Jesus loves you. Everybody else thinks you’re an *sshole   The Exorcist II

God knows the last eight years have been a perpetual nightmare if you follow national politics, especially where Traitor Tot is included. The way I look at his four years in office is like a nonstop, four year high speed demolition derby, without seatbelts and airbags.

When I think  of how the rest of y’all saw it, I think of a bunch of 16 y.o.’s in high school drivers education, working towards your first license. The teacher turns the lights down, and then shows Blood On The Asphalt, the uber graphic movie full of graphic police video of what happens to the human body when somebody gets lazy, drunk, or high behind the wheel.

But when the movie’s over, instead of turning the lights up, the teacher runs it again. And he keeps running it nonstop for the next four goddamn  years. And when the lights finally come up, you have nightmares for years, but can’t for the life of you pick out any one scene that was more horrifying then the next or last. It was all just one long, seemingly never ending montage of horror and gore.

And that’s why, when Biden was officially declared the winner in 2020, people left their homes and offices, banging pots and pans, cranking up the boom boxes, and partying in the streets. All anybody wanted was an underground tank full of Smirnoff’s, and a 5 gallon bottle of brain bleach. And while time has fuzzed the specifics, it’s also fuzzed the actual horror.

Quick Joke!   What do you call 6 MAGAt’s in a sauna. Gorillas in the mist

And now, Trump’s day of reckoning is finally nigh. In a hearing today, Trump’s lawyers did what they do in every trial, piss off the judge hearing the case. And as such, the judge issued a ruling, No more bullsh*t. Jury selection starts on April 15th at 9am. Be there or be square.

Now, there’s a little something going on in that trial that hasn’t been getting attention, but when it actually happens in open court, I personally believe it’s going to change the trajectory of the 2024 general election. There is still some question as to whether the tape itself will be played in open court, or whether the testimony will come in only through a reading of the transcript, but the infamous Trump Access Hollywood! video is going to make a guest appearance at the trial. Personally, whichever happens, I don’t believe that it is going to have all that major of an impact on the trial. Trump is a sexist pig, so what else is new?

But El Pendejo Presidente knows how devastating this can be, and that’s why his legal beagles have been on their hind legs to keep any mention of it out of court. But the judge has shot them down. And in real terms, it doesn’t really matter whether the video is played, or the transcript is read in court, the cameras won’t be broadcasting either way. But it goes far beyond that. Remember, Trump is a man who won’t even declare personal bankruptcy to save his company, for fear of the political fallout when his Ultimate winner business mogul reputation goes out the window. Suddenly Trump is The Biggest Loser, and only six months before the election.

Here’s the reason why the mechanics of delivery of the Access Hollywood video are. Cast your mind back to the frenetic days of October of 2016. When the Access Hollywood video hit, it was so devastating that the GOP was seriously talking about sh*t canning Trump and having Pence run at the lead. Somehow or other, His Lowness managed to scrape by, and be elected with a little help from his friends.

But never forget this. It was the Access Hollywood! video that helped to fuel the massive global pink pussy hat protests of January 21, 2017 that set a global record for single issue protest participation in a single day. It fueled the white suburban women’s revolt in the 2017 midterms, and queered his pitch for a 2nd term in 2020.

Here’s why it won’t matter what the courtroom mechanism of delivery is, play the tape, or read the transcript. It won’t be broadcast to the public either way, since the court proceedings are not going to be telecast.

Because you know who will be broadcasting live? The mainstream media. And whether the judge settles for just reading the transcript, or going whole hog  Because on the day that testimony takes place, in whatever format, for the mainstream media this will be the next best thing to a 2016 Trump rally.

Take my word for it. Every news network and channel will dust off the DVD of the Trump Access Hollywood! video. And national cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC will lead every goddamn hour with the news of the Trump testimony, and cue up the Access Hollywood! video in all of its sexist glory. And the networks will lead with it on every nightly news broadcast. And so will local affiliates. You are going to see so much of that Access Hollywood! video you’re going to think you’re back in October of 2016.

Which is deadly nightshade for Trump. Because in some seven years, the rolling Trumpster fire of atrocities has been so complete and unending that it’s hard to keep them apart, or remember them clearly. And now, in early to mid May, every woman in America, especially white suburban GOP women, are going to be treated to a minimum of two full days of news cycles featuring the Access Hollywood! video.

And suddenly, there it is all over again. All of Trump’s sexism, all of his not only disdain, but his fundamental disgust for women, on-the-hour,-every-hour. And if they really want to twist the blade, they’ll gratuitously throw in his non apology apology.

