and the committee to battle disputes out in court. That’s why these ass clowns got nicked, they shortcut the system.

And let’s not end tonights article without mentioning everybody’s favorite all purpose scumbag, former Trump campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn. Like Peter Navarro, Epsteyn couldn’t resist going onto The Beat, and implicating himself. He admitted to making phone calls to bogus Michigan electors to advise them to fill out the ballots, but said that his script was legally approved by Rudy Giuliani. Since the DOJ is looking into the fake elector scheme, and you can bet your ass that Fani Willis will be looking to see if Epshteyn made any calls to Georgia fake electors, look for subpoenas to follow.

When you strip it to its core, it all comes down to arrogance. Because Trump was bulletproof, they all felt bulletproof too. More importantly, they all felt that at least one of their hare brained schemes would keep Trump in power, and protect them for 4 more years.

And now Traitor Tot is gone, their invincibility shield has evaporated, and their collective asses are hanging out in the wind. This is going to get interesting, real quick. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. But of course it’s Con Genital with these Republiscum dickheads……GOP doesn’t stand for Group Of Pricks for nothing!!!


    • Now, as a “prick” holder myself, I’m going to start crying foul when that slang for male genitalia is improperly used in the same derogatory manner as a certain “p”-word for female genitalia is used as a derogatory word implying weakness. When a certain bloviated orange-haired piece of trash brags about grabbing women by that part (and you really have to ask what *exactly* he thinks he was “grabbing”–it’s not like that certain part actually has anything that one can “grab”; “grope” or “fondle” make sense, but “grab” isn’t really correct–but I digress . . . ), well, it’s crude but the term is applicable.

      I suggest that we all start referring to the GOP for it really stands for–“Party of Poopyheads.” I don’t think anyone can take offense at “poopyhead” (unless they’re a poopyhead themselves). Plus, it’s completely gender-neutral and it’s actually applicable; since a lot of GOPers act like spoiled selfish brats,

      • It may just be me, but the ‘p’ word doesn’t bother me half as much as the ‘c’ word or the ‘t’ word, both used too often by one or two misogynists on this site (and you get a thumbs down from me when you do). There’s more of a hatefulness, a meanness directed at women with the use of those terms, a devaluing of the individual by referring to her by a body part that is alternately worshiped and vilified, the old virgin/whore dichotomy that religionism has cursed us with. The ‘p’ term doesn’t have the same kind of energy as the other two, except when applied as an insult to a man for perceived weakness/womanness. Though when you think about the work that body part does in delivering a baby, there’s really nothing weak about it. And the fact that most men spend a good portion of their lives in pursuit of it indicates a power unlike any other. No wonder the church has spent so much energy demonizing women. We are their direct competition for the minds of men. That said, there has to be better terminology we could use here other than negative references to our reproductive systems to describe those we find vile and loathsome.

  2. The more I use this quote from The Big Heat, the more it keeps being true: “Prisons are bulging with dummies who wonder how they got there.”

  3. It’s the calling card of narcissists. Throw in having no sense of right vs wrong,(sociopath); add in privileges of money & power; layer it over with shallow religious hypocrisy, & you have a cult of the present republican party. We know from history how often they end in mass suicide.

    • It’s cause they’re all drinking the Trump Kool Aid. I would NOT be surprised if they ALL end up like their soul-mates in Guyana.

  4. It has to be a cult; otherwise, they couldn’t stand themselves for supporting a “grabbing”, bragging and liar of that depth. What decent person could? They surely don’t want to be “that” tough, do they? No one with a mind or soul would sign up for a deviated soul like him. He’s too obvious, if they can’t see that, then I don’t feel sorry for them when it all falls down like dominoes. /What happened to our country to sink this low & accept & encourage behavior like this?

    • The truly tough are about that defining quality in the same way the truly evil are about their plans: never feeling the need to advertise.


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