Those of you who read me regularly are well aware of one of my most ardent complaints. The Democrats just never know when to get down and fight dirty. Michelle Obama memorialized it when she said, When they go low, we go high. And being a Chicagoan, I would reply with some classic al Capone, You can get a lot further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.

I have often compared the Democrats going up against the Republicans as The chess club gang banging with the Crips. But every once in a while, you get a rogue Democrat who takes off the kid gloves, and slides on a set of brass knuckles, and when they do, the results can be pretty satisfying.

Case in point. In her successful reelection bid, Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill ran unopposed in the primaries. There was a crowded GOP field. McCaskill had more money than Fort Knox, and decided to make an investment in herself. There was one particular GOP dunderhead named Todd Akin, who was a total ass clown. He famously answered a question regarding abortion exceptions for cases of rape and incest by replying, It’s my understanding that if rape happens, a woman’s body has a way of just shutting that whole thing down. Obviously one of the best and the brightest.

So McCaskill took her shot. She started making sly campaign contributions to Akin’s campaign, giving him rope to hang himself. Not only that, but suddenly, a mysterious PAC sprang up, airing ads attacking Akin’s opponents as not being sufficiently conservative enough. McCaskill has always been cagy about the whole thing, but never came out and denied it. It worked. Akin won the primary, and McCaskill buried him in the general election.

And now it appears that another brave, no holds barred Democrat is repeating the exercise. PA Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro is the favorite to win the Democratic primary for Governor on Tuesday. And he ain’t hurting, he has already raised a healthy $12.8 million in his war chest. And according to the PA journalist tonight on All In with Chris Hayes, Shapiro is reviving McCaskill’s playbook. He is making strategic donations to ensure that GOP scumbag Doug Mastriano gets the nod on Tuesday.

Mastriano is the sedition loving idjit that coordinated possible PA voter fraud with Trump lawyer John Eastman, and was present at the Capitol even after it was breached, although there is no evidence that he actually entered the building. And Shapiro is apparently willing to part with a bit of the ready to make sure he gets his dream matchup.

The funny thing is that Shapiro may just have an ace in the hole. Because in the last few days, a far right maniac named Kathy Barnette has surged from the pack and into late contention. All you need to know about Barnette is that both Trump and McConnell have publicly said she can’t win a general election, and Sean Hannity spent 22 minutes of his show railing against her. Which, with this crowd, she’ll wear as a badge of honor and fundraise off of.

The Democrats need to do more of this, whenever possible. Thanks to His Lowness, his endorsements are going to guarantee the Democrats of a never ending supply of patsies to run against. All an incumbent Democrat with a nice war chest has to do is to slide a little cash in the right direction, and end up with a dream match up going into the general election. Just ask Claire McCaskill.


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  1. Ah, Chicago politics. Having been born and raised on the other end of the state & therefore suffering under the famed Daly Machine robbing the rest of the state blind I was never a fan of Richard Daly. However, the sumbitch was ruthless and as you know both publicly and behind the scenes gutted those who stood in the way of what he wanted like fish. I’ve said before and will say again (and yes, I sadly say it with experience) when you find yourself in a bar fight (regardless of whether you or your buddies had anything to do with starting it or being the targets) the goal is to make it outside to the car with minimal injury. HOW you accomplish it, including kicking, hitting with objects including chairs (broken or unbroken), beer bottles/mugs etc. and even gouging and biting to make it through the door then DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. Because if you don’t you’re going to suffer. At best.

    Republicans have been fighting using bar fight tactics (as our side tries to reason with them) for so long that like the schoolyard bully they are shocked when someone punches THEM in the face. More often than not they cry and whine like some privileged grade school kid who figures because of who their daddy is no one will stand up to them.

    Sometimes you’ve gotta (proverbially) kick these assholes in the crotch, and when they bend over in pain bring your knee up into their face as hard as you can and knock them on their ass.

  2. When I was kid growing up in the 50’s, being called an Okie was an insult to all of us that were Okie kids who were brought to California by our parents or born here. I was tiny even for my age of 4 or 5, probably didn’t weigh more than 50 pounds soaking wet. But I found that a quick right to the nose and left to the stomach silenced almost all critics. And if that didn’t going to the dirt almost always did.

  3. …and then she totally blew it in the following election and gave us Josh Hawley.
    Proving that if you give people a choice between Republican and Republican-lite, they’ll choose the real deal.


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