The Democrats already had the edge going into 2024, what with the abortion issue, and the GOP House’s feckless incompetence. But now millions of American women are going to once again have to suffer through watching Trump’s fat, corpulent face while he treats them like something lower than a character in The Handmaids Tale. This can’t end well for Trump and the GOP, and mucho thanks to Traitor Tot for letting Alvin Bragg throw it all right back out there again within six months of the general election. Don’t touch that dial.

I think you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Several points to add Murf…it was that tape that spurred Trump to pay off stormy and violate campaign laws. Also at that time Trump had not been publicly taken down by any of the women he assaulted. Ms. Carroll reminded everyone it wasn’t just ‘locker room talk’ but he’s a rapist. He also hadn’t been convicted of fraud at that time, and although he’s still getting special treatment on that case, he will lose his appeal and the interest will continue to pile up. The cumulative effect along with the slow train of his Georgia case will hurt him. Then the bragging about ending Roe vs Wade will be the tipping point I believe. Forget the obvious documents case…the judge is a train wreck. Jack will pursue it given the serious nature of the crime but it will be after the election that he loses.

    • Scott, obviously I’m going to have to start using you as a research source before I print these things!!! This really dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s…Thanks for the backup!!!

      • Ha. Murf…you’re the soothsayer…and it’s your stomping around the edge of the pond that stirs up these thoughts. Keep the fires going, and when I can, I’ll try to contribute something other than my frustration with the human condition.

  2. “The way I look at his four years in office is like a nonstop, four year high speed demolition derby, without seatbelts and airbags.”

    Yes, it really was like that. In fact it’s still like that, but thank God he’s no longer president , and let’s keep it that way, America.

  3. There’s something else to consider, and it will blow up media coverage even more. The judge’s ruling is that the tape itself won’t be played for the jury because he accepted the defense argument the actual tape would be too prejudicial. It’s the kind of call judges get to make. Prosecutors wanted to play it while the defense wanted any mention of it at all excluded. The judge “split the baby” and will allow testimony only. Except…

    Trump’s fat ass will be sitting there in court, making faces and grumbling out loud and both passing notes to and whispering furiously in the ears of his lawyers. Maybe even physically prodding them! Unless I’m mistaken one of the pundits covering arguments on the motion to exclude the tape and the ruling said when issuing his decision the judge did make mention of things changing if the defense “opened the door.” It happens sometimes where a defense lawyer/team successfully keep something out but inadvertently ask a question, or have a witness say something that references the excluded evidence that allows the prosecution to introduce it after all!

    It’s one reason why defense lawyers don’t want defendants themselves to testify, especially rich and/or powerful people or even semi-normal defendants who are smarter than average – who think they can match wits and win with prosecutors or even their own counsel. THEY know better than everyone else (or so they think) and assume they’ve “connected” with the jury when they actually haven’t. And get too clever for their own good. Sound like anyone we know?

    Even if his lawyers manage to keep Trump off the stand he will be DEMANDING they ask certain questions or make certain point that could wind up doing the very thing his lawyers tried with some success to prevent – having the actual tape played in court for the jury. I can think of multiple ways that could happen. And if the lawyers refuse to do what Trump tells them HE might stand up and tell the judge his lawyers aren’t doing what he wants and blurt out something that causes the tape to be played.

    As you say, that tape is going to get played by the media to all the rest of America no matter what. But think about how much MORE attention it will get if Trump causes it to get played for the jury! In every discussion about every trial yet to come the issue of Trump making his lawyer’s job more difficult, as well as the question of whether he’ll take the stand will include replaying that tape and how Trump himself was his own worst enemy. That tape is going to get lots of airtime for the rest of the campaign. Look, everyone on the jury will have heard it at some point so the best thing Team Trump could have done was make a pro forma argument it shouldn’t be allowed and then STFU. Just be ready for one bad day of coverage the day it was played.

    But no, they went and made a BFD about it so as you’ve noted it’s already going to get a LOT more attention than it would have. My bet is that because Trump is who he is he’ll forces his lawyers into an error that will cause the tape to be played in court, and that will turn a big story into a much bigger and much longer lasting one.

    • The judge might keep the tape out of the trial/courtroom but I believe it could end up being part of the media coverage regardless. If it is mentioned, or read, in the courtroom the msm ought to feature it prominently in their coverage if only because it will elicit interest/clicks and will do so in great numbers. The msm is all about showing stuff that will get them views/clicks/etc. to the exclusion of actual news (although the tape would click that box as well for once).


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