Huckabee-Sanders: Now in Risk of Criminal Charges, Lying for Trump


Yesterday was not just any other day in America – as I detailed in an angry essay, decrying the fact that Trump just pronounced that he is above the law. Thus, it is unsurprising that yesterday’s White House Daily Briefing (which is no longer daily in the Trump White House) was no normal “daily briefing,” either. Yesterday, might have been the first time that a press secretary addressed a document – written by the president’s own legal counsel – confirming that Huckabee-Sanders lied to the White House press corps, and then tossed questions about that lie aside. Huckabee-Sanders told the press to “ask the outside counsel” about the discrepancy (lie), knowing that the outside counsel would not be giving statements about anything.

She better be damn careful. I pointed out the issue in real time yesterday in the above linked article, but I’m certainly not the only one who noticed. CNN hosts Poppy Harlow and Brooke Baldwin interviewed Democratic strategist Robbie Mook while watching clips of Sanders refusing to answer questions from the press about her now-provable lies concerning Trump dictating the memo.

Mook laid out the stakes rather well, via Raw Story:

“As a reporter, when they do lie to you, this is something that can haunt them for years professionally — makes them incapable of doing their jobs,” she continued. “When you look at Sarah Sanders getting caught in this place, where she’s so disconnected from the truth of what’s going on in her White House, what does this mean for her and for this White House?”

Yes, were that her only issue. It is worse, though.

“Well, there is two things here,” Mook replied. “First, I would actually argue, she is sidestepping, she doesn’t want to get in the middle of any sort of legal situation. If there was an attempt to obstruct justice, and she is somehow advancing that, she could be in trouble here too.”

“I’m not a lawyer, but if I were her, I would be really worried about weighing in on any of this at all,” he added. “I think that’s — I think that in this specific instance is what is going on.”

In certain instances, I could see myself feeling somewhat sorry for anyone having to work as a spokesperson for Trump. But, Huckabee-Sanders is the Trump administration through and through, one can see it in her contempt for those who dare to question the White House, the way she treats the press corps, jumping over legitimate follow-ups like a Junior High teacher swatting away questions. I don’t doubt she has knowingly lied on behalf of this administration, and for that she should face charges. Thankfully, that is very possible given the last few days in particular.

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