You do find gold on Twitter from time to time. This next video is exactly that. We have seen the Trump toilet brushes (I may give those at Xmas, I haven’t decided) and in Mexico they had Trump pinatas. That would be good to take out one’s frustrations in a safe and sane environment. Fun for the whole family. And then there was a Trump video game, also in Mexico, where you could decide what you wanted to throw at Trump, volley balls, cactuses, or tequila bottles. And then there is this.

I’ve called Trump fuck face, among many other things, and evidently the word got out in dog world. Or, dogs are indeed man’s best friend, and they know what’s what when it comes to people.

What’s that you say? That’s Senator Graham’s when he shapeshifts into his other form? Anything is possible.

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  1. OMG. FFS. HFF. Whatever tri capital letter thingies can be fit for purpose here? Ooh. Ooh. Ahh … etc., Doggone riveting, isn’t it.


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