Marjorie Taylor Greene addressed bubble-headed Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA’s audience yesterday and, for nearly everyone who does not subscribe to the skewed MAGA interpretation of U.S. history, laid out a convincing rational for re-electing President Joe Biden.

Biden, whom she contends means to complete the work of work of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson by further bolstering the security and comfort of the middle class and poor and building a more just and prosperous United States, is somehow wrong in adopting that aspiration.

Excuse me, Marge, just where do I sign up?

One thing confuses me about her callow speech though, she notes, with her great depth and knowledge of history, that LBJ was once Senate Majority leader and then says “sound familiar?”

As far as I know neither FDR or Biden, or for that matter any other Democratic President has occupied that position.

Is Chuck Schumer prepping a run at The Oval?

But Mage has been hard at her studies so I must presume she knows better than I.

Brian Tyler Cohen has the video, as well as some colorful commentary:


Smarter than a wooden post maybe.

C’mon man, she reads every morning, searching for her Fruit Loops.




Here the whole video, SK, for those fortunate who haven’t seen it:


Guess she didn’t read that paragraph.


She hates America?

What I said.



Give her hell, Harry.

It’s almost like she’s stupid or something…

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  1. She can read????? Are you sure she isn’t holding it upside down? Uh… Ms Ed the talking mare…what cha do with those hundreds of thousands you received from Biden during the pandemic? Hair and nails? Botox? Ammo? Call me curious. I’m always interested in how zombie hypocrites work.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, haven’t all of the modern day dem presidents left office with lower deficits and repubs left office with larger ones? That could be another tidbit of history she missed.

  3. She’s nothing more than a maniacal braying piece of political flub, that’s deep as a bird bath; positively rich pickings for lampooning meme authors, for all the wrong reasons.

  4. Kooky Pants can read? Who knew? You wouldn’t know just by judging what comes out of her yapper on any and every given day.


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